The Decemberists “Valerie Plame”

The Decemberists seem to be taking a little page out of the Bishop Allen book lately (almost). Though The Decemberists will be releasing an album sometime in 2009, first they are releasing “Always The Bridemaid: The Singles Series” which will come out in three volumes starting in October. They will be released digitally and on vinyl, but oddly there is no word about cd format. It keeps it more interesting this way, and plus the vinyl release is colored.

The First Volume titled “Valerie Plame” comes out October 14th, with Volume Two coming out on November 4th called “Days of Elaine”. Volume Three out on December 2nd is titled “Record Year”. Keep in mind that these will be only 2-3 songs. I guess this will hold us all over until The Decemberists go back in the studio to make another full length, but it is pretty safe to say that the singles series is going to be spectacular.

The Decemberists are going on tour later this fall so be sure to check out the tourdates on their Myspace

And here is one of my favorite things, The Decemberists performing ‘O Valencia’ on Letterman a couple of years ago. (I would put up the new song but Capitol Records is real strict and I don’t feel like getting sued this week) Enjoy!


Chairlift Release Party

Chairlift has just announced that their release party will be taking place tomorrow night, September 30th, in New York City.  Of course this is for their upcoming release “Does You Inspire You” out tomorrow on Kanine Records.

The fun takes place at The Tribeca Grand, 2 Avenue of the Americas, New York City.  It starts at 9pm and ends at midnight. The band will be playing live. This is beyond awesome. I’m telling you, this record is going to be indie rock huge. Go see it if you can!

Check out Chairlift’s Myspace for more tour dates

Download Chairlift Earwig Town

The Bird and the Bee Release New Record

The Bird and the Bee were my musical obsession all last winter. Their debut album sent chills down my spine, and it made the perfect record for a winter’s day. The duo are due to release their second record titled “Ray Guns Are Not Just the Future” on Blue Note which will be out around January 2009.

Yes this seems like a wait, but I’m expecting nothing more than genius from this new record. From the tracks that have been leaked you can tell they are taking their sound up a notch but still remain to be the same band we love. The Bird and the Bee are also on a short tour which will be expanded of course when the new record comes out.

Album Tracklisting

Ray Guns Are Not Just the Future:

01 Fanfare
02 My Love
03 Diamond Dave
04 What’s in the Middle
05 Ray Gun
06 Love Letter to Japan
07 Meteor
08 Baby
09 Phil
10 Polite Dance Song
11 You’re a Cad
12 Witch
13 Birthday
14 Lifespan of a Fly

Check out the Bird and the Bee on Myspace

Vampire Weekend “Oxford Comma”

I’ve always been back and forth on my liking of Vampire Weekend. I surely don’t think they are as great as a lot of people make them out to be, but I find some of their songs to be really good. In my opinion, Vampire Weekend’s songs can be really catchy or just kind of dull.  Sometimes I view them a more put together and marketable version of The Walkmen. 

I must admit that ‘A-Punk’ is on my list as one of the best indie songs to dance around to, while “Oxford Comma” is one of my favorite songs to listen to on a fall day and paint to. I guess the test of time will see if Vampire Weekend becomes a memorable indie band or just another generic hype machine. Its so hard to tell these days.

In any case, enjoy “Oxford Comma.” Its a pretty damn fine video.

Also check out Vampire Weekend and their tour extravangza on their Myspace

Of Montreal Reveals ‘Skeletal Lamping’ Art in Full

Of Montreal has revealed in full the art that goes along with ‘Skeletal Lamping’. Seeing the artwork out in the open brings a whole new life to the concept of the record. David Barnes (Kevin’s Brother) and Nina Barnes (Kevin’s wife) have teamed up to give us a great deal of options on the Polyvinyl preorder. They have also started their own collective, Apollinaire Rave, which consists of David’s The Bee With Wheels, and Nina’s Gemintactics. Both of them make beautiful and interesting art that is very different in color pallete and form, but come together beatifully.

With “Skeletal Lamping” if  you choose to preorder the whole collection, you have the option of getting the CD package or Vinyl. I chose the CD but now i’m wondering why I didn’t choose the vinyl (Guess i’ll be making another order soon). The package comes with an Of Montreal lantern, 3 stickers, a set of 9 buttons, a tee shirt, tote bag, a card to download 3 song rarities, and giant Of Montreal wall decals. I think I am excited about that part the most. Nina and David’s art on my wall? Rad. In the case of the tees, totes, and decals, you get the choices of choosing between Geminitactics and The Bee with Wheels design. This is beyond a hard choice but you’ll have fun choosing.

Preorder “Skeletal Lamping” and all of its goodies over at Polyvinyl.
They also have 3 different colors of “Id Engager” on vinyl, as well as new Of Montreal posters. Even one designed as the shape of a horse. Sadly the posters aren’t in with the preorder.

Check out the preorder pictures below

Bishop Allen “Click Click Click”

I’ve been on a Bishop Allen kick lately. Well, I guess I have been for about a year now. “Bishop Allen & The Broken String” hasn’t left my car since I brought it last year. “Click Click Click” is one of my favorite songs off of the record, and while searching Youtube the other day, I had come across a cute little performance by them in which they are performing in a few Brooklyn alley ways. (Yes you may have seen one on Youaintnopicasso but I was the one who told him about it 🙂 ) These performances were made for a Swedish music site called PSL. Expect more to come, because I am certainly intrigued by these videos.

Here it is, Bishop Allen, “Click Click Click.” Enjoy!

Check out Bishop Allen Tourdates on their Myspace