“Queen (of the Barstool Two-Step)” is Randie O’Neil’s Latest Single from her Upcoming Album

Randie O’Neil has done it again with her latest single, “Queen (of the Barstool Two-Step).” The country, Americana, and folk artist herself is breaking boundaries with this new track, fusing elements of alternative pop with folk, country, and rock all together in sound. 

O’Neil describes her latest single as “actually a sad song about a lonely individual who just doesn’t want to be alone. They get dressed up and try to look their best and hope they don’t end up alone. They also know that it’s not true love but just alone in a crowd. It’s a covid song in that for lonely people, covid was even lonelier because there was no chance at connection.”

O’Neil puts her whole self into her writing and performances, using honest and witty lyrics about heartache and strength, paired with catchy melodies. With her roots-inspired sound, she has independently released multiple albums over the years. This latest single is one of many. With influences like Pat Benatar, Melissa Etheridge, and Fleetwood Mac you are sure to not be disappointed.

Make sure to go check out “Queen (of the Barstool Two-Step)”

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Joey Jane Shares Breakout Single “What If This Was The End?”

Joey Jane kicks off the year with an Alt Rock track for your radar. Hailing from Worcester, Massachusetts, Joey Jane brings the true essence of Rock back to life with the breakout single “What If This Was The End?,” out today via all digital outlets.

“The song is about perception taking a step back to realize and understand the things in front of you and the world around you. It’s not meant to be political but more of a general idea for humanity. The premise of the song simply put is, if today is the last day we had on earth, what would you do? How would you react? Suddenly war, injustice, racism, money, power, to petty arguments between family and friends would simply become irrelevant. Begging the question, what’s the point of all of it in the first place. In the last moments of life none of these things would be important to anyone so why don’t we all act accordingly during life instead of working so hard to try to divide and destroy what we have while we’re here.”  – Joey Jane

For fans of Foo Fighters, Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Stone Temple Pilots and Green Day, Joey Jane brings an intense and intricate sound to the table, as he creates a sound that is uniquely his own. With an undeniable energy, the message of the lyrics bring the song to a whole new level, showcasing Joey Jane not only as a talented performer but as a songwriter as well.

Joey Jane’s new single “What If This Was The End?,”  is out now which is only the beginning of great music to come from the artist in 2022.

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noelle is Far from “Stupid” on New Release

Raised in the Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory in Ontario, in a family and community that surrounded her with music, noelle’s upbringing exposed her to a vast range of musical genres, from Nat King Cole and Sarah Vaughan, to the pow wow drum and native wind flute from her Indigenous roots. Expressing her thoughts and emotions at her piano, coupled with a reality she sought to transcend, noelle began writing her own music as a therapeutic form of self-expression. 

Vulnerable new single, “Stupid,” was inspired by long distance relationships. Falling in love is such an amazing feeling, but it can fall apart when distance is involved. The artwork accompanies the song’s vibe – simple, raw, beautiful.

Will Ryte Debuts Hip Hop Masterpiece”Harder You Fall”

Will Ryte is a passionate and energetic Hip-Hop/Melodic Trap artist who strives to share his experiences through music. Based in Toronto, the artist/producer/engineer/guitarist has quickly become known for telling unique stories of his troubled past, including dropping out of high school, and finding himself in and out of incarceration for years.

He displays his vulnerability on “Harder You Fall,” inspired by memories of losing his freedom and how that became a pivotal moment in his life.

Meguro Turns It Up with “You Destroy Me”

Meguro are an indie rock duo based in Toronto, ON. To follow the success of their first single “Forgotten Song,” Meguro releases “You Destroy Me,” an energetic song that grows in intensity. The song also includes a guest feature from Greg Alsop of Tokyo Police Club on gang vocals. 

The inspiration behind the song is the idea that being destroyed by someone can mean that you’re madly in love. “Someone once said to me that it wasn’t a good idea for us to date because ‘We would destroy each other,’ and I remember thinking ‘Well yeah, you destroy me, but that’s a GOOD thing!” said songwriter Bob MacKendrick. “I don’t think she thought of it in the same way though.”

Jenny Palacios Debuts Blissful New Single “Grateful”

Toronto based singer/songwriter and producer Jenny Palacios blends emo, alternative and pop influences to nestle into a pocket of music running on melancholia and nostalgic emotion. Still honing her sound, she remains inspired by layering brooding, airy pads with textures and lyrical storytelling. 

Jenny’s somber new single, “Grateful,” explores the guilt she felt when she was surrounded by abundance but still felt a lack. “I wanted to elicit a sense of slow dreading numbness, because it can be really visceral hitting these low periods. It’s like everything is a little blurry, faded, and far away. Everything’s confusing but nothing’s urgent. No beginning or end.”