South Africa’s Bad Knights Share Their New Alternative Rock Album

Bad Knights are the South African alternative and soft rock band making waves with their poignant debut album Letters to Everybody.

Bad Knights draws upon life’s raw, messy, and beautiful tales that reveals what we can see in ourselves, that epitomize the human condition in all its brilliance and with all of its flaws. Any story worth telling has both its monsters and its miracles, its joys and its sorrows – a perfect dance between becoming and overcoming. “We long for stories that bring us hope, the ones that remind us that our dreams are powerful and that instill within us the courage to keep moving forward,” shares the band.

Letters to Everybody encapsulates the depth and complexity of human nature and our existence. Lead singer and dummer, Stig, delivers a soulful and Bruce Springsteen meets Eddie Vedder-esqe vocals over blues licks and rising organ choruses with droning synths and explosive drumbeats amid sparkles of angelic backup vocals.

In their debut 15 track first offering, that is as diverse in its genre as it is in its subject matter, Bad Knights presents something instantly gripping while remaining serious, mature, and refined in their expression. The tracks are thoughtfully worded, complex, and meticulously placed. Each component, instrument, and tone plays its role in bringing together a sound that keeps you hooked.

“I’ve played guitar for years, but have no formal music education really, couldn’t read music to save my life,” shares Stig. “I’ve seen more bars under broken neon lights in dodgy towns than I’ve seen bars on music score sheets. But I’ve always liked observing the world, sometimes writing about it, which naturally evolved into song-writing. Music, if anything, presented an avenue to explore a new form of storytelling.” His lack of any background in musical theory, allows for a more free-spirited, almost rebellious approach to song writing and gives Bad Knights it’s unusually unique, musical aura.

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‘Jill’s Psychedelic Sunday’ is Pulp Opera Songwriter Paul Shapera’s Best Yet

Paul Shapera is a pulp opera writer who’s albums span a 180 year period of his fictional city called New Albion. The fantastical story element of his work is what drives the popularity of his music. It’s reminiscent of the old school radio plays, but far more entertaining. “My work is very much like an epic science fiction book series, but told in highly emotive music, like an opera cycle made with various forms of popular music.”

Paul’s newest album, Jill’s Psychedelic Sunday, is a continuation of the character Jill’s story from previous albums, The Dolls of New Albion and The Post Human War series. Differing genres of each album represents a certain time and place within the 180 timespan. Jill’s Psychedelic Playlist explores the many sides of psychedelic music ranging from 60 psych folk to Floyd, 90s rave to jam bands, and creepy tech to Space Rock. Overall, we take a journey with Jill as she takes some sort of psychedelic as part of an initiation ritual.

What makes Jill’s Psychedelic Sunday so unique is that the story is non-linear, unlike Paul’s other albums. You can listen to any song and understand the story because it’s just snapshots of Jill’s wired mind. The spoken snippets in each song guide you so that the listener is never lost, no matter what song you listen to.

“This album more than any other in recent memory was made because it was the album I wanted to listen to,” shares Paul. “Other albums are the story I want to tell right then, or the music that I feel I need to express, or the style I most want to explore. This one was the one I just simply wanted to listen to.

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The Progressive Rock Fusion Band Siren Share Their New Album ‘Beyond the Rainbow’

American band Siren has released their brand new album Beyond the Rainbow.

This is an album that you can truly become immersed in; raw, authentic, contemporary metal rock. The opening track “Lawless Life” starts with a progressive metal guitar riff. The lyrical “High Wire” and “Sympathetic Response” are more laid-back rock songs, written by Mike and Rob Phillips.

Many songs on this album are unexpected, in the sense that musically it is extremely tight and well written, as well as experimenting with different musical concepts. Siren have really gone the extra mile with this new release. 

¨When we began writing Beyond the Rainbow, we would write as a group with the exception of ‘High Wire.’ ‘Empty Ocean,’ and ‘Sympathetic Response,’ which Mike and I wrote. Normally Mike and I will bring the songs to the band, and let them work out their parts. A process we have gone back to for our upcoming material, as it seems to work much better for the writing process.”  – Rob Phillips

When Phillips had sought to reunite the band back in 2005 with drummer/engineer Mike Cupino, and a new musical direction, the band did release their first Siren album called “Don´t Mind”. It wasn´t until much later, as three new band members joined the group, that the musical sound developed even more. 

Today, Siren exists with the same lineup as previous releases, except for the lead guitarist. Todd Grubbs replaces Leo Boland as the lead guitar, and brings a guitar virtuoso which really makes the band stand out with a progressive, fusion style. 

The first track on the album, “Lawless Life” was released earlier this year as a single to much critical acclaim, together with a music video produced by Nathan Mowery. With influences such as The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and Foo Fighters, it is hard not to enjoy this eclectic blend of progressive rock. 

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Raimie Delivers Epic Release “Sunroom 83” – A Standout for 2022

Every once in a blue moon an artist bursts onto the Hip Hop scene with enticing charm, authentic flows, and a real sense of pre-eminence. With the sensational release of “Sunroom 83” ’, the enigmatic Raimie has done just that, announcing himself as not only an aspiring individual, but also an accomplished wordsmith and an exhilarating emcee.

Remaining true to himself and foundations; not only as a musician but as a person, Raimie’s core is at the very heart and soul of his new EP release “Sunroom 83,” which you can dive into now. 

“Sunroom 83” capitalizes on the infectious formula of angular producer work, interesting beats, and figurative lyricism. Opening with the prominent song “Who Told You,” you already know that you’re in for a wild ride.  The song immediately sets the tone for what’s to follow; mellifluent harmonies entangling with the slick, intricate grooves, all while creating an ideal masterpiece.  I don’t feel Raimie could have kickstarted the EP in a better fashion.

Immediately setting the rapper aside from his peers, and along with the frequent vocal shifts and impressive beat switch-ups, the listener is kept on their toes throughout. “Sunroom 83” offers a great example of this diversification. Raimie showcases the best of this cadence, as the artist trades punches with the flagrant beat, finding inconceivable pockets to flow through, all while delivering complex, sonically pleasing rhyme schemes.  His sense of introspection on the release also brings another interesting element to the table; one that you cannot ignore.

Having moved to Los Angeles two months before the COVID-19 lockdown, Raimie’s newest songs celebrate the spirit of survival in a wicked season. For the collection’s title, he reflects back on his beginnings as a music creator, working on his art while attending Rutgers University, toiling away in hours long stretches of intense grind in the namesake “Sunroom 83” in the dead of winter. 

As well as flaunting his neat flows, diverse vocab, and crisp delivery, “Sunroom 83” reveals the workings of an artist with abounding creativity, as his musical knowledge provides an intoxicatingly unique experience. His versatility shows all the makings of a TRUE artist. Raimie shows the risks he’s willing to take in order to succeed in the ever-competitive rap game. A Must Hear.

Favorite Tracks: “Who Told You” “Skyscrappers” “For My People”

Jane Jensen’s Two New Singles Are a Captivating Pair

Jane Jensen’s aesthetic encapsulates the glitz and glamour of the 1970’s variety shows consumed by rock and roll, poetry, and electronic music. While her mind and music tend to wander in many directions, her love for industrial music is the thread that weaves it all together.

Her new album, Changeling, consists of 2 new singles, the industrial alt rock “Changeling” and the industrial pop-punk “Revolution Maker,” each with a Dark Wave and Synth Pop remix. They are sister songs with “Changeling” contemplating rebirth and self-transformation and “Revolution Maker” acknowledging a failed state and calls for the universal hero.

Listen here:

“I wrote ‘Changeling’ and re-wrote it again and again until I felt it hit that emotional spot I needed to fill,” shares Jane. “The song means a lot to me for my own development as a person and as a producer. ‘Revolution Maker’ was a collaboration with Marc and Eric Klee Johnson. They invited me to be a back-up singer in their New Wave band back when I was in high school. The rest is history. Writing music is a magical process but working with dear friends is pure icing.”

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Kremidas’ ‘Hold On Tight’ is an Acoustic Dreamscape

Kremidas, the multi-instrumentalist songwriter, has just released his second album, Hold On Tight, a cool and chill acoustic album inspired by his brave and courageous journey through cancer. It’s optimistic tone is what emphasizes the instrumental stories of love, hope, and pain.

“I am past cancer, thankfully, but it made me pause and think, ‘where do I go from here? what happens when I’m gone?,’” Jim shares. “When I looked back, I felt this real appreciation for life. There is a lot of bad, of course, but really a lot of good—life is so beautiful. I wanted this album to encompass the full span of the wonderful emotions of life. We are here for a period of time—it’s over before we know it—and I wanted to share in the beauty of it all.”

Hold On Tight is a showcasing of Kremidas’ instrumental prowess. The album features his skills with the strings, except those that require a bow, like the banjo, acoustic and electric guitar, mandolin, dobro, dulcimer, and pedal steel. Each aspect brings a different mood and emotion to the forefront.

“Refections (No Regrets)” is faster paced and has a Johnny Cash feeling to it, like he’s purging his emotions, while “Clara” is lighter and more delicate. He experiments with light synth sounds in “Over Half Way,” invoking a sense of mystery, like you don’t know what’s coming next. “You’re Not Losing Me” is the statement song of the album as it’s the only one with lyrics. He sings “You’re not losing me/I’m not losing you/ we’re just moving on/we’re just passing along.” The song is about moving on to new things and that being a good thing. “Between the Lines” is ambient yet carries a darker country sound. Jim says “This song expresses those times when you feel down—it’s meant to be sad, but also comforting.” The title song, “Hold On Tight” is interesting because it harkens back to “Refections” with the outlaw country vibe. The verses build tension that’s then released in the chorus. It’s emotive and moving.

Listen here:

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