Shehzad Bhanji Gets Instrumental


Shehzad Bhanji is a stunning musician who is currently based in Doha, Qatar. Learning the intricate ways of the guitar in his early teenage years, his love of music played an important element in which he has honed his skills over time. Perfectly blending a combination of classic rock, blues, and melodic rock, his talent for bending different genres is musically thought provoking. Fast-forward to 2016 where Bhanji is steadily making a name for himself.

Watch “Never Say Goodbye”:

His debut album, “Never Say Goodbye,” is laced with gorgeous instrumentation that brings to life the very heart of the record. It is evident that this is truly a labor of live that Bhanji has brought to life; one chord at a time. To create a record that is stunning without any lyricism shows the talent and skills of Bhanji. His fingers glide smoothly throughout the frets showcasing the time and effort put into this work. Most recently he is sharing the video of the title track “Never Say Goodbye,” which is a perfect first glance into the world of Shehzad Bhanji.


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