The Manimals Release “SEVEN”


NYC glam rock band The Manimals release their new record on April 24, in conjunction with the highly anticipated Season Six premiere of Game of Thrones! SEVEN is a concept album inspired by George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire– a lovingly geeky tribute that is electric, emotional, and epic. Titled SEVEN, it focuses each of its seven songs on a different character’s point of view- mirroring a technique employed by Martin in his bestselling series.

SEVEN was recorded in Brooklyn with Nate Jasensky. It is available digitally on Bandcamp and iTunes, and also as a limited edition hand-made map of Westeros that contains the download code.

Singer and writer Haley Bowery has been creating and posting art, writing, and behind-the-scenes content daily for over three months, which has been exclusive to Patreon donors, but it is also released as bonus content with purchases of the album.

The first video from the album is the track, “Talk,” which you can watch here:

“Talk” is told from Tyrion’s point-of-view, so we thought it would be fitting to make our first video in a bar, as he is a champion drinker. Since they also wanted it to serve as an introduction to the band, they chose their favorite filthy rock ‘n’ roll dive on the Lower East Side, Clockwork, to film the piece. Directed and filmed by Vonesper Studios, the plan was to tell a basic story about outsiders and loners coming together for one night of ridiculousness, and it was brought to another level by our drummer Matt’s unexpected- but somehow perfect- costume.

The song reflects Tyrion’s thoughts upon leaving King’s Landing, so there is melancholy and bitter-sweetness there… but told via upbeat pop punk, which reflects the relentless wit that has helped him survive in this world- he’s rarely too depressed for a good self-deprecating joke or a clever retort.


Shehzad Bhanji Gets Instrumental


Shehzad Bhanji is a stunning musician who is currently based in Doha, Qatar. Learning the intricate ways of the guitar in his early teenage years, his love of music played an important element in which he has honed his skills over time. Perfectly blending a combination of classic rock, blues, and melodic rock, his talent for bending different genres is musically thought provoking. Fast-forward to 2016 where Bhanji is steadily making a name for himself.

Watch “Never Say Goodbye”:

His debut album, “Never Say Goodbye,” is laced with gorgeous instrumentation that brings to life the very heart of the record. It is evident that this is truly a labor of live that Bhanji has brought to life; one chord at a time. To create a record that is stunning without any lyricism shows the talent and skills of Bhanji. His fingers glide smoothly throughout the frets showcasing the time and effort put into this work. Most recently he is sharing the video of the title track “Never Say Goodbye,” which is a perfect first glance into the world of Shehzad Bhanji.