Video Voyager: Josiah Mann’s “Angel”

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Josiah Mann is the indie singer/songwriter who’s driven by passion and perfectionism. This is evident right off the bat in his debut single “Angel,” from his forthcoming debut album, Grace. He has an Ed Sheeran and John Mayer quality to his music with that sweet acoustic sound and smooth vocals. The song bursts with new-romance euphoria and the lyrics here poetically hopeful.

The video for “Angel” depicts the message of the song: a love story. He shares the story in the first minute and a half of the video of how he met his first girlfriend. The rest of the video goes on to show a young couple, a younger Josiah and his girlfriend, on a date and falling in love.

We got a chance to speak with Josiah about his video. Let’s dive in:

Tell us the story of this song, why did you choose to visualize this song specifically in this way?

The music video is literally the actual story of the song. I wrote this song 15 years ago for my girlfriend after our first date. A couple weeks later I recorded the song and then gave it to her for Valentine’s day!

What was the inspiration behind this video?

We wanted to match the visuals to the lyrics of the song. It was important to me that we captured some of the lyrics like “then we watched the stars” by showing a couple watching the stars together outside.

What was the process of making this video?

We booked a great location in Nashville to film at this beautiful wedding venue / barn. We were thinking about having me play the younger version of myself, but a few days before the shoot we decided to hire actors instead. We found two great actors and working with them made the process even more fun. It was super cool and trippy to see this recreation of a real thing that happened in my life so long ago!

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Rising Indie Artist Josiah Mann Shares His First Single “Angel”

Ford Photographs – Nashville Architectural Photographer

Missouri born and raised indie artist Josiah Mann has released his new acoustic indie pop single, “Angel”, released September 1, 2022 from his debut album Grace

“I wrote the song “Angel” 16 years ago after falling in love for the first time. Prior to that relationship, I had never been in a serious relationship as an adult and really struggled with low self worth. To the outside world, I seemed to be accomplishing a lot with my life but I was super lonely. The song recounts our first night together and the feelings of elation and disbelief that someone so amazing and beautiful would actually want to be with me.” 

“Angel” is a love ballad with introspective lyrics and a warm, melodic guitar and piano melody. The song tells a story of love, and the life journey with a vocal strength and vulnerability similar to the likes of John Meyer and Ed Sheeran. 

Listen here:

Mann grew up in a family that was always struggling financially, and Josiah was bankrupt at the age of only 25. He was so determined to turn his life around, that he taught himself how to code and began earning a 6 figure salary. By the age of 35, he sold his software company for 7 figures. 

After having established himself financially, Mann was then able to develop more of his musical talents and sought to release an album. His debut, “Grace” is a 10 song, self produced collection of songs that reflect on his upbringing and life journey so far. 

With an authenticity and fresh talent on the indie pop scene, Joshua Mann is sure to attract a growing fanbase around the world. 

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Ann Gray Shares Her Acoustic Pop Song “Grace”

Ann Gray is the talented young star who’s growing brighter by the day. She just released her latest acoustic pop single “Grace,” inspired by a previous song “Ophelia,” from her side project with her cousin called Times New Roman. “with her cousin called. “Ophelia” is about two friends leaving each other for college and “Grace” is written in Ophelia’s perspective toward her friend Grace.

“Although I myself have only just started looking at colleges and thinking about that daunting phase in my life, I had also just been directly introduced to that peculiar, bittersweet feeling as I had recently become the only kid in the house after my last sister left for college,” shares Ann Gray. “Ultimately, the line ‘growing up happens when you least expect it to’ sort of began to steer the concept of the piece. I was inspired to write it after my older sister, whom I often fought with and despised for the first couple years of my life, said that she loved me with red, crying eyes as she left. And of course, almost as if I was just realizing the truth of these words at that very moment, I said it back.”

“Grace” embraces new beginnings and reminisces about growing up. It’s sweet, beautiful, and delicate. Her voice is strong and packs a punch, something you would never expect from someone so young. She carries an Olivia Rodrigo meets Ingrid Michaelson in her voice with a Taylor Swift style in her songwriting.

Listen here:

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QVALIA Releases “This Is The Color Of My Dreams”


Immediately drawn in by the name, meet QVALIA. Newcomers to the New York scene, the group formed in 2014, and have just released their debut album, This Is The Color Of My Dreams, earlier this week. My ears were certainly pleased, that’s for sure. 7-tracks fill the record, and my only regret is that there aren’t more songs…just yet at least.

Invoking a bit of CHVRCHES flare, QVALIA sure does deliver. The catchy and brilliant piece “Sound the Alarm,” kick off the record with a powerful force of synths, pianos, and ASTONISHING vocal work from singer Michael Hazani. Tracks such as  “Breach,” offer a new twist on a nostalgic 80s sound. The musicianship seems extremely smooth and appears to come naturally to the band.

“Stardust,” takes the record down with darker undertones which are wrapped in the arms of sugary harmonies and heart-wrenching vocals. “I Won’t Let Go,” brings the dance party back into full force, which is a track I have been blaring endlessly from my stereo speakers. The instrumentation is stunning on every level and it is almost hard to believe the band have only just begun.  This is the work of seasoned musicians. “The Feel of Not to Feel It,” and “White Bones” evoke the sounds of the 80s without hesitation as it recalls powerhouse synths that are prominent and unforgettable. Closing out the record is “150,” a slow and heartfelt way to end the collection of songs. Check out QVALIA’s This Is The Color Of My Dreams, as it will not disappoint.


Grab the album on Bandcamp HERE

Watch the album trailer HERE.

Introducing: Rival Empire

rival empire

Recently I have discovered a stellar group hailing from Chicago, IL by the name of Rival Empire.  Creating a synth-pop meets indie rock meets electro dance sound all of their own, the group takes a page from such bands as Cut Copy, The Killers and Friendly Fires, with a dab of Duran Duran to boot. Rival Empire have recently released their video for “Reagan’s Rancho Del Cielo” which had me immediately hooked and ready to dive into the recent self-titled full length.

On Rival Empire, the record features 13 electrifying tracks that subtly blend genres, to create a dance party on its own terms. The record opener “Cameo Crush,” stopped me dead in my tracks. The vibrancy of guitars and synths that blend are surrounded by singer Steve Rivera’s smooth and prominent vocals. Songs like “Casio Crush,” which bursts with modern sounds and 80’s nostalgia respectively, helps set the tone for the record.

An immediate stand out song and favorite proves to be “Calling Me,” which takes the record to a whole new level. The dreamy vocal combinations with slight harmonies are heavenly and is laced with melodic hooks. Songs like “Good Love,” “Tidal Wave,” and “Open Fire,” add a deeper, darker element to the album, while  “Reagan’s Rancho Del Cielo,” and “High Fashion,” take you on wild musical journey. “Call the Adapter,” and  “Paybacks a B___h” adds a funkier element into the album, making a nice transition in to blending genres. Something that Rival Empire does flawlessly. “Calling Me (Orchestral Remix)” closes out the record, making Rival Empire, an album to remember for 2014.

Grab the album on BANDCAMP

Check out the video for “Reagan’s Rancho Del Cielo” HERE.

Catching Ghosts with Juviley.

Imagine a pitch black screen.Seconds later, a electronic music voyage kicks in.Glimpses of avatar ghosts start popping up in the window. According to Juviley,there are no rules. A transplant from Israel, he is the brainchild behind a conglomeration of his album Our Choices Rhyme  camouflaged inside of a video game. Juviley’s voltage of futuristic beats, and bending synths combine as a project that takes the listener in a progressive labyrinth of  winning the game, in order to win a free download of the album. Bravo!

Check out Juviley’s video “My Blood”  below

Catch ghosts here!




-Viktorsha Uliyanova