Rebecca Haviland and Whiskey Heart Share “Bright City Lights”

rebecca haviland
Rebecca Haviland has our ears today with the release of her new record, “Bright City Lights.” With the help of Whiskey Heart, she shares her most prominent project to date, Haviland instantly proves to have staying power on the new album. She’s a little bit country, a little bit rock n’ roll, and caters to the different musical tastebuds of all. Her crooning voice is vibrant and bold as she pours her heart and soul into the songs on the record. It’s evident within every word spoken and every note strummed. Haviland has a knack for painting beautiful imagery throughout that gives each song new life. Initially catching our attention with her acclaimed single, “Bright City Lights,” she sucks us in listen upon listen with standout tracks such as “Bourbon” and “You and I.”

Haviland has shown no sign of slowing down and we are excited to hear what Rebecca Haviland and Whiskey Heart have hiding up their sleeves.

“Bright City Lights,” here:

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Carolee Rainey Shares Impressive New Album, Out Today!

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Carolee Rainey shares for gorgeous new record with us today entitled “Feel Fearless”. The buzzworthy songstress who has been garnering attention with elegant singles and videos, delights on the newest release which surprises at every corner.
Elegantly crafted she brings her vision to life song after song, with each as enticing as the next. A couple of my favorite tracks from the album include the critically-acclaimed single “Empower,” and “Mystic Rose,” the opening track which brings the essence of the release to life from the start.
Throughout the record it is evident that her heart and soul is poured into the songs. She skillfully crafts each piece as her journey comes to life within every story. With haunting and gorgeous instrumentation, all of the selections blend perfectly. An artist to be on the lookout for this year, this is only the beginning for Carolee Rainey. Her prominent release “Feel Fearless” is out today.
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Video Voyeur: 3Qs with SHōTA LODI

Screenshot 2018-03-28 at 4.42.09 PMSHōTA LōDI is a name that you need to remember. Coming off a high from his recent single “Party Girl,” the musician is at it again with his noteworthy track “Time Was On Our Side.” Coinciding with the song, he shares an illustrated video of the lyrical persuasion that is as captivating as the song itself. Throughout the drawings float across the sea of lyrics, as it makes the song burst from the screen. With the Grey Beanie remix of the song used as the version in tow, it’s no wonder why he’s becoming one of the most notable names in the indie realm. With fresh instrumentation and down-to-earth lyricism, he enchants with a vibrant nature that is very much his own. Dive in below to a little, SHōTA LōDI. , as he does not disappoint.

Tell us the story of this song, why did you choose to visualize this song specifically?
I went out to Thailand last March with my producer to write an album. The 3rd night I’m there, I go out with my friends and I meet one of my friends roommates. This beautiful girl (Girl on the mural behind Amoeba Music in LA). She was wearing a grey beanie the night i met her and that was the basis of the song. I chose to visualize this one because I feel when you see and read the lyrics, it starts to paint a much clearer story. Sometimes when I listen to a song, I don’t fully grasp all the lyrics. I wanted to take my fans on the exact journey I went through.
What was the inspiration behind this video (visuals, storyline, etc.)?
I told my videographer the story of the song. How we met, the magic that happened during my time there. We always met in the evening and there was something so dreamy and mysterious about it all. I thought the lyric video did a great job of capturing that vibe.
What was the process of making this video?
The process was quite easy. My videographer is a good friend of mine so he already understands that i love simple, yet impactful images. The first version had an orange, desert vibe to it. I told him to make look like it’s was night time, and he changed the entire color scheme and voila! Grey Beanie

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Video Voyeur: 3Qs with Rebecca Haviland

rebecca haviland

Rebecca Haviland has been an artist on our radar for the past few months. Her buzzworthy sound brings to life a whole new form of indie-pop-folk, which makes us fall in love with her in every listen. Gearing up for her album release, we dig into Haviland’s new video for “Bright City Lights” the title track as she takes us through the process of the masterpiece.

Tell us the story of this song, why did you choose to visualize this song specifically?
“Bright City Lights,” the title track of our new EP, is about being proud to be where you’re from, and being proud of who you are, staying true to that no matter what. So it was important to me to make a video that showed off New York City, but also other cities around the world, and to portray myself in the video as a confident rock n roller!

What was the inspiration for this video (visuals, storyline, etc.)?

We wanted to have a very fluid storyline, one that was more image and feeling based instead of an actual story, with a couple of outfit changes, and also showing off my two favorite guitars, my custom Music Man St, Vincent guitar, and a white Eastwood Jetson Jr.
What was the process of making this video?

The video took 6 hours to make. We spent a bit of time compiling the footage that was to be projected on me during the scenes. But once that was created, we did a series of different angle shots with different outfits and guitars. We had a great time- it was such a fun first experience making a music video, and my videographer Jack Hoffman and I really had a great a blast getting creative with the making of the video so as to make something cool on a small budget.

Video Voyeur: 3Qs with John Juan

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John Juan is an artist that has been on our radar for the past few months. With an ambitious set of tracks behind him, he brings an eclectic sound to the table that is unique yet familiar, and very much his own. Recently we had the chance to catch up with John Juan as he shares that details and making behind his latest video,  “Hurt Myself,”which you can dig into below.


Tell us the story of this song, why did you choose to visualize this song specifically?

“Hurt Myself” is one of my few memoir songs, taking pieces from portions of my life. Often when looking back, we can appear as a different person. Kenny Jr.’s Robolights art exhibit in Palm Deseret was perfect as an analogue for this concept; Robolights takes people’s old used physical items and turns them into something colorful wonderful and new! A friend of mine, Jordan, who has a popular YouTube show Daze with Jordan the Lion, was using “Hurt Myself” on his show. He said he had the song stuck in his head, his listeners liked it, and we should make a video.

What was the inspiration for this video (visuals, storyline, etc.)?
Jordan the Lion (Director) and I were at a wedding for our friend, Mika, in Sweden, when he proposed we make this video. The video was based on discussion during the wedding
reception on a beautiful farm in Gotland—what a fun inception! Our short chat seemed like a whim, but we certainly did follow through. “I know this guy with an art exhibit out in Palm Deseret that would be perfect for ‘Hurt Myself’”, Jordan told me. “It is colorful and filled with memories, like your song. Bring that red shirt you wore at your last show, a skateboard, your cigar box electric ukulele and… oh—find a good sombrero”.
“Okay—awesome!” I said. “Your cigar box guitar, made from used stuff, will tie together the set and the song perfect.” Jordan concluded. And with that short conversation the video was planned.


What was the process of making this video?
When we got back to the Unite States of America, Jordan, our friend Breck, and I drove from LA out to Kenny Jr.’s Robolights exhibit. Jordan, having a daily YouTube show, was quick, confident and fluid behind the camera. It was so fun and natural, moving from scene to scene! —I can’t stand when people take forever to setup and nitpick all their production and view-backs, and lose all the flow. Same goes in the studio; you’ve got to keep the vibe going. Good thing he was moving fast because it was 114 degrees and 40% humidity at that shoot! We were finished in an hour, had a big lunch, and headed back to LA. Unbelievably, the next day when I woke up, Jordan had already edited and emailed the finished video to me. “Anything you want to change?” he wrote me. “No Jordan. That’s great!”

Screenshot 2018-04-23 at 5.48.49 PM.png

Lauren Waller Reveals Stunning track, “Sunshine”


Lauren Waller just dropped a single and you need to hear it. “Sunshine” – unlike its title – is dark and sexy. This song is a departure from her past releases and is showing that Waller is growing up and coming into her own both musically and vocally.


“Sunshine” is intense. Lauren’s powerful voice is laden with meaningful vocals and soft piano chords. With this tune, Lauren proves her growth and maturity through her music.


According to Lauren, “Sunshine” is her first attempt at a genuine love song.  With lonely piano and haunting synths, she finds a way to blend dark pop and love songs. “I didn’t want to give up my darker, more mysterious sound and storytelling just to write a happy song


Listen to “Sunshine” here:



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