Devan Releases the Enchanting New Single “Night Drives”

Thanks to a transatlantic childhood, Toronto-born/London-raised singer-songwriter Devan is  leaning into her wildly diverse musical influences to create a voice that’s all her own.

Night Drives,” the brand new single from Devan’s forthcoming debut Pink Noise EP (out 2/26), captures the feeling of driving around at night with someone you love – aimless, chatting, listening to music. It’s a particularly special sense of freedom. 

While distinct, Devan’s voice may sound familiar. She has spent the last six years honing her talents as a songwriter and live performer with Wild Rivers; the folk-pop band that she co-found and co-fronts, boasting over 140 million global streams. The band’s 2019 release, “I Do”, scored Devan the top prize at the International Songwriting Competition and placed her in front of judges Coldplay, Dua Lipa, Tom Waits, and Bebe Rexha.


The Neighbourhood Watch Unveil Epic New Single “Focus Up”

Whether it was learning to play their instruments while writing their first album Community Protected, or stumbling through the production of their second record Goodbye Childhood, Toronto’s The Neighbourhood Watch loves to grow alongside their music.  “Focus Up,” the first single to be shared from their forthcoming new record, Lost in Bloom, is about how it can be hard to keep friendships intact as you grow up and need to make selfish decisions more often.

Emmett Lucius Pharaoh Shares Epic Single “Sleepless Nights”

With well over ten thousand hours spent in the studio, Emmett Lucuis Pharaoh has developed a unique sound to his music, by producing, writing, recording all of his own tracks. In his young career he has already showcased his prolific talent, etching out his own individual path in the entertainment industry.

Growing up in Calgary, Alberta, Emmett found himself gravitating towards the musical arts at a young age, driven by a deep passion and teenage rebellion. At 17 Emmett moved out into the winter streets – homeless, but motivated. Finding solace in his obsession with the art of music and sound, he knew that this was something that he wanted to dedicate his life to mastering.

Nathanael Philip Mosher Unleashes “I Don’t Wanna Die Young”

“I Don’t Wanna Die Young,” a new single from the multi-talented Nathanael Philip Mosher, is a call for reflection of one’s young life, begging the question, “am I working hard enough?” Mosher wrote this song just days after the death of Kobe Bryant, which definitely affected his mindset: “I didn’t want to have a sudden death like he did while feeling like I hadn’t done everything in my power to leave no stone unturned. The hook flowed out of that feeling.”

Mosher’s history is quite fascinating. He became very interested in poetry as a child, which then became storytelling. This passion earned him his place at the California State Summer School for the Arts. He then grew interested in stand-up comedy among all of his other passions. Poetry turned to lyrics, and his talent for songwriting was born. 

“I Don’t Wanna Die Young” begins with a guitar loop with a metronome sound, followed by Mosher’s voice counting down from 5. The chorus chants, “I don’t wanna die young, I don’t wanna die young, but if I do I hope I’m true and if I leave it up to you, I hope you let some people know that I’ve been worked hard.” This is a true testament to the concern Mosher has that he has not been working to the best of his ability. 

It’s pretty evident that Mosher has been working, though. During the pandemic, he recorded a 6-song EP that is to be released periodically throughout 2021, then the entire project will be released in the late Spring. “I Don’t Wanna Die Young” will be released on January 26th. We are so excited to hear what comes next from Nathanael!

Gustav Hoyer Shares the Dreamy “Innocence”

Gustav Hoyer, a Colorado-based classical composer, has interest in both classical music and technology. This combination has created a lifelong journey for both Gustav and his listeners. Founder of the Los Angeles-based Orchestra Unleashed, Hoyer has built a growing discography available for any person aiming to be transcended into an almost-cinematic universe. 

His latest release, “Innocence” is the follow up to his glorious track “Adventure at Sea,” which made waves.

His abundance of strings in the song allows for the listener to be immediately captured by the story of the piece. The piece goes on to be a dynamic story, with beautiful themes and powerful horns. This piece immediately reminds me of Alexandre Desplat or Alan Silvestri, two composers known for creating an entire universe within their works. 

His recorded music has been heard in film, on radio and in performances worldwide. He founded and directed the Los Angeles-based Orchestra Unleashed, dazzling audiences with a series of multimedia orchestral performances that reimagined the typical classical concert. Concurrently, Hoyer produced the original soundtrack for critically acclaimed stage epic “Acts, the Three Man Show.” His most recent album, “The Gilded Age,” included The Steampunk Serenade for a 40-piece string orchestra. Gustav Hoyer’s journey to become a classical music composer was certainly not scripted. 

Sandhya Shares Gorgeous New Single


Sandhya Asirvatham, known to the music world as Sandhya, is a producer, musician, and songwriter reigning from Baltimore, Maryland, although because of her past, she will always be a New Yorker at heart. Sandhya is a well educated writer and journalist, who has now brought her ability to captivate readers with her words, into the music industry.

With her latest single, “Last Two Standing,” Sandhya combines a mixture of vocal ability and even some spoken word- type melodies into a beautifully curated record. 

“Here’s to the heroes and the saints, the sacrificers without complaint…” This track is a mix between a historical story of the past events in history, and a love story between two extremely passionate people. “Won’t you love me, like we are the last two standing? This is my plea, I will never regret it.”

Sandhya has an incredible talent of telling stories through her music, with jazz-pop, indie-rock and singer-songwriter influences, and we are so excited to hear more from her, especially the 10 track project she is working on now INNOCENT MONSTER.