Airliners Take Off with Latest Single “Copenhagen”

The brainchild of Tyler Boyd and Noah Monckton, Airliners has its origins on the sleepy and wet west coast of Canada. Hailing from Victoria, British Columbia, the duo met at a back-yard jam, which quickly led to the birth of what would become the stratospheric hit-making partnership.

Initially releasing their debut EP Liftoff in 2016, these two have followed separate paths until June of 2020. Driven by their mutual desire to never have a real job, Airliners have decided to Liftoff again with a new single. “Copenhagen” is an upbeat indie pop track with contrasting melancholic lyrics, capturing the complicated emotions of a long distance relationship.
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Laur Elle Reveals Gorgeous New EP

Laur Elle’s debut, The Art of Pretending, is a twist on 90s rock nostalgia with modern pop sensibilities. Lyrically, the EP allows us to see through its hopeful exterior to reveal its true depth: a painfully honest reflection on what it looks like to go through the motions of pretending you’re in the right place at the right time until you’re not pretending anymore.

Leading up to the EP, Laur Elle’s singles have been streamed over 450k times on Spotify alone with editorial playlist support.

She has also shared an airy, minimal focus track with the EP, “All That We Didn’t” – a retrospective on a relationship that in hindsight, you’re able to recognize fell apart, not due to the things that you did to each other, but rather, all that you didn’t.

King Park Reveals Ambitious New Single for “Stuck in the Middle”

Following the release of their debut EP, the band is gearing up to release their debut full-length, Everett, later this year. They’re starting with new single, “Stuck In The Middle” –  a more subdued version of the band’s usual alt-rock with chiming guitars and broken-up baritone vocals.

King Park turn out mercurial, high-contrast indie rock. Gritty and lush, the quartet’s sound mirrors the antitheses of their hometown, Hamilton, Ontario: on the one hand, blue-collar and raw, and, on the other, artful and lovely.

The Zolas Reveal New Single “Wreck Beach/Totem Park”

Several years out from the release of 2016’s radio-smashing, Juno-nominated breakthrough, Swooner, The Zolas are ready to start a new cycle and a new direction. Forthcoming new album, Come Back to Life, touches on everything from waking up to Canada’s appalling treatment of its First Nations to global wealth disparity to artists being priced out of the cities they’ve helped make great.

“Wreck Beach/Totem Park,” the newest single to be shared from the LP, is about the process of opening your eyes to realize in horror that your funniest, sweetest moments of nostalgia are – in many ways – the spoils of colonization. The Zolas’ vocalist/guitarist, Zachary Gray, lived his whole life beside the Musqueam reserve, never being taught and never thinking to ask why they live quietly in a small corner of a land that used to be all theirs. 

Savej Goes the Distance on “Solstice”

Stemming from his fascination of conscious exploration, man’s connection to nature, and cultural wisdom, Savej auditorily guides listeners through Solstice. Released via Gravitas Recordings, Solstice is a six track album that embodies Savej’s experiences as a student of life. By creating a compilation of work that infuses ancient cultures with ones in modern day, Savej preserves a worldly resonant vibe to prompt journeys of the mind.

“Solstice” spotlights Savej’s practice of the Kargyraa style of throat singing, a skill that demanded weeks of training to achieve proper vocal cord disengagement. As the Native American flute searches for “One
Truth,” percussive rhythms support the binding of matter and spirit into one energy. “Eye For An I” employs entrancing trap soundscapes with an organic tribal flair. Nature comes to life in “Sirens,” as creatures who roam the jungle are dazzled by hypnotic bass tapestries. When the Sun’s path crosses the celestial equator, “Equinox” escorts wanderers towards a groovy celebratory dreamscape. Concluding the paradisiacal globe-trot, “Vilca” pays tribute to the sacred psychedelic ritual, offering one last dance in the shamanic wonderland.

Jazzy Folk and Rock Artist Jenny Banai Shares “Paper Plain”

“Paper Plain,” the newest single from the forthcoming full-length, is a lo-fi conglomeration of bits and pieces. Its simple groove is carried by mostly two chords – not Jenny’s regular style – and has a freeform melody that borders on melodic rap.

Jenny Banai blends jazz, folk, and rock into sophisticated pop music that both celebrates and laments the dynamic of human relationships and the relationship with one’s self. Following the 2015 self-release of her debut album, Flowering Head, Jenny independently undertook several Canadian tours, collaborated on the documentary Where We Come Home, and early in 2017, her song “Boars” was featured on TV and web series The Drive. In 2018, Jenny received Fraser Valley Music Awards, Folk Artist Of The Year.