The Normal Living Go Big With New Single


An amazing new release from New Jersey favorites, The Normal Living, “Fame to Claim” opens with a beautiful piano melody accompanied by an up-beat rhythm. As the lead vocal comes in the piano fades into the background a little bit but the precise rhythm is still very apparent. Beautifully produced by Chris Badami, this track feels huge. Each instrument – the drums, piano, guitars, flute, and vocals – all have their own space in the mix. Nothing is drowning anything else out while nothing is sticking out either – it’s truly a perfect blend. The harmonies mesh with the lead vocal providing just enough support and an ethereal quality for the listener.


This rock-meets-country power anthem instills hope and courage upon those following their dreams despite the hardships and self-doubt that are often involved in the process. There is purpose and intention in every word describing the experience of leaving home to follow this dream. The song opens with “They say home is where the heart is” and goes on to describe a journey from Michigan to the East Coast until they can “put a stake in the ground” and “find a place of [their] own.” With this track it’s safe to say they’re well on their way. Listen on all your favorite streaming platforms.


Video Voyageur: 3Qs with Dirty Snowman

It’s safe to safe the men of the Dirty Snowman Society are not afraid to get dirty… They’ve been making waves in the rock world with newest single, “Mad Bull”, a politically driven anthem. Chris, Frank, Jonnie and Pat un-apologetically sing about a certain someone we all know very well.

1. Tell us the story of this song, why did you choose to visualize this song specifically?

Mad Bull is a special song for us.  It’s a high powered rock anthem about the deplorable state of affairs in the White House, Washington generally, and the news media. It is a protest song that gives people a lot of emotive lines they can hang onto. The song needed to get done and we needed to do a video to further bring alive the lyrics and visually represent the energy of singing them. There is no way to let this song sit without a video.  We intentionally focused the video on the energy of the band and the surroundings in Colorado in which the song was created – its America, saying what needs to get said – we hope the lyric version in particular is the focus this time.

2. What was the inspiration behind this video (visuals, storyline, etc.)?

The surroundings in the video, the mountains, the snow, the woods, are undeniably Colorado, and one of the many visuals that emote America. This is also where we came together as a band, and where we decided to do this song.  The Colorado backdrop is also who we are. When you watch it we think you can feel the energy of the group and the decision to do our part by putting out this song coming through.

3. What was the process of making this video?

As you might know, Frank, our lead singer and drummer, is also a director with a few Emmys to his credit – he really mapped out the visuals and the flow. We are also lucky that, being in the business, he was able to call some great people in Colorado to do the film work. In particular we are fortunate that Michael Coe, the great film editor, who Frank knows well, took an interest in the song and wanted to help create this. For the rest of us in the band, we got into the flow (a longer story is why I (Chris) wasn’t wild about the tree well shot).

Video Voyageur: 3Qs with Benny Sinclair

Screenshot 2019-11-26 at 2.23.49 PM

Melbourne’s Benny Sinclair is an artist on the rise for 2020. His glorious new video for “Jungle” which is taken from his new release, “Assumptions,” is beyond dope from start to finish. His unique and visionary brand of Hip Hop gives him a headstart as we jump into the New Year and Sinclair shows no signs of slowing down. We had the absolute honor of sitting down with Benny Sinclair as he chats about his latest masterpiece.

Tell us the story of this song, why did you choose to visualize this song specifically? –
Jungle Is my own modern day version of ‘Concrete Jungle’ by one of my great inspirations ‘Bob Marley’. The lyrics express my personal frustrations & anxieties of modern day urban living. (Track Produced by ALFRD, cuts by Dj Rellik, mixed by Jase Beathedz & mastered by Dave Walker). I felt this track would be good to visualize as it allowed me to be creative. I felt we achieved this through a good contrast of tougher/gangster rapper type scenes & quirky humorous scenes such as rapping to a monkey puppet & dancing around with a lady who is suppose to represent my lawyer. The video was filmed & edited by Jeff Valledor who I have worked with on several projects. Jeff is a creative genius & is able to bring my music to life!

What was the inspiration behind this video(visuals, storyline, etc.)?

I had just come out of some very tough times in my personal life, which I touch on in my lyrics. I had at times felt some of my darkest days, my music has been my escape, & through this video I feel I have been able to visualize a small chapter of this time of my life to my audience. I feel this video captures my story!

What was the process like of making this video?

The process was awesome. I really enjoyed making this video. I felt I could really be myself and take on the creative role. I always love bringing my tracks to life and seeing the end result. This video is my personal favourite!

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Video Voyageur: 3Qs with Matt Vantine

Well known for his unique writing and toe tapping production any and all Matt Vantine songs will relentlessly get stuck in your head for weeks on end, and his newest single, “Drop Dead”, is not different.

1. Tell us the story of this song, why did you choose to visualize this song specifically?:

I knew during the recording of “Drop Dead” that it would be my next single.  It’s one of my more pop-oriented tunes with a chorus that can be easily memorized and sung.  Tommy Joyner, my good friend, co-writer and producer suggested that the video serve as a backdrop to the lyrics which were displayed playfully on the screen in rhythm with the vocal melody.  The song itself demonstrates a sort of stark contrast between the upbeat melody and the somewhat dark lyrical content.  The final lyric in the song is “I wish you all the best, but go drop dead”.  As the lyrics were being revised and finished over the melody, I knew the video could display the same sort of contrast.

2. What was the inspiration behind this video (visuals, storyline, etc.)?

Bob Sweeney shot this film on a Super 8 camera.  He was picturing me just kind of meandering about some streets and trails in Philadelphia, seemingly lost.  This concept was inspired by Ringo’s “lost scene” in “A Hard Day’s Night”.  Because what you’re hearing on the song is me playing the instruments, I thought it would be fun to catch some footage of me playing the various instruments in the order that they were played in the song.  

3. What was the process of making this video?

Bob and I collaborated on a few videos prior to the making of “Drop Dead”, so we were in a bit of a flow state since we walked into it knowing each other’s style.  We shot this video on film, so the actual filming of it was the easy part and was done in one afternoon in August.  Bob filmed me walking around the neighborhood of Manayunk in Philadelphia and then we ducked into a rehearsal studio and got some footage of me playing my parts on the drums, guitar, bass and vocals.   I’m thrilled with the grainy, reel to reel style of this video.  The footage of this carefree and lovely afternoon serves as a great backdrop while the lyrics are neatly (and playfully) displayed across the screen

Dirty Snowman Society Unveil “Mad Bull”


“Just repeat it until they believe it.” A line from the bridge of our newest protest anthem, written and performed by The Dirty Snowman Society. In a time when most artists refrain from revealing or talking about the current political climate, Christopher Todoroff, Frank Costantini, Jonathan Lawson, and Patrick Linfante took the stage front and center, and are taking a stand for what they believe in.

With their newest single, “Mad Bull”, listeners can expect to not only learn about the beliefs of the band, but also be challenged intellectually, as each verse is from a different political perspective.


“Screw Mother Earth, I’m rich from birth,” a line from the chorus said to be written in the perspective of the President, righteous in his power and wealth.

Sonically, the song is as intense as the topic it was written about, but lyrically, Dirty Snowman Society are on a whole other level, way above most artists who will gracefully whisper about the subject, the men of DSS are not afraid to yell, scream, and sing their frustrations at the top of their lungs.


During such a stressful political climate in our country, music like “Mad Bull’ can help to soften the frustration that so many of us feel.

Video Voyageur: 3Qs with Val Astaire


Val Astaire is an artist that has been heating up our chilly days around here. The buzzworthy up-and-comer has thousands, if not more, Spotify plays to his name and now he shares with us the sultry video for “Kiss.” Artistically done and skillfully crafted “Kiss” is one of our favorite videos of the year. We had the chance to catch up with Val Astaire as he gives the insight of the makings of the incredible film.


Tell us the story of this song, why did you choose to visualize this song specifically?

This song is an open letter to mental health. It’s penned to that voice in my head that suppresses those moments where I feel empowered. When I feel like I have a reason to look up it gives me ten reasons to keep my head down. It’s not a healthy way to live and this song was written in response to that.

A big reason I wanted this song to be accompanied by a video is that, beings this song is much darker than any of my previously released material I really felt like I needed to drive the point home. I think if I’m going to do something out of my element, it has to be out of my element through and through. Otherwise I was afraid it’d get lost in translation.

What was the inspiration behind this video(visuals, storyline, etc.)?

The inspiration behind it was to portray this MadMax Fury Road kind of feel. I wanted to shoot in a desolate location whether it’d be a junk yard or the desert, somewhere where I could be the king of nothing. It was important to me that it was shot in black and white, I’m not sure why it’s just how I had always envisioned it so that was crucial.

The story is both versions of myself. My creative side feels very relax and tranquil while working. Whether I’m painting, writing, drawing or making music – there’s a calm that comes over me that I don’t get to feel all the time. The other side is neurotic, anxious, unsure, and somewhat negative in a sense I guess. Not that I think I’m much of a negative person outward but the thoughts can be. I wanted the chains to be a visual representation of mental health. When I’m being creative, those chains are still there but I choose to wear them like an accessory. They inspire my art in a way if that makes sense? Where as the contrary treats them like a burden, using them to lash out which in turn is only making them tighter and more uncomfortable. It’s all about perspective. How we wear the chains.

What was the process of making this video?

Making this video was pretty special. I’ve worked with James Morano for years on several projects and it’s become a really fantastic relationship creatively. We gel so well together and he’s utterly genius at taking a talking point and expanding it to an entire visual field. As I said, I wanted that “king of nothing” vibe and so James and I took a trip to 29Palms California, just east of Joshua Tree and started scouting some seriously barren areas. James wound up coming across this location about 5 miles off of any main road. It was surreal. It was all I had envisioned and more. We got out and almost immediately began filming.


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