Kat Pace Welcomes Us “Back Home”


Philadelphia singer-songwriter Kat Pace shares her new album today, Back Home, the highly anticipated follow up to her 2016 EP. On the record we experience another side of Pace, as she has taken her songwriting to the next level. With singles such as “Revenge,” it is evident that her creativity is in full gear. The track rooted in R&B that touches on the strength that comes from heartbreak.​

After hitting the studio with nine-time Grammy award-winning producer Joe “The Butcher” Nicolo (Billy Joel, Rolling Stones, Lauryn Hill, Cypress Hill), Kat is embracing a more soulful pop aesthetic.  Standout pieces include “Fallen for You,” and “Yesterday’s News,” which drive the record home, one song at a time. Kat Pace has really outdone herself this time, and we are eager to hear what the rest of 2017 holds for her!





Brian Fitzy Unleashes Album “Hard Times for Dreamers”


Today Brian Fitzy unveils his latest album, Hard Times for Dreamers, the long awaited release.

This labor of love honed his multi-instrumentalist skills. However, the seeds of this approach were sown earlier when, out of necessity, Brian turned to looping when he realized he couldn’t afford to hire a full band to play his songs. Looping enabled him to combine his virtuosic violin playing, his breezy funk guitar playing, his beatboxing skills, and his soulful vocals and rhyming gifts.

Hard Times For Dreamers opens with a manifesto of hope on the invigorating soul-pop track, “Your Hero Never Dies.” Here, Brian recasts 1970s Philly soul with lush orchestral soundscapes, rugged hip-hop beats, touches of electro-pop, and invigorating modern R&B hooks. One of the great treats of the album is the old-school interludes, and the fifth track, “Preserve Disorder” is a gem. It features stanky 1970s funk keyboard riffs, abrupt musical direction shifts, a lethal beat, and an onslaught of barbed rhymes.

Standouts in this section include the retro-futuristic soul of “No Idea” which vibes Jamiroquai, and the album’s centerpiece, the title track. “Hard Times For Dreamers” is a journey unto itself. It begins with somber minor key piano, then locks into a bluesy rollicking waltz, and finally sails away with a soaring string section and major-key melodicism, painting a sonic picture of optimism.

Hard Times for Dreamers is out today. Follow the links below!


Lisa Marie Ellingsen Releases “Nola to Noho”


Singer-songwriter Lisa Marie Ellingsen’s alt-Americana sound has a timeless quality. Her new album out today, Nola to Noho, blissfully combines her accomplished musicianship and her stunning vocals. Taking a page out of the book of Americana, she shares elements of Rock n’ Roll, Country, Roots and Americana, to create a bold and powerful collection of songs. Currently sharing her gorgeous new single, “Rodeo of Broken Dreams,” this is only the beginning of Lisa Marie Ellingsen’s prominent 2017 endeavors.

Find more on Lisa Marie Ellingsen, including Nola to Noho, here:

Stream “Rodeo of Broken Dreams” here:

ANDREW MANCILLA Shares New Album “Subtractive Color”


Andrew Mancilla conjures that heady mix of pheromones, cocktails, and infectious beats that envelope you in a dance club. His soulful falsetto leads the charge through a fantasyland.

“Ultimately, my new record Subtractive Color, is about fun, love, and youthful excitement. It’s about taking a limited set of emotions and creating a broad spectrum of vividly intense ones. Thus, the title.”

A pre-fame Lady Gaga was a creative catalyst for Andrew. Despite showing promise early on as an adept multi-instrumentalist, competent on trumpet, baritone sax, piano, and guitar, he lacked focus and discipline. The pair casually worked together while attending NYU.

“During college, I was floating, searching for what I wanted to do. She had her stuff together and it inspired me,” Andrew recalls.

The 10-track album bursts open with, “Rewire,” an intoxicating slice of sleek R&B. Other standouts include “It Wasn’t Me,” the silken slow-burn jam which, features upcoming hip-hop artist Decora whose vocals bring a vulnerability to the song’s engrossing narrative.

“That is about the follies of young love—missteps in relationships that can poison them forever.” Andrew’s playfulness as a lyricist is in full swagger on “Tell Her” which he opens with the line:

I ain’t her type/but I ain’t afraid/She’s asks for a light/ I gave her my name.

“I Can’t Believe Her” is a retro-futuristic delight that hits that sweet spot between the Jackson 5 and Justin Timberlake.

Andrew is taking Subtractive Color on the road with select dates in the northeast and a performance at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival.

Listen to “Rewire” & “It Wasn’t Me” from Subtractive Color here:https://soundcloud.com/andrewmancilla



Christopher Hawley Shares “9 Tattoos”

Christopher Hawley spent his formative musical years as the frontman of Mucis, a Colorado- band who signed to a major label and toured nationally in a retrofitted school bus. He could never get enough of being on the road, so when the band broke up, Hawley became a solo roots-rock singer-songwriter, and forged on.
As a solo artist, Hawley had songs licensed for Fox’s “The Good Guys”, NFL’s “NFL A.M.” and an H&R Block commercial. Over the years he played everywhere from LA’s Greek Theatre to yoga retreats in Bali and dive bars in ski towns.
A few years back, Hawley’s friend Randy Wooten offered to produce a few tracks in exchange for surfing lessons for his girlfriend’s son. Hawley and Wooten began writing together on a regular basis. Their prolific partnership produced a long list of songs. One, “Sidewalks and Bars” was conceptualized during one of those surf lessons.

What began as a casual collaboration between two friends in soon became a full-length album. Hawley is spreading his wings in a way he never has before. The album is beautifully produced – Wooten did his job well, taking a roots-rock palate and adding memorable touches like barrelhouse piano, reverb-soaked guitar, and even modern synth sounds. Hawley’s up-front vocals lend the songs a remarkable sense of intimacy.

However it’s the collaboration between the two songwriters that makes Stories shine. The songs are smart and compelling, and there’s a depth to the tales they tell that makes you want to listen closer.

Listen to “9 Tattoos”

Polar Waves Releases Hazy New Single, “Stoner”


Polar Waves  is the brainchild of frontman Julio Duran. The project was born in his home in Chile during a time when the country was in the middle of a polar vortex. He stayed warm indoors with a bunch of his buddies and a lot of booze, when a bout of wanderlust inspired him to bravely venture to the states and pursue his true calling: music. He soon met famed producer John Keane (R.E.M., Widespread Panic) that would help him craft his sound and share his journey through No One Needs Help Anymore. The record which is perfect from start to finish, shows the true essence of the band, and Duran as both a writer and performer. No One Needs Help Anymore stands out as one of the most prominent releases of this Spring, and this is only the beginning. We expect to see and hear more of Polar Waves throughout the year….


Listen to Polar Waves “Stoner” :