Alexis & The Samurai Unleash the Hounds with New Single, “Dogs”


New Orleans buzz-band, Alexis & The Samurai, have recently shared their new single for “Dogs,” which has us equally impressed and intrigued. Featuring The Voice alum Alexis Marceaux, and bandmate, multi-instrumentalist Sam Craft, we hear a duo that is certainly mature beyond their years.

Standing out from the crowd, we hear the group perfect their sound both lyrically and musically. “Dogs” is an ambitious piece that shows the heart, soul, and vibrancy of the young band on the rise. Taken from their new record, Move Into View, we found ourselves falling in love with Alexis & The Samurai, and you should be head over heels as well!

Listen: Alexis & The Samurai: “Dogs”

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Lucinda Belle Covers Nirvana…And Does it Well!


Lucinda Belle has released a stunning collection of songs called Urban Lullabies, which recently has put her name on the map, more so than before. Sharing her eclectic and captivating cover of Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” we get a glimpse of Belle as she breaks the song down and makes it her own…even possibly better than the original.

Her inviting cover of the piece shows off her work as a vocalist and arranger, as she puts a phenomenal new twist on the song that will draw you in from start to finish. Her vocals are heavenly as they provide a dose of nostalgia and the modern day, all at once. We’re in love!

Catch Lucinda Belle’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” Video, here:

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The Future Babes Share “Dazed” Video


One of our favorites of the year around here, The Future Babes, have just recently released their new video for “Dazed.” Their infectious single brings them into the spotlight with a sound that is hazy and vibrant all at once. The imagery throughout the video shows the heart, soul and rock n’ roll spirit within the band, as we see a young group that is quickly on the rise. Taking a page out of the book of artists such as The Strokes and The Vines, the band could easily fall into the nostalgic garage phase in the best possible way. Creating music since they were in high school, the group offers up something truly special as a team, and with “Dazed,” we see no sign of them slowing down.

Catch the video for “Dazed,” below!

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Emmaline Muchmore Shares a “Solid” New Single


Emmaline Muchmore brings her brilliant new single, “Solid,” to the table. An absolute delight for your ears, Muchmore is a rising Electro-Soul singer, that after a small hiatus, is ready to release her new EP in early 2017.

“Solid,” is the first single from the upcoming album, which is filled with noteworthy sounds which range from soulful, sultry, empowering and strong,with a dash of hypnotic beats.

Accompanied by Muchmore’s alluring vocals, she shows off her strong set of skills as a triple threat; a performer, songwriter, and musician. Her strong and independent side shines through, as her performance throughout the track is solid and enticing, as it showcases her epic grace and style. We’re excited to hear more of what Emmaline Muchmore has to offer in the New Year!

Emmaline Muchmore “Solid”

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