“The Past is a Grotesque Animal”…Yes, yes it is.


Over the weekend I had finally watched the long awaited of Montreal documentary, The Past is a Grotesque Animal. I was hesitant to view this film for quite some time, as I thought it would destroy my perception of front man and songwriter Kevin Barnes. This proved to be an eye opening experience for sure. The film highlights the band’s career from the very start. Seeing all of the old footage of how the group came to be was rather charming and delightful. The behind the scenes footage was certainly a treat as well. Their vibrancy and quirkiness definitely shined straight from the screen. Every aspect of the band was touched upon. From troubling relationships, to the brilliant artwork and stage performance antics of brother David Barnes and co., it proved to be truly insightful. 

Throughout all of the good times and struggles the band often continued with, the film focused quite a bit on Kevin Barnes’ inner demons. The depression, the anxiety, the need to make ‘good art,’ no matter at what cost. The one problem though, is the need to make ‘good art,’ lead to the departure of longtime and key players Dottie Alexander, James Husband, Bryan Poole (B.P.), alongside Matt Dawson and Davey Pierce respectively.

The thing that struck me most was how easily Barnes removed himself from them to make a complete musical transformation. What came to be one of the most celebrated band of the 00’s, has changed into so many forms that there feels like there is something missing, especially in a live setting. The ever exciting line up during onstage dance parties are something that I, as well as many fans, truly miss. Though change can be good sometimes, The Past is a Grotesque Animal, made Barnes out to have villain tendencies. Whether or not this was the intention, it was an extremely fascinating look into a phenomenal band that has hit home with so many listeners over the past several years. 

I don’t think I will ever stop buying of Montreal records. Kevin’s songs have always struck a chord with me. This certainly gives me a different perspective into the world of of Montreal.


Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin Announce New Album

Springfield, MO’s Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin have a put together a special release to celebrate their 10 year existence. After releasing three LPs, they were bound to have some extra material that never made it to the record stores. Those songs will now be getting their time in the spotlight with the release of Tape Club, a 26-song double album that brings you best of the SSLYBY archives. It will be available October 18th on limited edition 180-gram maroon 2xLP, CD, and digital formats via Polyvinyl, but can already stream it on the band’s bandcamp page now. The album’s title is a direct reference to a subscription service the band started in late 2005 to raise money for tour while copies of their debut Broom; things have come full circle! The next 10 years for SSLYBY can only go up from here!

Polyvinyl Records @ SXSW

Polyvinyl Records Official SXSW Showcase

3/19 – Austin, TX @ The Parish (214 E. 6th)
* 21+ (Wristband / Badges + limited amount of tickets at the door)

* Facebook Event: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=200102483334722

STRFKR (1:00 am)

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin (12:00 am)

Asobi Seksu (11:00 pm)

Casiokids (10:00 pm)

Joan of Arc (9:00 pm)

w/ Special Guest – Yip Deceiver (8:00 pm)

Polyvinyl Bands At SXSW

Asobi Seksu
3/16 – Windish Showcase @ ND Studios A (501 N IH-35) – 1 AM
3/17 – Prefix Magazine Party @ ND at 501 Studios (501 N IH-35) – 2 PM
3/18 – My Old KY Blog Party @ Perkerhead’s (402 E. 6th St.) – 6 PM
3/19 – Filter / Dickies Party @ Lustre (97 Rainey St) – 2 PM
3/19 – Polyvinyl Showcase @ The Parish (214 E 6th St) – 11 PM

3/16 – Radio Day Stage @ SXSW Convention Center – 1 PM

3/16 – Moshi Moshi Party @ Beauty Bar – 1 AM
3/18 – Redefine Magazine Party @ House of Commons (2610 Rio Grande St) – 9 PM
3/19 – Torchy’s Party @ Torchy’s Taco Pavilion (1311 S 1st St)
3/19 – Polyvinyl Showcase @ The Parish (214 E 6th St) – 10 PM

Joan of Arc
3/17 – Music 4 U !!! Party @ -The Blue Theatre (916 Springdale)
3/18 – Bearded Ponies Party @ The Grackle (1700 E. 6th St.)
3/19 – New Granada Records Day Party @ The Ghost Room (304 W. 4th St.) 12:45 PM
3/19 – Stem and Leaf Party @ Khabele School (801 Rio Grande.) – 5 PM
3/19 – Polyvinyl Showcase @ Parish (214 E 6th St) – 9 PM

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin
3/17 – Twangfest @ Jovita’s (1619 S 1st St) – 12 PM
3/17 – Billions Day Party @ Mohawk – 5:10 PM
3/18 – Music By The Slice @ Home Slice Pizza (1415 S Congress Ave)- 4:40 PM
3/19 – Polyvinyl Showcase @ The Parish (214 E 6th St) – 12 AM

3/16 – My Old Kentucky Blog Party @ Peckerheads – 4:30 PM
3/18 – Friendly Fire Party @ Lipstick 24 – 6 PM
3/18 – Redefine Magazine Party @ House of Commons (2610 Rio Grande St) – 9:30 PM

3/19 – Terrorbird Party @ ND at 501 Studios (501 N IH-35) – 2:30 PM

3/19 – Polyvinyl Showcase @ The Parish (214 E 6th St) – 1 AM

Song of the Day: “(Into The) Modern Mystery” – Someone Still Loves You, Boris Yeltsin vs. Sound of Arrows

Into The Modern Mystery (Someone Still Loves You, Boris Yeltsin vs. Sound of Arrows) by NickGarcia

Aerosmith Take on Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin

In an interesting change of event, Aerosmith has taken on Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin….kind of. The SSLYBY has just released a fan made video for the song “Back in the Saddle,” featuring clips of classic rock Godfathers Aerosmith. Get ready to laugh because it will have you rolling out of your chair! We can’t even imagine how much work and effort went into finding the perfect clips for this video.