Video Voyeur: 3Qs with COZMIC

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Cozmic is a name that has been on our radar for a little while now. His infectious tunes have turned our heads and opened our ears, as he impresses within every listen. His new video for “Not Ready for Summer,” is quickly on the way to becoming our seasonal anthem. With a fresh sound, Cozmic takes us a way on his musical journey, and we’re ready to dive deeper…

Tell us the story of this song, why did you choose to visualize this song specifically?

It was inspired by a situation that one of my good friends was going through. She had a serious relationship that seemed to be going well but even though she and her boyfriend loved each other a ton, they had different values and priorities in life. I was supporting her through the turbulence of the relationship. But they ended up breaking up right before summer was starting. All her friends wanted to go do and plan fun summer stuff like going to the beach, going on road-trips, hanging out in New York, partying but she was not interested cause she was processing this major breakup. Even though its such an exciting time of year if your mind is still reeling in a break-up or some pain, it makes that time of year even harder. It’s also a reminder that the fun stuff is only fun when it’s with the people who you love—your partner, your crew, your family. I wanted to visualize an emotional story that so many people can relate to but with an unexpected twist–the reason they’re not together for summer is that the guy is on another planet,literally!

What was the inspiration behind this video (visuals, storyline, etc.)?

I wanted to bring to life falling in love through shared interests and experiences. The couple meets in grad school and they’re both astronomy and science nerds. The guy has been prepping for a huge opportunity to go to into outer space, eventually gets it and has to leave the love of his life. It’s inspired by retro sci-fi space romance films, which I love and also ties into my name, Cozmic.

What was the process of making this video?

It was super fun and crazy. it started with brainstorming and finalizing the concept together. I felt like we shot for 3 days straight, barely sleeping. A ton of it was shot in the middle of the night in Orange County, California. I worked with an incredible team of super professional and talented young filmmakers who were a couple years out of the Chapman University film school. They were perfectionists and pulled out all the stops. My co-star Audrey Neal was incredible to work with. We had great on-camera chemistry and really captured the feeling of students falling in love and being tragically separated by SPACE.
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The Foxfires Unveil New Double Single!

Watch the video for “Don’t Give Up / Choose Love” here:

THE FIREFOXES are a four-piece Seagaze band from New York and New Jersey formed in 2013. Their sound is an oceanic indie rock blend of folk, shoegaze, surf rock, and indie pop. The band has played on stages, both small and large with artists such as Michale Graves (Former Misfits frontman), Kurt Travis (Former Dance Gavin Dance frontman), Sparks the Rescue, Have Mercy, Pentimento, Rookie of the Year, and just this past June, they played at Pittsburgh Pride alongside Jennifer Hudson.

The Foxfires just released two new singles titled, “Don’t Give Up” and “Choose Love.” The latter is a campaign and message the band have been pushing for 4 years to move towards a more empathetic, equal, and balanced future where we see past race, gender, religion, sexuality, or political party and to fully embrace all of humanity. “Don’t Give Up” is an anti-suicide song that the band have been adamant about putting out since the recent deaths of Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington.

Superb Americana Country Punk From The Two Man Travelling Medicine Show.

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Eight Piece Americana/Country/Punk outfit The Two Man Travelling Medicine Show are here with the magical EP ‘A Snake’s A Snake’. It is having an absolute blinder of a campaign and it’s not difficult to see why so many stations have picked up on this gem.

Tales of deceit, heartbreak, insanity and black magic to name but a few subjects feature on their debut album ‘Weeding Out The Wicked’ which was released in May 2017 to critical acclaim.

‘A Snake’s A Snake’ is the first offering from album number two, a raw punchy hoedown of a tune, think late 60s Dylan with a great catchy Summery vibe. It’s backed by two equally brilliant tracks that could quite easily be singles themselves.

The band already have a large loyal following on the east coast of England and with numerous festivals and gigs lined up for Spring/Summer 2018 along with the new releases this looks set to grow a lot more this year.



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Urbana trio Motes has announced their new album, Crash The Day, out 6/8 on Heirship Records.

Paste Magazine premiered the album’s first single, “Again Again.”


“On the track we fall in love with the group all over again. [S]tunning vocals and musicianship…with intriguing lyricism that reads like poetry.” – Paste


JUNE 8, 2018



  1. Montana
  2. Salt
  3. Came To
  4. Silver Pine
  5. Acting Alone
  6. Day Moon
  7. Again Again
  8. Problem Patron
  9. Choir (Digital/CD Exclusive)
  10. Softer


In the traditions of post-punk and dream pop, Motes‘ guitars are rhythmic and noisy, and their melodies are hushed and frail. The group is decidedly Midwestern, though, in their exploration of emotion through imagery and exposition. Their poetry has a kind of existential clarity; and sometimes, through layers and modulation, Motes get messy—but never miss the mark.

On Crash The Day, the trio have kept the spirit of their debut full-length Keep It In The Dark intact (helped by the band returning to Earth Analog studios in Tolono, IL with engineer Colin Althaus at the helm), but that bold and wispy spirit has been both nurtured and challenged to become a different version of itself. There are moments when growth shows itself in the concise tightness of the arrangements, and others in the experimental expanse of the soundscapes. Motes went for the walls and landed one in the stars.

Motes is:

Matt Cohn (drums)
Elizabeth Majerus (bass, guitar, and vocals)
Matt Mitchell (guitar, bass, and vocals)

Shaman Elect Shares “Hugo of Bath”



Shaman Elect share their gorgeously crafted new single, “Hugo Bath,” with the world today. The group who cater to your ears, blend a stunning mix of grooves, soul and inspiration, to bring a well-rounded song to the table. Add a bit of Jazz and Rock into the mix, and what you have is the perfect song to kick off your weekend. The New York City based group are starting to garner a lot of attention as they branch out on a more national level with their vibrant and harmonious sounds. “Hugo Bath,” is the perfect new single to dive into, and we’re ready to rock n’ roll.

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Luke James Shaffer Unveils New Single


Luke James Shaffer unveils his newest single into the world today, “How Sweet the Sound, ” for our listening pleasure. The follow up to the hit-single, “Pressure,” Shaffer does it once again with his pop-rock sensibilities that keep us constantly intrigued. The artist, who has been creating quite a buzz this year, is no stranger to the life of a musician. Touring and recording for several years, now is his time to fully shine through. Shaffer’s vocal work is gorgeous and precise, and it works perfectly with the musical flow of the track. From start to finish the song entices, making you want to press the replay button a moment after it is finished.

Give a listen to “How Sweet the Sound,” below:

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