Gustav Hoyer Shares Beautiful New Track

Modern composer Gustav Hoyer has given us his complement to Gustav Holst’s “The Planets Suite” with his newest piece, “Terra, The Bringer of Life”. The Colorado-based composer’s mission with his music is to introduce people to classical music in a fresh way. He uses the great composers like Beethoven and Mozart as inspiration and adds his own new age ideas to his beautiful compositions. “Terra” is based off of the planet Earth, with sounds of flowing water and joyous strings driving the orchestra forward. He is able to tell a story of the world with his composition by utilizing each section of his ensemble. From the delicate flutes and violins to the swelling brass, each part of the song feels like a glimpse at a different part of the world we live in.

As someone who personally loves Holst’s famous suite, I love how “Terra” pays respect to its inspiration while still being something all its own. Hoyer is able to captivate everyone with his writing and take them on a journey. The use of dynamics, the contrasting sections, the ritardando at the end (which I loved) all come together in this piece to create something beautiful. When it comes to his writing, Hoyer states that, “We literally and figuratively resonate together when we share music. I want people to be reminded of the glorious and mysterious wonders of being alive and be filled in their soul with awe and joy.” It’s a great sentiment and makes me enjoy his work even more.

“Terra” is the third piece Gustav Hoyer has put out this year, and it doesn’t seem like he is going to be slowing down any time soon, which I am insanely grateful for.


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