Josiah Mann Releases Debut Album ‘Grace’

Josiah Mann
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Josiah Mann’s debut album, Grace, is an indie pop and adult contemporary concept album that tells a love story from beginning to end. The album has been in the making for 15 years, and it shows in the carefully crafted songs and emotional journey portrayed through the music.

From the upbeat and passionate “Angel” to the heartbreaking “Rainy Day,” Josiah Mann’s vocals and piano work capture the emotional depth of the protagonist’s journey. The sound is reminiscent of Snow Patrol and John Mayer, blending electric guitar and piano riffs with driving percussion and soulful lyrics.

What sets Grace apart is the accompanying mini-film consisting of 10 music videos that bring the album’s narrative to life. Each video corresponds to a track on the album, showcasing the highs and lows of the relationship as well as the protagonist’s emotional journey.

The album’s story has a happy ending, with Josiah Mann himself having found love and support for his artistic goals. “This has never been about getting famous, it’s been about translating and expressing what is in my heart in the sincerest way I can,” he says.

Grace is a well-crafted album that takes the listener on a journey of love, heartbreak, and self-discovery. It’s a promising debut for Josiah Mann, and one that is sure to resonate with fans of indie pop and adult contemporary music.

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Premiere: emily + shawn Return with Their New Folk Single “you and i”

For Brooklyn-based modern folk duo emily + shawn, the stuff in life that makes a difference requires heavy lifting, and careful attention to detail. Their music is an authentic reflection of their lives. emily + shawn’s songs are informed by their ethics, their myriad of experiences and interests, and their day to day interactions, which they characterize sweetly as “healthy clashes.”

They just released their new acoustic folk ballad about finding love and connection in the smaller moments that usually get forgotten. It’s a tonal departure from their previous singles, but just as beautiful. It has a strong Mumford and Sons meets The Lumineers with an Ingrid Michaelson undertone.

“’you and i’ is a song we wrote about our life as both a music duo and as a couple,” shares the duo. “Memories of living in New York City are present throughout, and the pensive chord progression gives the listener an element of nostalgia we tried to create lyrically. We produced this with David Baron of The Lumineers and wanted to emulate their raw, stripped-down feeling within the folk-rock genre.”

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