Down on Maddy Shares Enticing New Single”Titania”


Down on Maddy is a rising talent that shines brightly for the start of the New Year. Spearheaded by musician Patrick Kleven, he channels an array of thoughts from loneliness, demons and a shaky past, that brings the Down on Maddy project to life. Sharing the first single “Titania,” we hear Down on Maddy ready to conquer the world.

Kleven’s ambient vocals are a breath of fresh air, as his talent for writing handcrafting a personal piece is brought into the spotlight. Kleven, who is not only a multi-instrumentalist but a producer as well, blissfully showcases his talent, with steady momentum that will see him rising to the top. With an album release slated for this year, we’re eagerly waiting to hear more from Down on Maddy in our near future.