Premiere: Alt Pop Artist Tara Novak Premieres Her New Album ‘Layers of Identity’

Tara Novak is a trained classical violinist turned alternative pop artist who dropped out of music school to explore who she was without the violin. She spent the next two years bartending and discovered yoga, music festivals, and fine dining. She read many books – from beat poets to business manuals and opened the floodgates to the rock, pop, folk, and dance music she had deliberately shut out in the past.

Tara’s music is deliberate and specifically crafted to create empathy. She uses music as a healing tool for herself and listeners. “I write songs because it allows me to process the world I observe,” shares Tara. “Music opens our hearts and minds.”

She just released her new album Layers of Identity. The 10 song alternative and orchestral pop album bleeds of human nature, who we are as individuals and as a society, and encapsulates the blended way we see the world. Her style is ballad-like with each song giving off a “Candle in the Wind” vibe. She is backed by violins, the piano, and an electronic beat found in contemporary pop songs. 

Every song brings their own story to the table. “Just Me & You” was inspired by a homeless girl  she saw begging for change and she thought “what determines our paths in life?” It’s a reminder that we are not all that different. “My Heart Was Jumping” is a playful song that blends the sounds of Eastern and Western styles of music. This is what emerges when a long-time touring violinist pens a song about the ups and downs of a relationship. In “A Place Called Purpose,” the most orchestral song on the album, is actually an epic written by Tara about a young girl’s attempt at finding a place called purpose. 

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Ariel Arbisser Shares Her New Electro-Pop Single “Rabbit Hole”

Singer/songwriter Ariel Arbisser’s music and performances make her audiences feel seen, heard, and offers a unique glimpse into how she experiences the highs and lows of the world. Her music is raw and passionate, a brand of pop that you won’t find in other artists.

She just released her new electro-pop single, with a hint of funk, “Rabbit Hole,” the follow up single to her last release “Bloodshed.” “The core of this song came to me last year and it’s had a chokehold on me since,” shares Ariel. “Thematically there’s some crossover, but ‘Rabbit Hole’ comes down from the rage-filled fever pitch of ‘Bloodshed’ to this which is a more restrained, sexy, slow-burn. Things haven’t settled yet. The ‘dark side’ is still enticing, maybe even more comfortable than it was before. The full song sonically is true, addictive journey downward.”

“Rabbit Hole” has a contemporary meets retro electro-pop sound, almost like a Sara Bareilles meets Harry Styles. Her voice carries such strength, similar to an Alice Russell or Brandi Carlile, or even an Adele.

Through her lens as a white, Jewish, queer woman, she is transparent when learning out loud and participates in ongoing conversations about mental health, body neutrality, sex positivity, social and racial justice, LGBTQ rights, and more. In a world that’s dangerous for far too many and uncomfortable for almost everyone, she creates a touchstone by creating art, appreciating simple pleasures, and taking dedicated and intentional risks for love.

“With love comes inevitable pain– miscommunication, betrayal, heartache, loss… Allowing yourself to be vulnerable enough to experience love, however briefly, is brave. And it’s worth it in the end.”

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Lauren Waller Shares Her Catchy Synthpop Single “Lift You Up”

Lauren Waller is the young pop talent based in Los Angeles. Her musical style bridges that of modern day electronic pop and 80’s dark wave synthpop while her aesthetic encompasses the confessional and poetic intimacy of the singer-songwriter idiom.

She just released her latest single “Lift You Up.” It’s an 80’s inspired synthpop song with an infectious hook and captivating melody. It’s reminiscent of Taylor Swift’s 1989 album, specifically “Welcome To New York” meets “Out of the Woods” and her voice takes on a Taylor Swift meets Ingrid Michaelson quality.

“This song is the ultimate ‘feel good pop’ song,” shares Lauren. “It’s about love that is fun, happy, and lighthearted. I hope that Lift You Up sparks a familiar feeling in listeners, whether that be nostalgia for the past or the joy of a current love.”

Listen here:

To date, Lauren has released two EPs and performed on RTE, Ireland’s National Television, at the International Rose of Tralee Festival, and appearances at the Viper Room and the Hotel Café. Waller has opened for many iconic bands such as Wilson Philips, Anna Nalick, A Flock of Seagulls, and most recently: Tower of Power.

On Tuesday, August 30th, Lauren sat down with BBC’s Linda McDermott on The Linda McDermott Show, and talked about Lauren’s song “Wonderful Life” and “Lift You Up” (skip ahead to 11 minutes for the interview).

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Erika Olson’s “Mamma Ain’t Got No Time” Shines a Light on Her Unique Life of Motherhood

Singer/songwriter Erika Olson has a new single out called “Mamma Ain´t Got No Time,” a folksy pop ballad on the life of a mother. It is a rich and intricate song with descriptive and emotional lyrics and an overall light energy. This song is one you will want to play again and again, with it´s unique folk and country vibes:

“‘Momma Ain’t Got No Time’ was born from a conversation with a dear friend.  I’d just started songwriting and was struggling with not having any time to do it.  My friend so wisely suggested that I write that song.  And so, it began.  This was not the first song that I wrote, but it was the first song I wrote in my own voice.  I felt like this song revealed who I was and how I saw the world.  Yes, life is hard, motherhood is a huge transition, and also it is magical, transformative, and I don’t regret it for a second.

Erika is an American expat currently living in East Sussex, England. She grew up living all over the United States, from New Mexico to Utah, Massachusetts, New York, Virginia and North Carolina. 

Having left a busy law career on becoming a mother, and realising she needed to explore her musical and creative talents more, Erika dug deep and started taking guitar lessons. It was then that she could take some reflection time away from raising her three young children, and revel in her creative passions. 

“Mamma Ain´t Got No Time” is all about motherhood and its sea of chaos, the ups and the downs. Rooted in the everyday things, Olson is sure to be a witness to her own journey of becoming a mother as well as use her music as a vessel to wake us up to our own precious and unique lives. 

Just about to self-release her debut album, Erika has learned that change is her constant and her power. 

Listen here:

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George Collins’ New Single Takes on Lost Opportunities

George Collins is no stranger to the music industry. Back in his younger years, before committing to the world of high finance, he played in local restaurants and bars in Charlottesville to pay his way through school. He even became a local staple. He also played in an eleven-piece Earth, Wind & Fire-esque band called Common Knowledge which included Carter Beauford and the late LeRoi Moore.  Beauford  and Moore later became founding members of The Dave Matthews Band. “While backstage with Carter and Dave during their most recent concert in Prague in 2019, I joked that I was in The Dave Matthews Band even before Dave Matthews,” Collins says with a good-natured laugh.  “They both burst out laughing, and Dave clicked his beer bottle to mine and said, ‘If anyone ever asks me about that, I will back you up one hundred percent!’” 

George is back and better than ever with his upcoming solo EP, It’s Been a Long Time. He just released the pop rock title song “It’s Been a Long Time.” It has a Tom Petty meets U2 in sound and energy with a hint of Fleetwood Mac. In “It’s Been a Long Time,” George showcases his songwriting with lyrics that spew emotion. It’s about a lost love and missed opportunities. It can be taken literally and metaphorically, the sign of a great songwriter.

He sings “Never knew love before, never met no one like you/And I’m always gonna wonder what might have been/World spinning circles now, but there’s one thing I know/It’s gonna be a long, long time till I love that way again.” It can connect with any listener and that’s what makes George Collins’ music so special.

His songs feature instantly hummable melodies; subtle but smart counterpoint; clever chord sequences; ace musicianship; and vocals that ooze soulful rock n’ roll longing.  As a lyricist, Collins is a poet, a sage, a storyteller, and an empath.  He covers the full-spectrum of emotions and the human experience, and he writes with cinematic detail, visceral vulnerability, and clever turns of phrase. 

Listen here:

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Premiere: Brittany and the Blisstones Debut “La La Love”

The island pop duo Brittany and the Blisstones specialize in heart-crafted and smooth songs that sit in your soul, bringing love and serenity to any listener. Their musical style is unlike anything else with an expansive artistic palette of pop, orchestral, rock, jazz, reggae, ska, Latin, new wave, and beyond. Brittany Bliss contributes sultry vocals, jaunty ukulele playing, and co-writes the songs alongside her partner Reid Givens, an accomplished drummer and percussionist with an expansive command of rhythms and a keen sense for the healing power of good grooves. 

The duo has started recording their debut EP, La La Love. “The pain that comes with living is inevitable, and it can breed fear that may stop us from daring to dream. Our songs are about finding the courage to face these fears, and being vulnerable and evolving,” shares Brittany. Reid adds: “These songs are born from our collective experience. There are uplifting vibes here, and when the songs are sad, they are there for solace.”

Their first two releases from La La Love, which are now streaming, took listeners by storm, setting them into a state of mindfulness and calm. Their new release, “La La Love,” the title track, continues the island vibe and reggae beat utilizing trumpets and other horn instruments. The song is about love, romantic and otherwise. “We believe that love is something that is always there, it’s ever-present, but it’s on us to recognize it and invite it to be part of our lives,” Brittany and Reid share. “That realization and invitation is what ‘La La Love’ is all about.”

“La La Love” carries almost an Alanis Morrisette meets Susan Tedeschi vibe. There’s a jam feeling, but also a deliberateness behind the music and lyrics. Brittany’s voice carries a separate, yet cohesive sense of peace and love as she sings “Love is what’s left over when the fighting’s through.” 

Listen here:

Love exists even in pain and fear. It’s that part of our lives we can’t see that it’s the most present. “La La Love” is entrancing and hypnotic. You’ll be bound to replay the song over and over again. 

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