Mercvrial is a Band to Watch with Latest LP Release “Brief Algorithms”

Mercvrial’s debut LP “Brief Algorithms” is the sophomore EP for the band. “Brief Algorithms” represent a modest stylistic departure for Mercvrial, as they wanted the new release to be ‘hustle more’ and be a ‘bit heavier in spots.’ Mission accomplished. With their new sound Mercvrial delivers a brisk, energetic mix of indie rock, punk and shoe gaze that gives off ultra-cool-lo-fi vibes.
Listen to “Brief Algorithms” here:

n addition to 8 original compositions, “Brief Algorithms” includes two unconventional covers of Pink Floyd’s “Matilda Mother,” and Ultravox’ “Hiroshima Mon Amour,” as well as re-imagining Ride’s “Jump Jet/Dub Jet(Waiting on a Miracle)” on the digital release.

Frontman David’s lyrics are sometimes frank, often laced with dark humor, and paint a picture of a songwriter grappling with the unknown. “I suppose every song I write is in some way about the wonderment, loneliness, and absurdity of being a human on a big rock hurtling through an ocean of stars; if that’s not sufficiently pretentious, I can’t help you.”


The View From Here Share Captivating Video and Single for “Nostalgia,” Out Today

New Jersey’s The View From Here bursts into 2022 with their heavy hitting new single and video in tow, “Nostalgia.” Since the inception of the band, they’ve kept true to their roots; writing and performing music that’s fun for them to play, and even more fun for audiences to watch. At their core, The View From Here has steadily had a focus on writing music that was interesting enough for them to go full steam ahead with their musical endeavors.

Throughout the years with the band appreciating a wider range of music beyond rock and metal, they had developed a bit of taste for Pop and Rap music, as they shifted to incorporate all of the music they enjoy. 

“Nostalgia is a song that’s meant to bring back the vibe of early 2000s emo/pop punk while giving a breath of fresh air into the genre with driving guitars and modern synths. The vocals are very much a nod to early pop punk and the lyrics tell of a simpler youthful time where one could just live in the moment and treasure being young. The song’s message is one of longing to bring out one’s inner child during the inevitable transition into adulthood.” – The View From Here

For fans of Bilmuri, The Story So Far, Dance Gavin Dance and Taking Back Sunday, The View From Here are carrying the torch in the Alternative scene. Their sound blends elements of Emo, Pop and Punk, creating the ultimate Rock n’ Roll experience. 

Always evolving, the band’s sound is best described as nostalgic Emo night music, mixed in with more Modern Technical and Pop Punk sensibilities.

The View From Here is Ben Avila (Guitar), Michael Nobrega (Bass), Dan John (Vocals), Justin Byron (Guitar), and Vince Rifino (Drums). “Nostalgia” was engineered and produced by Nik Bruzzese, with mixing and mastering by Frank Mitaritonna. The video for “Nostalgia” was shot by Eric DiCarlo.

With intelligent, innovative guitar and bass playing, aggressive, dynamic drumming, deeply captivating, and expansive vocals, The View From Here writes cohesive, catchy, and inspiring tunes that make your mind see colors and visions that bring you into a beautiful place worth repeating.

“Nostalgia” is out via all digital outlets today, so be sure to dive right into your new favorite band.

Listen to “Nostalgia” HERE

Watch “Nostalgia” HERE

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About The View From Here:

In a land where the Atlantic coastal shore brings energy and revitalization, verbose nightlife permeates the air, stories of “Goodfellas” captured in cinematic masterpiece resides, and some of the most supreme bagels on the planet are created and consumed, lives 5 alpha-geek, dad-bod toting musicians in a band called, The View From Here. This New Jersey-based band has become distinguished in their field of music over the last 6 years of existence. In the vein of sub-genres like pop-punk, melodic hardcore, and progressive rock, The View From Here creates a fresh take on the blend. With intelligent, innovative guitar & bass playing, aggressive, dynamic drumming, deeply captivating, and expansive vocals, The View From Here writes cohesive, catchy, and inspiring tunes that make your mind see colors and visions that bring you into a beautiful place worth repeating. The View From Here started 2022 with a bang releasing a new single called “disconnects in dialects” in early January through True State Entertainment and have more to come.

Malcom-Jamal Warner and Dashill Smith 

to Perform Music By A Tribe Called Quest, Jazz Style

Streaming at Saturday Apr 30, 2022

(Atlanta, GA) April 25, 2022 – On Saturday, April 30th, the legendary hip-hop group, A Tribe Called Quest’s music will be showcased at Venkman’s. In this dynamic show, Dashill Smith & Malcolm-Jamal Warner with their band recreate some of the original songs that were sampled by A Tribe Called Quest through the years while morphing into the ATCQ songs we all know and love. The shows are at 7 and 10 PM.

Malcom-Jamal Warner is most famously known as Theadore Huxtable from The Cosby Show and he currently stars as Dr. AJ Austin on FOX’s The Resident. Many, however, don’t know he is an accomplished musician. In 2015, he won a Grammy for Best Traditional R&B Performance for his song “Jesus Children of America” with Robert Glasper Experiment featuring Lalah Hathaway.

The show also features Music Director/ bassist Khari Cabral Simmons, Landon Anderson, drums, David Whild, guitar, Mike Walton on saxophone and Rodney Edge on keyboards. Created & produced by Next Level Events

Both shows are sold-out but you can still  purchase tickets to the live streams which will be available on here: 

7 PM Show  & 9 PM Show

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Venkman’s features eclectic live music curated by Partners Peter Olson and Nicholas Niespodziani, the creative masterminds behind PleaseRock and the frontmen of the Yacht Rock Revue. Venkman’s custom stage, pristine sound system and variety of ticketed and free shows feature performers ranging from local upstarts to national stars. From rock and roll to bluegrass, soul to salsa, country swing to live performances of classic albums – the only music you won’t hear at Venkman’s is the same old, same old.


At, we understand that the live music experience is about more than just the music. It’s about the connection between artist and fan. That’s why we’ve created a unique platform that allows fans to connect with artists and other fans from all over the world. Whether you’re attending a huge music festival, watching a show from a club, or streaming one of our intimate live performances from our artist’s living room to your own, you’ll be able to connect with artists you love and engage with their music in real-time. is more than just a streaming service; it’s a community of music lovers who are passionate about getting up close while supporting creators they love.  

Volume is available through the web and will be available soon for download on the Apple Store and Google Play Store. For more information visit and follow on Instagram at getonvolume.

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Angela Perry’s New Album is Beyond Beautiful

Angela Perry’s music shares the strength, heartache and joys of living life. Her melodies are invigorated with energy and honesty and her lyrics are beautifully crafted and meticulously written to be as open as possible. Her soulful voice takes her music to a higher lever as you can not only hear her passion for her craft, but for the meaning behind each song as well. Her songwriting gives a new perspective to the typical themes of nature and matters of the heart that we all know and love.

Angela newest folk and country rock album, 21 Dayz, boasts 9 stunning songs that showcase her Shania Twain and Bonnie Rait-esque vocals and her Joni Mitchell and James Taylor-like songwriting. She meticulously wrote each song to be as open and no-nonsense as possible. She doesn’t sugar-coat through any topics. For example, her song “Sister Cry” is about the disturbing amount of women who are murdered and go missing just for being their authentic selves. In fact, indigenous women are 10x more likely to get murdered or go missing. The lyrics of this song is juxtaposed with the more upbeat melody, implying our blind eye towards this. “’Sister Cry’ was written from the victim’s perspective as a plea to all of us ‘who look the other way.’ The word WHY in the song asks a question that can not seem to be answered not only by the victims but by us.  They are crying for all who too blinded to see,” shares Angela.

Her song “Sunflower Child,” by far one of her best, is about strength, hope, and positivity. The sunflower is a resilient and adaptable flower as it can grow in any environment. She recently released the video for this song and dedicated it to the Ukrainian refugees. The song is about perseverance and standing tall against adversity, like a sunflower.

“Fallen” is another song that stands out. It’s more acoustic than the rest and represents everyone who has fallen from grace due to a decision they made. It hurts now, but time heals all wounds. The melody is both haunting and a little melancholic, though you can hear the hope in her voice as the song progresses. “The song was written underneath 150 year old cottonwood trees where the idea of time is so different from what we as humans feel,” shares Angela. “In the scheme of time, we are nothing more than just a speck and sometimes when we fail to see how things we view as significant are not. This song…reminds all of us that we are human and have human frailties and frustrations.”

Listen to the full album here:

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Jasper Reveals Hopeful New Single “Won’t Let Go”

Quinn Vicario also known as Jasper, is an American rapper from Texas. Jasper is the Founder and CEO of PROPHECY Records, created in 2018 with Olegario Garcia, and Nick Bell in Texas. Jasper’s recent release of “Notice Me” (2021) and “Joy In Comparison” (2022) has sold thousands of copies in under a month of their release.  By 2022, “Jasper” (2019) reached over 15,000, and is his number one charted song.

New single “Won’t Let Go” states that no matter how difficult the road is, he will not let go of his passions or dreams. 

The Henrys Have “A Night Beyond Repair”

Toronto-based ‘nearly instrumental’ group, The Henrys, were confronted with a ‘singer supply chain issue’ during the pandemic, leading Don Rooke, who formerly ‘spoke’ with guitars, to focus on singing and lyrics.

The result of this period is the band’s new LP, Shrug, which examines introspection while continuing to actively occupy The Henrys’ unique musical space between genres including folk, roots, jazz, and pop.

Shrug features “A Night Beyond Repair,” which charts a kind of longing and feeling of searching through different stages of life. Rooke describes its inspiration coming from “feelings about the American south, the Canadian north, the environment, life/work, and ending up in the right place.”

The song glides along with a soft spoken vocal, languid guitars, and tumbling drums, experimenting with a quasi-psychedelic feeling through its instrumental sections.