The Itchyworms Combine Sounds Of The Past And Present In New Single “Panic In My Mind”

Filipino rock band, The Itchyworms have been delivering feel good, fun music since 1996. Recently celebrating their 25th anniversary, this multi-awarded, four-member group is proving that time isn’t slowing them down as they return with a new single, “Panic In My Mind,”available on all music streaming platforms; ahead of embarking on their first-ever U.S. tour.

The track encapsulates the never-ending thoughts of a fairy tale ending with that special someone. Incorporating a retro pop rock melody into a groovy bass line completes its upbeat and classic sound, while the accompaniment perfectly layers in lyrics that talk about pining over someone in a world where they are the anomaly.

“Panic In My Mind” follows the release of their holiday themed EP, “Christmas Starts When The Bers Begin,” released December 2022. The EP is the latest installment to the “ever-growing” concept of the album, expanding with new holiday tracks every year and is a meta subtitle to “The Evergrowing Xmas Album of the Itchyworms.” The previous EP explored Christmas and holiday songs set to upbeat rhythms and soulful tunes, this new single sees the members dive head-first into a nostalgic rock sound from the 50’s and 60’s. The song opens with a catchy drum beat and guitar riff guaranteed to pull their listeners in. With a name like ‘The Itchyworms’ it’s no surprise that their hooks are certified earworms that would make you itch for more. The chorus greets us with “There’s panic in my mind” and the listener is instantly transported into a set out of a 60’s dance show. With its catchy rhythms and enjoyably repetitive hook, you can almost see the band performing as flamboyantly dressed dancers galavant around the room. 

The Itchyworms are probably one of the busiest and most visible acts in the Philippine rock music scene today. Their success is no surprise, as their passion for music, and highly professional work ethic is evident in their craft. Their songs have consistently topped the local music charts and breached international markets due to its fresh yet familiar sounds. The band’s popularity has brought them to stages across the Philippines,  as well as Dubai and Singapore, with an eagerness to showcase their brand of Filipino music in other countries. Kicking off their U.S. tour in New York, American fans will have the opportunity to catch the group live for the first time in select market cities in California, Texas, Illinois, and Nevada. 

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Introducing the Stunning New Single “Honey” from JSJ 

JSJ (Joshua Säde James) is an emerging Canadian artist who incorporates self-worth and love within his music, with the message that “you are worthy, you are loved, and you are imperfectly you.”

Sensuality and sexuality are embedded in his sultry new single. “Honey” was written during a time of self-discovery and self-preservation. Finally feeling comfortable in his own skin, he shows his exes what they’re missing.

Hamilton Indie Rockers, Mister Rabbit, Release Playful and Reflective New Single, “Anyone”

Hamilton indie rock band, Mister Rabbit, are sharing an incendiary new track which captures the feeling of being pulled in every direction both emotionally and physically.

Anyone” first took shape eight years ago, when singer and guitarist Jeff van Helvoort felt an urge to cut himself off from his past, present, and future.

Working with producer Jeff McMurrich, this bass driven track uses old Moogs and film amps to create a massive soundscape, adding texture with acoustic guitar to embrace a playful and absurd energy.

Folk Duo Duke & Goldie Face the Comedown on Debut Single “Courage”

When they escaped from Toronto and set out for a small island in the pacific northwest in May of 2020, the musical duo of Eric “The Duke” Duquette and Jena “Goldie” Gogo didn’t quite know where their musical journey would take them. As longtime members of Blue Sky Miners, the duo had released two albums, toured North America, and enjoyed national radio play. Still there seemed to be uncharted musical waters on the horizon. 

While Jena was honing her own unique songwriting style, Eric was beginning to experiment by writing his own songs inspired by the music of the 60’s and 70’s. Fire lit jams, a newfound connection to nature and deep reflection on their roles as settlers in this land gave spark to a six song EP that the now Vancouver-based pair will present as Duke & Goldie on May 12th, 2023

Courage,” the first single to be shared, initially came to Goldie in an attempt to recapture a natural high, and the incredible feelings that come with moments of creative fulfillment and release. It can be difficult to carry that feeling forward with you into the more challenging, every day slog that inevitably follows. Finding the courage to face the behaviour and circumstances that were causing the severity of the come downs.

Lot D Finds Comfort in Discomfort on New EP ‘Midtown at Midnight’

Lot D is an electronic producer and DJ who primarily focuses on house music production or instrumentals for other artists. Now, he unveils his own EP, Midtown at Midnight. Stream here. He felt inspired by his recent move to Toronto; the new experiences that were juxtaposed by a pandemic. Contrast is the underlying theme of the project, like finding warmth in the cold. 

The dark and melancholic track “Midtown Tempo” elicits that feeling of finding comfort in discomfort. It essentially started with field recordings in varying environments, capturing the sounds of the subway and ambient city, coffee shop noise and random conversations. You’ll hear a heavy nod to the complexity and rule breaking of jazz but also the subtle simplicity of early Chicago House, all under a lo-fi veil. 

Christee Palace Drops Self-Love Anthem “Love Me Better”

Christee Palace is a versatile and vibrant artist whose colourful personality and talent are undeniable. The Toronto-based pop singer/songwriter hails from a large family of musicians in her hometown of Windsor, Ontario. From winning the Jim Beam National Talent Search and an Indie Award, to opening for artists such as Sean Kingston and Walk off the Earth, her polished live show and captivating charisma continue to land her incredible milestones.

She teamed up with Billboard Top 10 artist Kayla Diamond to co-write and produce her latest single, “Love Me Better.Blaming herself for a break-up, she found self-love in the songwriting process and came to understand what she deserves. She advises taking care of yourself first in order to find someone who is complementary to you.