Here is to a GREAT 2011!


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The Gorillaz Play Santa


Some people believe that giving is better than receiving. It seems that Damon Albarn is firmly in this camp. Gorillaz fans got the gift of a brand new album for free on Christmas morning.

Nothing better than some shiny new tunes for the holidays. The album was written and recorded entirely on an iPad (a crazy feat in itself) while the band was on tour.

The band released all sorts of artwork and wallpaper for the new album on the days prior to Christmas. You should check it out, there’s probably something up there right now.


Jimmy Fallon Welcomes Local Natives

2010 has been a particularly good year for Frenchkiss Records’ Local Natives. Under the Radar Magazine named their album Gorilla Manor the year’s greatest debut and Daytrotter said their music evokes a feeling “that you can only attain if you’re head over heels with the very thought of maximizing all that’s in your heart.”

Local Natives surely hope to use that momentum to propel them forward in 2011, and they’ll get a chance when they play Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on January 4th. Beyond that, the band also has a remix album in the works.

Fujiya & Miyagi Release Second Single, “YOYO”

With the dawning of Ventriloquizzing coming closing, set for a January 25th release, Fujiya & Miyagi debut the second single of the album after “Sixteen Shades of Black and Blue,” “YOYO.”

The new record promises to be chilling and addicting, as the droning of the beats match perfectly with the vocals.

Listen to “YOYO” here

And watch the Christmas trailer here

Chevrolet Adopts Dawes’ “When Time Comes” for Commercial

It’s not hard to hear why “When My Time Comes” from Los Angeles band Dawes was chosen by one of the automobile industry’s leading brands, Chevrolet, to score their newest commercial. The single off the off their September 2009 released album North Hills, named for the part of Los Angeles from which they hail, is a real solid, folksy narrative and one that seems to target the Chevrolet demographic.

It’s got that blue collar pride and Springsteen spirit that accompanies all too well the Chevrolet truck and what it represents: The American Dream, more or less. The comparison between Dawes’ video of “When My Time Comes” and Chevrolet’s sampling is a progression. The band’s official video shows an early 20th Century impoverished and enslaved life as the band plays inmates shoveling dirt on the side of the road watched over by oppressive, Aviator-adorning cops, then they escape to a haven in the woods playing makeshift instruments like pots for drums and an upright bass with one string.

The Chevrolet commercial, using effective marketing, shows the modern American life using the truck as proof of endurance and invention ranging from everyday tasks to police missions and ending with a declarative motto: “This is how America gets work done.”