Neela Opens Up with “Exposed”

Neela is a multi-talented R&B singer-songwriter based between Toronto and Vancouver. A lover of the arts, the songstress has found creative outlets in the local theatre and music scenes of her respective cities. 

Her latest release, “Exposed,” is the title track from her upcoming third EP, produced by Grammy-nominated producer Akeel Henry and Kofo (Giveon, Loony, Shawn Mendes).

This gentle and sweetly sung release is a stripped back declaration of love for her partner and a renewed sense of self-love which Neela developed through her experience of weight loss, grappling with the insecurities that years of scrutiny and bullying left her with.

Exposed” charts the journey that Neela has been on to accept her story, body, and identity – loose skin, stretchmarks, and all.


Headstones Unleash New Single “Psychotropic”

Canadian punk-rock band Headstones are back with their highly anticipated full-length album, Flight Risk, out October 14 via Known Accomplice. Flight Risk is pre-apocalyptic rock and roll at its finest, following up their 2019 release PeopleSkills, which garnered two Top 10 radio hits with “Leave It All Behind” and “Horses.” One of the most subversive Headstones rock and roll records to date, Flight Risk is the result of years of relentless work ethic and dedication – a testament to the long-standing relationships within the band and their team. 

Since the release of their last album, Headstones frontman Hugh Dillon has maintained a frenetic pace, balancing writing and recording new music with his acting and producing duties. Most recently, he co-created Paramount+ original series Mayor Of Kingstown with Taylor Sheridan who he previously worked with on the critically acclaimed drama Yellowstone
Psychotropic,” the latest single to be shared from Flight Risk, is a relentless ripper about our profound need to connect.

Psychotropic,” the latest single to be shared from Flight Risk, is a relentless ripper about our profound need to connect.

MONOWHALES Welcome “Change###”

Exploding out of their hometown of Toronto, JUNO Award-winning band MONOWHALES have been putting a new lease on the alt rock genre. In 2022, the band was awarded the JUNO for Breakthrough Group of the Year, toured the country as direct support to Mother Mother, and has been releasing a steady stream of unforgettable new music.

“Change###” set the tone for their brand new record, Tunnel Vision, produced by Dave Schiffman (Vampire Weekend, Pup). Hear Tunnel Vision in full here

Hook-heavy, but more groove-based, “Change###” pushes the boundaries of what a rock song can be. The focus track features an explosive rhythm-section in the guitar solo and lead vocalist Sally Shaar’s Robert Plant-esqe wailing of emotion carries into the final chorus.

Drummer Jordan Circosta explains, “We wrote Change### at a time when it felt like the world was spinning out of control. I’ve never seen so much division in my life. People were in a lot of pain, and the media was taking advantage of that, pitting people against each other like caged animals. Some of it was valid, some of it wasn’t, and at a certain point it became almost impossible to tell the difference.”

He continues, “The ‘tunnel vision’ mindset had us staring into the void through our phones, trapped in the echo chamber. But that same focus, when pointed towards music and our love for each other, helped us navigate hopelessness, nervous breakdowns, and worse. Like we say in the song, all we could do was focus on ‘keeping it straight, under the weight of all this Change###.’”

With appearances at some of the country’s most sought-after festivals and a Canadian headline tour this fall, MONOWHALES are showing no signs of slowing down. Find show dates here.

MOONBEAN Shines with “rck vs ocn”

Welcome to the world of MOONBEAN. MOONBEAN is the character of Valentina Morelli (she/they), a queer, Toronto-based artist performing as an electronic duo with bandmate and co-producer Colin Harrington.

“rck vs ocn” is a song that explores relationship dynamics, intimacy and how imbalanced they can be. This track reigns in dark wave and synth-pop vibes with crashing percussive hits and soaring synth lines with a sense of urgency.

MOONTUNES is the debut heavy-hitting, experimental synth-pop release from MOONBEAN. It explores texture and tone through a wide selection of hardware synthesizers and driving drum machines. Paying homage to 80’s new wave, acid-house, techno and disco with a whimsical twist, this EP packs in a powerful combination of nostalgia and imagination.

The Jailbirds Make it Through the “Sludge”

The Jailbirds are a force of nature that you need to pay attention to. Not long after the release of their debut EP, The Black River, the band won the “Best Rock” category at the 2018 Mississauga Music Awards. They have molded the rock genre into something entirely their own while absorbing influence from all kinds of genres and eras of music. 

Recently the band went through a lineup change, and has emerged stronger than ever before, now featuring drummer Kevin Costa, and multi-instrumentalist Hayden Trafford, and founding members, guitarist & vocalist Myke Penney and bassist Liam Hills.

Their uneasy new song, “Sludge,” was inspired musically by bands like Soundgarden and Alice In Chains, grunge era type stuff, and features fuzz pedals galore. “Sludge” was just a working title at first, but it ended up fitting so well with the vibe of the song. Sludge was a perfect metaphor for the toxic behaviour that’s mentioned in the lyrics. 

The lyrics are almost like some creepy old dude giving you a warning about toxic behaviour, but it’s very vague and could even sound like a conspiracy theory to someone, but they warn that the sludge (toxicity) is in everyone, and you’ve gotta keep it in check or it will consume you and you will become a monster/slave to the sludge.

Luke Warm and The Cold Ones Go the Distance on “Paradise Lost”

Luke Warm and The Cold Ones are sharing a nostalgic and reflective single, the alternative and folk rock inflected “Paradise Lost.” Written by lead singer Greg Chomut after visiting a friend he hadn’t seen in awhile, the song’s lyrics flowed out of him.

Emotive guitars, earnest vocals, and the violin skills of Dreamhouse Studios’ Kara MacKinlay create a melancholic overture which illustrates the importance of caring for what you have before it’s too late.

Luke Warm and The Cold Ones is a rock band based out of Thunder Bay, Ontario. 

As such, their music is reflective of the Northern experience of living in a small Canadian town.

The variety of influences which their five members bring to the band creates a sound that is familiar and new at the same time. Everything from punk to folk, metal, classic rock, and hip hop seamlessly blend into a refreshingly contemporary sound.

Much of their music focuses on the more painful side of the human condition, but in a fun way that gets people moving and having a good time in a therapeutic manner.