Catching Ghosts with Juviley.

Imagine a pitch black screen.Seconds later, a electronic music voyage kicks in.Glimpses of avatar ghosts start popping up in the window. According to Juviley,there are no rules. A transplant from Israel, he is the brainchild behind a conglomeration of his album Our Choices Rhyme  camouflaged inside of a video game. Juviley’s voltage of futuristic beats, and bending synths combine as a project that takes the listener in a progressive labyrinth of  winning the game, in order to win a free download of the album. Bravo!

Check out Juviley’s video “My Blood”  below

Catch ghosts here!




-Viktorsha Uliyanova

Royal Baths Drown Bowery Ballroom

Opening up for a sold out show with eruptive headliners  like the Dum Dum Girls and Crocodiles sets out towering expectations on a Friday night at Bowery Ballroom. One of the opening acts, a recently migrated San Francisco quartet Royal Baths hyped the energy with their multi-layered screeching guitar rips and liquidating phased vocals, building a brooding wave of ear-candy distortion. A brainchild of shoe-gazing  low-pitched drum progressions and scorching melodic ranges, Royal Baths are a change of taste in the New York horizon.


Viktorsha Uliyanova

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah Hurricane Through Ace Hotel


Kicking off CMJ with their adroit-charged energy, the Brooklyn-based voyagers Clap Your Hand Say Yeah packed the walls of Ace Hotel on Wednesday afternoon hours before their performance. The band chewed out a compressed thirty-minute set,feeding their fans a combination of pieces from their most recent release Hysterical, as well as transcending back to “ In This Home On Ice” from their debut album and of course, a hit from Some Loud Thunder. CYHSY finished their set with “Satan Said Dance”, where the keyboardist, Robbie Guertin switched gears and teamed up with the drummer to spit out turbulent beats to end the show.


***Set List***

Same Mistake



Misspent Youth


Ketamine and Ecstasy

In This Home On Ice

Said Said Dance


Viktorsha Uliyanova

Sigur Ros’ Jonsi Due to Release Live Album/ DVD

Sigur Ros’ frontman, Jonsi delivered the news of  his live record set to be released on November 29. Go Live includes a compilation of a 14-song album, and additionally a DVD of his 73 minute live performance in London during March of 2010. The album package contains Jonsi’s remastered versions of his solo work Go and comes with a collection of personal photographs taken by the band during the tour. Music and eye-candy wrapped up in one chewy gumball of Jonsi’s haunting vocals and delicate symphonies.

Go Live Tracklisting:

  1. stars in still water
  2. hengilás
  3. icicle sleeves
  4. kolniður
  5. tornado
  6. sinking friendships
  7. saint naive
  8. go do
  9. boy lilikoi
  10. animal arithmetic
  11. new piano song
  12. around us
  13. sticks & stones
  14. grow till tall

Go Live DVD Tracklistlisting:

  1. hengilás
  2. icicle sleeves
  3. kolniður
  4. tornado
  5. sinking friendships
  6. go do
  7. boy lilikoi
  8. new piano song
  9. around us
  10. volume pedal song
  11. grow till tall

Bad Books Rocked Out and Sold Out at the Bowery Ballroom -CMJ

Doesn’t matter if you enjoy reading or not, Bad Books carved themselves open at the CMJ this year. We’re talking about a music side collective consisting of New York local artist  Kevin Devine and Andy Hull, the frontman of an Atlanta-based indie-rock group Manchester Orchestra.The band’s material is founded upon the close friendship between Hull and Devine. The two produce a contrast of buoyant folk-rock  while  interweaving threads of swelling alternative rock. With lyrics that are histrionically driven and dizzying spontaneity, the Bad Books won themselves a sold out show on Wednesday night at the Bowery Ballroom.

Bad Books released their self-titled album You Wouldn’t Have To Ask, on Tuesday, October 19 just a day before their New York show and will continue on touring across the nation through the month of December.

***Tour Dates***

Bad Books at  North Star Bar w/ Right Away, Great Captain!, Gobotron & Hardello, Philadelphia, PA

Sat, October 23 @ 6:00 PM

Bad Books at  Ottobar w/ Right Away, Great Captain!, Gobotron & Hardello, Baltimore, MD

Sun, October 24 @ 6:00 PM

Bad Books at  FG Present: “The Stuffing” @ The Center Stage Atlanta Music Complex, Atlanta, GA

Wed, November 24 @ 5:00 PM

Bad Books at  Andy & Kevin Devine @ Cats Cradle, Carrboro, NC

Wed, December 01 @ 8:30 PM

Bad Books at  Andy & Kevin Devine @ New Brookland Tavern, West Columbia, SC

Thu, December 02 @ 7:30 PM

Bad Books at  Andy & Kevin Devine @ The 567, Macon, GA

Fri, December 03 @ 8:30 PM

Bad Books at  Andy & Kevin Devine @ The Social, Orlando, FL

Sat, December 04 @ 8:30 PM

Bad Books at  Andy & Kevin Devine @ The Orpheum, Tampa, FL

Sun, December 05 @ 7:30 PM

-Viktorsha Uliyanova




Back Up North. Air Waves Interview.

Winter isn’t here yet and Air Waves are already mapping out pins for the new year. Air Waves is a music project created by Nicole Schneit, who has been undergoing a fluctuating capsule of transitioning band members and tasting the crowd of southern habitat. Still, her heart-warming lyrics and catchy head-bopping tunes set themselves apart from the uniformed nature of indie-pop.

It is known that you moved away to Austin at the end of this past summer, what brings you back to New York?

We have an album coming out really soon, so we thought it would be nice to play for a little bit before it is released.

What made you decide to move away from New York?

My girlfriend lives in Austin and we had been long-distance for about two years, so she was going to come here, but I have lived in New York my whole life, so I decided to move there. I’m coming back in February.

Did you grow up in the city?

I was raised in Nyack, New York, it’s about an hour away. I moved to the city and lived here for about eight years in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Have your writing techniques changed with the move?

I’d been playing more guitar and keyboard, because it’s a bit more accessible in the house. I’m trying out different instruments, which is really fun. I enjoy when people take on instruments they don’t really have an idea of how to play. When I play guitar it’s more of a repetition and me playing the same chords and songs, so I’ve been doing more experimenting than songwriting. It’s been less lyrical living in Austin so far.

Is it more difficult to write music in Brooklyn or Austin?

Neither, but in Austin I have more privacy.

How would you describe your music to someone from another planet and who has  never heard it before?

Another planet, like ET? (laughs)Minimal pop, or something similar to that.

With the departure of your last drummer, you have transitional band members, who writes most of the material?

I write the songs on my guitar and the lyrical content, then I bring it to the band and they  take off from there and come up with their part.

Do you have a new drummer on the rise?

We’re looking, no luck so far. We’re trying to figure out if we need someone who lives in Austin or in New York, and it’s difficult because we’re going to be touring a lot.

What do you enjoy about being a part of the CMJ?

It’s really cool to see all of my friends. Even though Austin feels like the music capital right now, nowhere else has as many bands and as much creativity as New York. Even in Austin, when I go to shows and play there, the same people go, I can only really play there once a month, not more than that. In New York, there is a different crowd every time.

You’re currently touring here, on the East Coast, where are you most excited about performing your tunes?

Vermont! I just love it , it’s so pretty there and I’m excited to drive through there this time of the year. I don’t even know anything about the venue.

Do you have plans to tour the West?

Yes, probably January or February.

What is your favorite song to perform  live?

Newest material is always the most fun to perform to see if people like it and share the freshness of it. Right now it’s this song “Ride.”

Which song do the fans ask the most for?

Definitely “Shine On.” I haven’t been playing it that much. (laughs)

How have you been adjusting to the music scene outside of New York?

It’s been very hard. I don’t really have band members there. I’ve played two shows with Adam from Yellow Fever. I can’t say I’ve totally found a nitch there yet. I’m just glad to be working on my music inside my home, playing in Austin will come later.

-Viktorsha Uliyanova