Low Tide Levee’s “Nautilus” is Hypnotic Psychedelic Rock at its Finest

The image of the sea at its lowest level—low tide—and the shore littered with an array of curiosities, presents a powerful metaphor for self-reflection. The idea of a “mental low tide” can be applied to those revelatory but fleeting moments after a hit of pot or a micro dose, or upon waking up from a vivid dream. They can even occur in a random jolt of inspiration where a buried desire comes into consciousness. 

“The name Low Tide Levee speaks to me on a lot of levels: I do love marine biology, I am a diver, and I am passionate about ocean conservation,” shares singer/songwriter, composer, and former Marine Biologist Amy Brookes. “The analogy of low tide symbolizing revealing things in our unconscious and subconscious is powerful for me. I am always drawn to looking at the strange and gross things after a low tide. Exploring those things metaphorically in our minds can be healing and powerful.” 

Low Tide Levee’s new psychedelic and classic rock single “Nautilus” symbolizes this idea of ocean tides meeting one’s mental tide. Inspired by a tiny Nautilus carving, a beautiful netsuke that Amy happened upon by luck while in a little shop one day. Originally a “riff song,” there are 3 distinct melodies in the song that all came together into song. Eventually, it came to Amy that she could feature the Nautilus character.

“Nautilus” flows a lot like the tide. The classic guitar riffs with the hypnotic beat and an island pop vocal style in Amy’s voice create an ebb and flow in the music. The energy is reminiscent of Pink Floyd meets Fleetwood Mac. It gives off a feels of sitting in the ocean and letting the tide take you away, drifting and floating with the water and current. Lyrically speaking, the listener is invited to journey down into the ocean, sinking beneath the waves with the surface sounds further and further away, and life slowing down.

“As the development of this song unfolded with lyrics emerging from my subconscious, it became about the wisdom of life, far beyond our human thinking ways, and the depth that exists if only we take the time to listen,” says Amy.

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Puppets of Castro’s “Living the Dream” is Witty and Catchy

Puppets of Castro is the Los Angeles-based musical project of Andrew Lorand. An eclectic satirist and keen observer of the humor and pathos found around the darker edges of the human condition, Puppets of Castro takes his listeners on an often humorous, and often contemplative ride.

His song, “Living The Dream,” comes from his album, Nude Descending an Elevator. It’s got a great, catchy hook that immediately grabs your attention, and the song contains seven musical references from rock classics. See if you can find them all.

“My first band was the Kiwi’s, back in 5th grade, though technically in 3rd grade I was a member of the 007s, and we had only one song  (we would lip sync to ‘Wipeout’, which of course was an instrumental). Nobody looked at us and thought these guys are really going places,” quips Puppets of Castro. “This song is for all the bands and musicians who stuck with it long after dreams of riding in limos, appearing on The Midnight Special, and getting their Star on Hollywood Blvd. had faded.”

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Eric Selby Releases his Latest Folk Single “Horseshoes & Hand Grenades” 

Eric Selby has released the first single “Horseshoes & Hand Grenades” from his upcoming full length release, Dang Fool, which is out via Soul Stew Records. 

“Horseshoes and Hand Grenades” is all about the notion that life is going to happen regardless; you can either accept it and go along with the ride, or observe it and do nothing. Getting really involved in your life and making things happen, Selby writes, is the better option. 

“This song is about the concept that life is going to happen so you can either be an observer or a participant. Action is more important than words, so since participating will ultimately make you happier, get off your duff and take charge of your life. ‘Sh*t happens’ and you can’t always rely on other people that you think are in your corner and when they do let you down, their remorse is fleeting, reflecting the immediate gratification that this social media world delivers in almost faster than real time. Love can be the same way. Protect yourself, advocate and communicate your thoughts and feelings because, ‘hearts get broken with precision of horseshoes and hand grenades.’”

With his style of alternative, contemporary Americana folk, Selby draws his influences from as wide a range as The Beatles, XTC and Phoebe Bridgers. Likewise, he has been compared with The Beatles, as well as Pink Floyd for his psychedelic vocal sound. 

Selby is from the Washington D.C. area, and is a single father to four daughters and a cat. After many years being the drummer of local bands, Selby has finally stepped out to release his first solo music in 2020 which included the EP “Do, Baby” and singles “Anxious Zen” and “Another Page.” 

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The Dorons Share Their New Alternative Rock Album, ‘The Doronic Verses’

The 4 piece Providence, Rhode Island-based alternative rock band The Dorons, have just released their debut contemporary rock album, The Doronic Verses.

The Rosenfield family makes up The Dorons, features mom Janice on drums, dad Norman on lead guitar, older brother Aryeh on bass, and younger brother Yosef on lead vocals and guitar. The band came together back in 2017 when Aryeh, then a music major in college, had a senior recital and decided to recruit his family to play with him for the occasion. Mom and dad had retired as performing musicians, previously vets of the ’80s and ’90s Boston alt-rock scene. 

The music of the Dorons evokes contemporary folk-rock, singer-songwriter, and alt-rock styles with searing lead guitar playing, impassioned vocals, sage and sensitive lyrics, earworm hooks, and a stirring acoustic-rock foundation. Their songs also contain nuanced rhythm section interplay. The band’s evocative name is fascinatingly layered. It references the Doors and the bittersweet minor scale, the Dorian mode, plus it hilariously rhymes with “morons.” Additionally, the word “dor” in Hebrew means “generation,” which speaks to the multigenerational nature of the band.

The Doronic Verses is a tight 11-song album of carefully crafted contemporary rock, shaded with singer-songwriter intimacy, country flourishes, and blues-rock urgency. The acoustic-rocker song “This New Poison” is a freshly penned original written by Yosef and Janice, and it boasts a Greta Van Fleet-esque swagger, replete with smoldering bluesy lead guitar. The catchy pop rock tune “Not the Usual Fare” features acoustic guitar layered with chiming electric guitar, along with overlapping “call-and-response” backing vocals. “I wrote that song years ago about my brother, who was autistic, during a time when society and the medical profession didn’t understand the condition. He was a beautiful soul and loved music, and he ended up being institutionalized,” Janice says.

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The “One Man Punk Band” Gunnar Gill Shares His Cathartic Punk Rock Song “Who’s the Real Coward”

“I always had anger issues growing up, and I never found a healthy way to let things out until I discovered the drums and writing my own music,” says punk rock artist Gunnar Gill, also known as the “One Man Punk Band.” “I like aggressiveness; I like things hardcore; and I like making high-energy music that makes people want to jump around.”

Gunnar Gill cuts a striking image, flaunting a high-rise mohawk, and clad in a tank top and well-worn jeans. The 19 year old West Palm Beach, Florida-based singer, songwriter, drummer, and multi-instrumentalist is punk’s newest raging rebel rocker. Gunnar is a singular talent who combines 21st-century attitude with a throwback lo-fi classic punk sound.

His newest punk rock single, “Who’s the Real Coward,” is a cathartic release of anger through the aggressive sound of punk rock. The song was inspired by an old ex-bandmate of Gunnar who talked about Gunnar behind his back. Essentially, he was using Gunnar for his musical abilities. The betrayal permeates the music with the barked vocals and a dizzying display of blast-beat drumming

Gunnar’s music melds the anthemic pop-punk of artists such as Blink 182 and Green Day with the stoned poetics and, sometimes, vulgarities of rapper Mac Miller. “I like to sneak in lyrics that make people turn their heads, and go ‘what did he just say?!’,” Gunnar says laughing. He travels the state of Florida performing as a “one man punk band,” dazzling audiences with his showmanship as he jumps from guitar to drums. Gunnar has also enlisted a motley assortment of his musical partners in crime for the Gunnar Gill Band. Gunnar fans are highly-engaged online, and many of his videos have reached 10,000 views and beyond. 

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Florida Based Rock Band Displace Reveal Their Funky New Alternative Rock Single “Scarecrow”

Tampa, Florida based band “Displace” have released their new single “Scarecrow” out now. 

Displace is a saxophone and electric violin driven funk fusion ensemble who are well known for their improvisation on stage as well as a diverse sound. Displace is a four piece group, with previous album release “Eureka!” back in 2015, their new single “Scarecrow” showcases their introspective alternative rock pop sound blended with complex jazz progressions and funk grooves. 

“They say time heals all wounds, but you are inextricably addicted to a memory that only gets more distant each day. Like a lonesome scarecrow hopelessly looking to the sky longing for the very thing your nature seems designed to repel, you reflect on a past that you will never again be present for, with a bleak outlook on the prospects of a future you´d do anything to escape.”

The scarecrow then is a symbol of a fading memory; something you once longed for which is now sinking more and more into the past. 

Displace originally formed back in 2012, as a strictly experimental improvisation act and the band enjoyed several live performances which led on to their 2015 release, “Eureka!”. Their sequel album, “Undertow” covers new ground in terms of continuing on the musical fusion but with a much more polished and well produced format. Instrumental melodies are richer, and there is a full woodwind section and percussion sound. 

Displace current line-up includes saxophone, electric violin and six keyboards as well as percussion. They have been included in the lineup of several prominent music festivals in the United States, including Gasparilla Music Festival, Blackwater Music Festival, Aura Festival and the Great Outdoors Jam. 

You don´t want to miss them live, as they really put on a show! 

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