Katie Morgan Allures with New Single “Leave”

Saskatchewan’s Next Star winner Katie Morgan’s powerful vocals and high energy performance have grabbed the attention of fans and industry alike. Katie recently released her debut pop-rick single, “Leave” – a deeply personal and autobiographical track, capturing the feeling of hitting rock bottom and not knowing where to go next. With a recent signing to Johnson Talent Management (Toronto, ON.) and a synchronization deal through Brewhouse Music (Los Angeles, California), there is a bright future ahead for Katie Morgan; one that is filled with promise and a song in her heart.



Blandlord is a Wild Ride with “Hyperdrunk”

Screen Shot 2020-04-29 at 11.47.56 AM

A lot of Blandlord’s material is a commentary on the state of affairs we are living in, a tongue-in-cheek view of what’s going around us. Rather than provide people solutions or answers to the problems faced in these modern times the band prefers to provide a soundtrack or a chance to think on those dilemmas. Blandlord’s new song, “Hyperdrunk,” is a reverb-heavy stoner rock track about control and excess and how easy it is to get caught in a loop.

“Hyperdrunk” is a solid performance from the band who are currently bringing one of the most infectious and unique sounds to the table. Our ears wide open for their epic blend of Rock n’ Roll.  Rumor is the group is cooking up more musical surprises this year, and we’re ready! :


New Country Anthem “Drink A Little Drink” from Mateo y Las Manos Pesadas!

MMP - Promo Photo
Move over Jimmy Buffet, there’s a new Sheriff in town! Mateo y Las Manos Pesadas’ “Drink A Little Drink” is the perfect sing-a-long drinking song. It opens with isolated vocals and a soft acoustic guitar, but it quickly picks up. By the time the chorus rolls around, one can almost hear the fraternity brothers slapping each other on the back and shouting the lyrics to the sky.

Lead singer Matt Craddock’s storyteller method of singing is a big reason why listeners become captivated. It’s nearly impossible to not get sucked in with his sincere, nostalgic and sometimes cynical tone while he shares the events of a woman taking advantage of his heart. 

Purple Tone Flower Releases “I Wanna Make It”


For all of our John Mayer guitar solo lovers out there… we’ve got some exciting news to share. A new artist has come to our attention, blasting out of his own presumed genre box, shattering the wall between jazz and rock and roll.

Mauricio Flores, also known as Purple Tone Flower, is about to become your new obsession. An extremely talented guitarist himself, Mauricio brings us smooth yet strong electric guitar melodies on his latest release “I wanna make it.”


This track is the type of versatile record that you can add to your next roadtrip playlist, but also play while you drink your glass of wine on the porch as you wine down from a long day.


It’s hard to choose a favorite part of the track, but we’ve settled on the incredibly controlled and haunting way PTF merges his sultry vocals with the main electric guitar melody.


This artist has major skills on the guitar and on the mic, and we cannot wait to hear more from this artist.


Connect with Purple Tone Flower:






Video Voyager: 3Qs with Marius Billgobenson “Tears On The Ground”

Originally hailing from the Congo River Basin, anthropologist and singer-songwriter, Marius Bilgobenson works tirelessly to promote cross-cultural dialogue. Inspired by the likes of Louis Armstong, he uses jazz fusion to communicate his powerful messages of civil rights advocacy to the world. His music contains elements of jazz, R&B, blues and indigenous African traditions which further drive home his message of inclusivity and awareness for disenfranchised communities. He released a beautiful video for his single “Tears on the Ground” and we got the opportunity to catch up with him to find out more about what was going on inside his mind and behind the scenes.

Tell us the story of this song, why did you choose to visualize this song specifically in this way?
“Tears On The Ground” celebrates social and human rights advocates who have shaped, cared and embraced our pleasant lives, but sometimes you can’t explain what you see in a person you love – it’s just the way they take you to a place where no one else can. The song aims to remind us to take a moment to look around and appreciate the contributions our benefactors, both seen and unseen, have made which allow us to become the great kings we are today.
When appreciating what we see around us, including the peaceful, pleasant and well-being environment, we remember the benefactors who have, near and far, collapsed in body and soul for the contribution of our heritage – princes of the kingdom in succeeding remarkable actions of their hands. We always have, in one way or another, ‘someone to lean on’ to refer to Bill Withers.
However, I chose to visualize this song specifically in this way to mark a particular emphasis on the beauty of the environment, when we still have the chance to touch it. All the sites visited along the route of our exploration were selected to celebrate a vibrant tribute to all the benefactors who have handed us this legacy – to the point we have all become activists to defend the destruction of our lovely environmental framework.

What was the inspiration behind this video (Visuals, storyline, etc.)?

The inspiration behind this video comes from the idea that sometimes, due to our anxieties, men and women have left our planet without being given the proper love and acknowledgement for their contributions that have shaped who we are today.
Throughout the course of my life, I have known some of the wisest craftsmen whom I still owe my life to. Particularly, one indigenous woman saved my life during wartime in my native country Congo – I was almost dead and using traditional plant-based practices, she helped me recover, but I have not gotten the chance to see her since I recovered. Through song, I since my love over and over to make sure I never lose touch with all that I love – I leave my tears on the ground.
As to highlight the visual and storyline, we aimed our focus on beautiful environments around us, parks they plant to harmonize the natural environment, bridges and railways they built to facilitate our daily movement before spotlighting all sacrifices beloved parents make to shape our identity while watching over us in their sleepless nights. Sometimes we feel like house caging our loved ones, so that others cannot see them…

What was the process of making this video?

In the process of making this video, we decided to travel around Sweden by train, while keeping in mind ‘Grandma’s Hands’ – a song by Bill Withers as well as the idea that states that ‘the hand that helps you get up after a fall is more sincere than the thousand that greet you on arrival’ – my French translation from SourceDusavoir.

Marin Patenaude Bares Her Soul with New Single

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Marin Patenaude’s confessional folk is deeply honest, inspired by the wildness of nature, the messiness of human connection, and the overwhelming desire to run away from it all. Emotional lyrics paired with softly powerful instrumentals craft stories that explore loving and losing, the fragility of the human condition, and stories of a rural upbringing. Her new song “Cold Front” is a gorgeously crafted piece that brings the essence of Marin to life.

Her upcoming record Sight Unseen shows a louder, grittier side of Marin’s indie folk sensibility. Citing the influence of artists like Joni Mitchell, Tori Amos, Ani Difranco, Sarah McLachlan, and Neil Young, there’s an underlying darkness beneath the clear, free spirited melodies. For Marin, her songs are an extension of self–an opportunity to be as honest and real as she feels, something she has difficulty doing in the so-called real world. It’s big and it’s not always light. Though she’s a bright personality by nature, she often uses her music as a way to process grief. Her vocals are strong and technically trained, and she’s outspoken about the complexities of relationships and the uncertainty of our current political times.  Let Marin Patenaude take you away!