Legendary NYC Rock Outfit URSA MINOR Reveals “Stardust” Video

Legendary NYC Rock n’ Roll outfit Ursa Minor share their latest video for “Stardust,” today.

Ursa Minor originated in NYC in the late 90s, coming out of the fertile downtown scene of musicians transcending the usual boundaries of folk, rock and jazz. Michelle Casillas worked as a sound engineer in the late 1990s and early 2000s at Tonic, the now defunct home of New York’s underground music scene. As an artist she sang on scores of films by Elliot Sharp and productions by Anton Fier (Feelies, Golden Palominos) while playing sideman, collaborating and recording with other local artists. Inspired by the freedom and diversity of the music she was hearing, Michelle formed Ursa Minor with guitarist Tony Scherr (Bill Frisell, Feist, Willie Nelson, Lounge Lizards), drummer Robert DiPietro (Elysian Fields, Norah Jones), and bassist Rob Jost (Imogen Heap, Bjork).

Ursa Minor’s debut LP Silent Moving Picture – a stark Fender Rhodes based record – was released by Sonic Youth’s Steve Shelley, on Smells Like Records. Their second album, Showface (Anthemusa), took a punchier rock turn with driving guitar rhythms and expansive arrangements.

Ursa Minor’s current LP release, Sian Ka’an (Mayan, pronounced See-AHN KHAN, meaning “origin of the sky”) was inspired by a visit to the protected biosphere reserve on the Yucatán peninsula. Travels along the coast inspired a series of songs and photographs brought on by the raw intensity and untouched beauty of the region. The wonder of this place heavily influenced the writing and sound of the album.

 Sian Ka’an is a return to the barebones vulnerability of the first album, with new resolve, tranquility, ferocity. The band ranges from feral polyphony to hushed stillness; a ballad of the mystery of the natural world. Sian Ka’an was produced by Tony Scherr, recorded analog to Otari 8 track by Derek Neivergelt, mixed by New York musician/producer/engineer Mark Plati (Bowie), and features special guests violist Caleb Burhans (John Cale, Yoko Ono, Steve Reich, the National, Arcade Fire) and organist Todd Caldwell (Crosby, Stills, Nash). 

Find Ursa Minor via:
Website www.ursaminor.info
Facebook www.facebook.com/ursaminornyc
Instagram www.instagram.com/michellecasillasnyc
Twitter www.twitter.com/URSAMINORNYC


Mitch Jean Debuts Epic Release “How I Love You”

Mitch Jean is a Canadian country rock singer, songwriter and producer. His edgy rock twist blends uniquely well with his energetic modern country feel. 

Signed to Willow Sound Records in 2020, he recorded power ballad “How I Love You” in dedication to his wife with award-winning producer Steve Foley in Ottawa. Mitch assures her, “I still love you on the days when I don’t say it too well, I love you even when you just can’t love yourself…”

Jason Kent Looks for “Something More”

Jason Kent’s debut first came out in 2006 – when times were simpler, the world seemed a safer place, and CD’s still reigned. Since then, Kent has continued writing and recording with his ensemble Sunfields, releasing four records. In addition, he has recorded and toured all over with an array of Montreal luminaires including Elephant Stone, The Barr Brothers, The Dears, Kandle, Évelyne Brochu, and Vulagires Machins.

New single, “Something More,” taken from his forthcoming sophomore Soft Commotion LP, is a nod to the current state of things with some rhymes thrown in for good measure and a backbeat you can sway to. In an age where everything’s a commodity, we are never satisfied.

Monowhales Come Alive with New Release

Toronto band MONOWHALES make music that feels like a sonic gut punch. Propelled by an insatiable desperation for honesty, the group — vocalist Sally Shaar, guitarist Zach Zanardo and drummer Jordan Circosta — bring a warrior’s mentality to the rock and roll dream. Self-made and tour-hardened, MONOWHALES are a vision of rock’s future untethered by its past.

Now distributed by Warner Music Canada and internationally through LAB Records, the group have unveiled a fresh, industrial-infused pop-rock sound on “CTRL^^^,” the lead single from the highly anticipated, Dave Schiffman (Adele, Pup) produced new album, Tunnel Vision (out in 2022).

A declaration of independence, “it felt very honest and liberating to finally admit ‘I like to be in control’ and not be ashamed about it at all,” Shaar exclaims. “I feel like I have arrived at a place in my life where I can see what control can look like, the good, the bad and the hideous. With that clearness I’m learning to yield that power myself.”

AbsurdHero Unveils the Epic “Dear Friend”

The concept of AbsurdHero came to Bernard Sprenger in a question: “Why would I limit myself to one musical genre?” A multi-instrumentalist with a Bachelors in Music Composition, AbsurdHero blends his love for pop melodies and distorted guitars, wrapped in a cloud of atmospheric synths that take you on an emotional journey.

His new single, “Dear Friend,” was inspired by a friend’s struggles, approached with feelings of empathy, compassion, and hope. Blending pop punk and metalcore, it is a nimble yet epic sounding piece of songwriting.

AbsurdHero communicates the conflicting responses his anxiety brain receives when trying to help a friend: “I’m always wrong, I’m never right” / “I did the right thing, yet it made some people angry.”

Ludic Shares “Judge Me”

Vancouver alt-pop group Ludic have just released “Judge Me,” the first single off their debut EP out in April 2022.

Judge Me,” marks the first time that guitarist Ayla Tesler-Mabe has joined bassist/lead vocalist Max Cunningham on vocals, to create a velvety smooth duet. 

This song was written about feeling lonely in a relationship and feeling like you can’t do anything right. Your constant effort to try and change is not working and is instead being met with more criticism by your partner. While intended to be helpful, being constantly criticized also hurts.

“The song tackles what it’s like to recognize harmful patterns in a romantic relationship,” Max Cunningham explains. “And the determination to mend all that is wrong because you are committed to your love for that person.” 

This song is a step forward for Ludic – while it retains the quirky and offbeat sound of their previous releases, there is an undeniable maturity that permeates their new work.