Dirty Snowman Society Unveil “Mad Bull”


“Just repeat it until they believe it.” A line from the bridge of our newest protest anthem, written and performed by The Dirty Snowman Society. In a time when most artists refrain from revealing or talking about the current political climate, Christopher Todoroff, Frank Costantini, Jonathan Lawson, and Patrick Linfante took the stage front and center, and are taking a stand for what they believe in.

With their newest single, “Mad Bull”, listeners can expect to not only learn about the beliefs of the band, but also be challenged intellectually, as each verse is from a different political perspective.


“Screw Mother Earth, I’m rich from birth,” a line from the chorus said to be written in the perspective of the President, righteous in his power and wealth.

Sonically, the song is as intense as the topic it was written about, but lyrically, Dirty Snowman Society are on a whole other level, way above most artists who will gracefully whisper about the subject, the men of DSS are not afraid to yell, scream, and sing their frustrations at the top of their lungs.


During such a stressful political climate in our country, music like “Mad Bull’ can help to soften the frustration that so many of us feel.

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