Kieran Mercer Unleashes “Looking Through the Glass”

Kieran Mercer is no stranger to the Canadian music scene, having opened for the likes of Marianas Trench, Walk off the Earth, Carly Rae Jepsen and Lights. His debut 6 song EP Help Me Help You was released in 2016 on 604 Records and charted on the top 20 Canadian Album Chart on Itunes. He then followed with his sophomore EP, Fools Gold, in 2018 to critical acclaim.

Kieran is now following with new single “Looking Through the Glass,” which is also his first independent release. The song is nostalgic for the glory days of youth and is more acoustic and stripped down than previous releases.


Gustav Hoyer Shares Beautiful New Track

Modern composer Gustav Hoyer has given us his complement to Gustav Holst’s “The Planets Suite” with his newest piece, “Terra, The Bringer of Life”. The Colorado-based composer’s mission with his music is to introduce people to classical music in a fresh way. He uses the great composers like Beethoven and Mozart as inspiration and adds his own new age ideas to his beautiful compositions. “Terra” is based off of the planet Earth, with sounds of flowing water and joyous strings driving the orchestra forward. He is able to tell a story of the world with his composition by utilizing each section of his ensemble. From the delicate flutes and violins to the swelling brass, each part of the song feels like a glimpse at a different part of the world we live in.

As someone who personally loves Holst’s famous suite, I love how “Terra” pays respect to its inspiration while still being something all its own. Hoyer is able to captivate everyone with his writing and take them on a journey. The use of dynamics, the contrasting sections, the ritardando at the end (which I loved) all come together in this piece to create something beautiful. When it comes to his writing, Hoyer states that, “We literally and figuratively resonate together when we share music. I want people to be reminded of the glorious and mysterious wonders of being alive and be filled in their soul with awe and joy.” It’s a great sentiment and makes me enjoy his work even more.

“Terra” is the third piece Gustav Hoyer has put out this year, and it doesn’t seem like he is going to be slowing down any time soon, which I am insanely grateful for.

Atoosa Grey Brings Light to the Storm

Haunting and introspective, Atoosa Grey’s “Storms,” the third single off of her first upcoming album in over a decade, and the song is based on an interesting concept. 

Written on the piano and accompanied by a small ensemble, “Storms”aims to confront the past by reminiscing on the events that played out, while currently in the aftermath of the storm. “These songs detail the way the dark can transform, heal, and toughen us; and ultimately how struggle can be a source of much richness in our lives” Atoosa states, “In telling the truth, these songs gave me hope and freedom”. 

“There is light at the end of the tunnel, but sometimes the real enlightenment comes from ruminating in the shadows”. This is the main theme that Atoosa explores throughout her upcoming album and currently released singles: “Dear Darkness”, “It Takes Time”, and more recently released, “Storms”. 

The NYC based poet-songwriter Atoosa Grey, has to date released four albums, a chapbook (a paper-cover booklet containing poems), and has had her poetry published in print and online journals. Having been on a hiatus for the past decade, Atoosa is back, better than ever, and cannot wait to release her upcoming album “Dear Darkness”. 

Dani Stevenson (Nelly’s “Hot in Herre” singer, Missy Elliot) Reveals Epic New Single

Remember Nelly’s hit song “Hot in Herre” from 2002? (Of course you do). The woman singing that breathy, catchy chorus was hip-hop artist Dani Stevenson, and now she’s back with a single of her own called “Love Me,” the follow up to her end of 2020 release, “Sugar Honey Ice Tea ft. Shya L’Amour.” 

Listen in here!

Dani Stevenson (formerly known as Dani Love) says, “‘Sugar Honey Ice Tea’ is about the people who always have something to say with the intent to bring other people down. The song says, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all!”In addition to the GRAMMY-winning Nelly collaboration, Dani has also worked with Missy Elliott and Pharrell Williams, and she featured on Nappy Roots’ “Headz Up”. Her song “Yo Yo Yo” appeared in the Vin Diese’s film XXX. Dani Stevenson combines her Atlanta-born, Southern roots with her upbringing in Harlem, NYC into a wide range of influences to pull from. “Love Me” is the second single from her forthcoming album Abandoned. Stay tuned for more!

Sia Shells ft. Ekelle Reveals “Magic Girl”

Toronto-based singer songwriter, Sia Shells, rhymes about the everyday magic we find through relationships, self love, reflection and dreams. Her emotive contralto vocals juxtaposed against upbeat dream pop sounds instantly transport you to another world.

On the brand new track, “Magic Girl,” Sia Shells collaborates with fellow Toronto multi-genre artist, Ekelle to create a mantra for self-love; a catchy affirmation you can dance to but also walk away from feeling inspired and motivated to achieve your dreams.

The Stars of Disaster Reveals “Hey Dorkmeyer”

The Stars of Disaster started playing together in February 2019, in Pittsburgh, but the songs started coming in 2014. Anthony Schiappa had made a go of it as an airline baggage handler in upstate New York, an academic in NYC, and an exile in Scandinavia. After returning to his Steubenville, OH, basement, trying to stave off the terrors of clock-punching and memory, he rediscovered his childhood love of making loud music.

The Stars of Disaster’s new single, “Hey Dorkmeyer,” slips back and forth between a child’s view and an adult looking back on a childhood friend. It paints an honest picture of the past: sympathetic where it was warranted, unflinching and harsh where it was warranted. The vulnerable lyrics have been paired with stripped back production.