‘For You, The Garden,’ For Us a Dream!

Wurmy Wormfield (also known as Charles Herman-Wurmfield) is an artist, musician, filmmaker, teacher, gardener, beekeeper, parent and partner creating since the age of 13. This Silverlake, CA based entertainer helped overturn a Los Angeles public school parking lot and transform it into a community garden and educational center. This call to action inspired a transformative personal journey that brought forth a lifelong love of music which led to Wurmy Wormfield being formed and culminated in the opulent folk-pop album, For You, the Garden

Chances are, For You, The Garden is not your first experience with Wurmy’s artistry. As a director, his work includes D’Arcy Drollinger’s award-winning rock operas, Cereal Killers and Possession of Mrs. Jones, seminal collaborations  with Tony-nominated cabaret singer and actor Justin Vivian Bond; and the feature films Fancy’s Persuasion, Legally Blonde 2, and Kissing Jessica Stein.

For You, The Garden is a compilation of Wurmy’s previously released EPs and singles into one convenient place. The 18 songs bring to life the community garden he helped put together in Silver Lake, CA.

Charles speaks from his heart stating, “Let’s dream for a moment as long as we are singing and dancing. Let’s imagine there might be a community garden here one day! Let’s see, I’ve got these pumpkin seeds here in my pocket,  we could write our intentions on them,  add water and see what sprouts up! So grab a pumpkin seed and let’s imagine a community garden. Shall we…” (Garden Song)

While the album was made for kids, specifically dedicated to his own, For You, The Garden is really for all ages. There is always something to be learned, especially when it comes to our Earth and empathy. There is no defines genre and no topic not sung about. Adults can enjoy the music from Wurmy too.

As an older dad, and a pandemic dad, he states he is aware of the time passing, and wanted to make sure and set nature / love of nature to a song so the kids could always know how he felt about it, and even share that joy with their own children, one day. The light hearted music dances on the breath of a dream and spins its web into the garden of the future. 

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Inspirational Norwegian DJ and producer Matoma,best known for singles “All Night” with The Vamps and “I Don’t Dance” withEnrique Iglesias,has released the emotional official music video for the heartwarming single “Heart So Big,” with electronic dance-pop trio A R I Z O N A, which can be found HERE. The track was written with A R I Z O N A’s longtime collaborator PJ Bianco as a love letter to his son with autism. 

Watch the video here: 

The pair have released an emotional music video showing a compilation of what love represents all around the world. Crowdsourced from over 2,000 fan submissions, the raw footage reflects pure happiness, excitement, and a very much needed reminder of all the positivity that exists in our seemingly ordinary daily lives. While the music video shows a diverse group of people from all over the world, it highlights the notion that love is a universal language. Together with simple yet impactful lyrics like “you gotta smile so bright, so bright,” this highly contagious and powerful video is a testimony to the power of love.

Matoma shares, “I couldn’t imagine a better music video for this special song than this! It truly brought me to tears to feel all the love in these incredible videos, like little glimpses into the hearts and memories of people all over the world. Like the song, it’s a reminder to treasure the good that we have in our lives, and that we are all connected by that common joy.”

A R I Z O N A shares, “This song, along with the hopes of raising autism awareness, carries a special notion in general that we should remember to cherish and protect the ones we love in our lives. Sometimes we can be all they have, or vice versa.”

The positivity in the song comes as no surprise to Matoma fans, as he is recognized globally for his charity work behind the music. He recently headlined Gravity Festival, in partnership with EDM juggernaut Proximity, and used his performance to raise money for Red Cross’ Ukraine Crisis Appeal. His livestream raised $10,000 USD in just 45 minutes, breaking past records for the festival; and he decided to match the donations personally.

Following that heartfelt livestream, he purchased three billboards on the i-10 highway to Coachella; originally intended for promoting his new music, but with the tragic war continuing in Ukraine, he decided to put them towards raising funds and awareness for Ukraine humanitarian aid organization Music Saves UAA video of the billboards via a drone flyover can be found HERE. Matoma’s billboards received worldwide news coverage from outlets across the globe including NME, The FADER, The Independent, MSN, Yahoo News, and Metro UK.

“Heart So Big” follows previous singles “Take Me to the Sunshine”featuring Super-Hi and Bullysongs, “Never Surrender” featuring Steve Garrigan ofKodaline, and “Summer Feeling”featuring Jonah Kagen,which scored record numbers of streams in their first week. “Never Surrender”has since taken off with Matoma and Steve performing the moving track on The Tonight Show (Indonesia) and God Morgen Norge (Norway).

John Greska’s “Mamma Maybe” is an Intricate Story Inspired through History

John Greska has been intrigued by music since the second grade when he, like so many others, started playing piano. Since then, music has been a constant, from playing in the school bands to experimenting with Musecore. The young artist has never stopped chasing his dream of being a singer/songwriter and his latest single, “Mamma Maybe,” proves he’s got what it takes.

“Mamma Maybe” is an alternative folk and folktronica song that goes through a story of a fictional mother and son. He was inspired by the recent events in world history, at least since World War two. He became interested in Japanese history when he started learning the language and he realized that he doesn’t know anything about their history outside of the American point of view during the war. He thought about the people that grew up during that time and thought about what they would think about the world as it is today.

He takes the theme of change and allows us to grasp it. He recognizes and acknowledges that change is the key to becoming better humans, so that we don’t repeat history. As time goes on, ideas evolve with it and that can sometimes be hard for people to accept.

“The writing process was surprisingly difficult,” shares John. “Taking out the fact that I was trying to write about something extremely intricate and not really song-like, the actual music was super tricky. There were certain parts that had to sound happy and certain parts that had to sound ominous and the ending was rewritten three times. The ending of the song was the hardest part to find, because how do you end a story like this?”

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Dear Daria to Host an Album Release Show Following the Premiere of their Album ‘Can I Be Frank?’

Featuring Lightmare, North by North, and KINDA EVIL

The pop rock band Dear Daria is set to release their debut album, Can I Be Frank?, on Friday, May 27th. On Sunday, they will perform live at the Pie Shop in Washington D.C. for their album release at 8pm. They will perform alongside the soul-punk band Lightmare, Chicago-based rock and roll duo North by North, and blues rock band KINDA EVIL.

Dear Daria is a “choose your own adventure” pop rock band, blending elements of power pop, indie rock, and pop punk. They’ve been compared to Paramore, Rilo Kiley, and The Donnas. This diverse musical melting pot is composed of Eamonn Donnelly on bass, Joshua Hunter on guitar, Maryjo Mattea on vocals, keys and guitar, and introducing Dan ABH on drums (Scott Manley provided the drumming for the recording of Can I Be Frank?). They were voted WAMMIE Finalists in 2022 for Best Rock Song and Best Rock Artist/Group.

Pie Shop is an independent woman-owned Washington D.C. legacy small business, baking some of the D.C. area’s favorite pies since 2010 & rebranded in 2020. Pie Shop is also an independent live music venue dedicated to supporting the D.C. area’s vibrant local music & arts community. 

Show Details:

Date: Sunday May 29th, 2022

Venue: Pie Shop

Address: 1339 H ST. NE WASHINGTON, DC 20002

Doors / Tickets: 7:30 PM / $12

Purchase tickets ahead of time here:

More About Lightmare

Lightmare is a six-person soul-punk arrangement out of Washington, D.C. making songs about love, death, and revolution, overlapping and in any order. Smooth and sharp, warm and galvanizing, punchy, political and personal. Their set is guaranteed to get your body moving and your feelings flowing.

More About North by North

Formed in 2012, North by North is the rock & roll dream of two weirdos from Chicago. Their music has been forged through years of teen angst, twenty-something alienation, sleeping in vans and living on a stage. Anchored by syrupy hooks, roaring guitar and bombastic drums, North by North produces a huge sound that has captivated thousands of people over hundreds of performances and festivals across three countries. Since 2016, Nate Girard (guitar, vocals) and Kendra Blank (drums) have performed at over 800 shows throughout the US, Canada and UK.


In the Spring of 2022, KINDA EVIL rose from the ashes of DC band Dad Legs – Amanda Dove (vocals & guitar), Nolan (guitar), and Mason Henry (bass) – with the addition of heavy artillery drummer Christopher Peli. Weaving a darkly potent blend of blues, garage, punk, and rock & roll, this four-piece gets the blood pumping with their electrifying stage presence, big hooks, soaring guitars, and explosive grooves, appealing to fans of The Dead Weather, Priests, and All Them Witches.

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“Give Some, Get Some” is the Rock Jam Tune of from Mitch Melodia

Mitch Melodia is the artist and mastermind behind the jam “band” Alpha Pegasi whose sound is rock and some pop mentality with a lot of chilled out Led Zeppelin as an influence. “Alpha Pegasi has a Tame Impala-ish approach in the studio and a Phish-ish mentality for live shows,” says Mitch. “Improvisation extending songs is a staple of every show but when recording, I keep it concise. It’s fun for me to play and arrange every instrument on record, but I’m also stoked for future collaborations with other musicians in the studio.”

His recently released alternative rock single “Give Some, Get Some” has a Red Hot Chili Peppers vibe with bluesy undertones. The melody is precise and method, giving the hook a permanent place in your head. Mitch started writing it in 2013 and has been tweaking and working the song ever since to finally be what it is today, a funky, danceable, and groove-filled jam song.

“With groovy and funky verses, a more rock-heavy and catchy chorus, and a couple of firey guitar solos, ‘Give Some, Get Some’ is one of my favorites on the first EP,” shares Mitch. He has musical solos, funky versus, rock chorus’s and was made for a live setting.

Listen here:

A main financial focus for Alpha Pegasi is to donate 5% of all profits to environmental and health-orientated organizations like San Diego EarthWorks. Mitch aspires to use his music and art as a vehicle to support environmental and health-improving causes, including mental-health practices. 

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Norine Braun’s New Album is an Artistic Masterpiece

Norine Braun, the award-winning singer/songwriter based in Vancouver, has been on the scene since 1996, with an impressive discography and stunning performative resume. She thrives on live performances and connecting with audiences around the world. Her creative has only grown with time and there’s no sign of slowing down.

She just released her 13th full length album, Songs For Trees, a groove filled jazz meets blues rock album, each song interconnecting to tell an important story about climate change. She wrote it during the pandemic to focus on the incredible healing power of trees and their necessity to our own survival. She was able to go into the forests of the coastal west and took a guided walk with a traditional wisdom keeper from the Squamish nation of the west coast. She read up on so many book and article on trees and climate change to find the right lyrics.

“I was both inspired and overwhelmed by the wealth of information and number of people from so many disciplines from around the world working hard to bring awareness to save the trees, planet and ourselves. This was a benefit as there was much to draw upon for writing.”

Much like the roots of trees, the songs on the album feed off each other and build each other up. Between each song is an ambient sound that guides us through the story she takes us on. She seamlessly blends the lyrics and music together to become one. They work off each other and converse in a way you won’t find in any other album.

Her voice is soft and hypnotic. The music is smooth and groovy. Her lyrics are poetic and thought provoking. Everything you want in an album is what you’ll find in Songs For Trees.

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