The Naysayers Go the Distance with New Single + Video

The Naysayers are a sub-arctic indie rock four piece from Whitehorse, Yukon with a new full-length album due for release on June 25 via Coax Records. Forged in the freezing cold, these boreal belles blend elements of punk, pop, and alt-rock, that feels like a punch in the gut and a warm embrace at the same time. 

Led by veteran singer-songwriter Drea Nasager, her visceral lyrics, powerful vocals, and emotional intensity combine with rich melodies and unrelenting energy to create songs as spellbinding as the northern lights. “Yesterday” sees Drea grieving the living as she reconciles the death of someone who’s still alive. “It’s about watching someone you can’t reach,” she reveals. “They’re down a path you can’t follow. The song started as a goodbye to a friend, and evolved in meaning since I’ve lost others to addiction.”

Riley Michaels Comes Alive with “Someone Like You”

From Niagara, ON, Riley Michaels started making music at 8 years old after winning 1st place in a local singing competition. Today, the music Michaels makes is a combination of Pop and Adult Contemporary, with a range of influences. 

Riley’s music evokes the vibe of driving down the highway with the roof of your car open, a day at the beach, or even a dance club. Other songs offer intimate feelings that audiences will connect with on a deeper level.

Following a string of singles through 2020 and 2021, Riley has just released a new EP inspired by themes of love, heartbreak, lust, and appreciation fused together with vintage, earthy musical tones.

The EP’s intimate, comforting focus track “Someone Like You” is about that special someone and your adoration for them.

Eliot Popkin Reveals Vibrant New Single “Running”

American folk singer/songwriter Eliot Popkin releases his latest EP “Running”, composed of relatable stories about losing people and fighting for oneself. The EP contains two songs that depict two different stories. Eliot draws from past and present folk and country singers to influence his instrumentation, melody, and vocal range. 

The first song on the EP is also the name of the EP, “Running”. The song is featured twice in the EP, once in its original form, and once in a more classical approach. “Running” begins with a sound clip of a train moving on the tracks and a voice that says “all aboard”. Eliot uses traditional folk framework to introduce his EP in a captivating way that also fits very well with the genre. The chorus of the song is catchy and relatable, as it describes the emotions behind running from a broken heart. “Running” is a song that encapsulates the deep pain that one can feel in heartbreak. Eliot draws influences from traditional folk singer Bob Dylan in his vocal variation. Listening to songs by both artists side to side, there is a similarity in the way they storytell and sing in rugged and intimate voices. “Running” is a darker set song that touches on many emotions that are often seen in folk music, but also something that is more difficult to sing about.

In contrast, Eliot’s third song on the EP takes a positive spin on life’s struggles. The third song, “Fighter”, has a more folk rock tone to it, differentiating from the traditional folk portrayed in “Running”. “Fighter” is about not giving up and getting through challenges in life without feeling like a victim to the struggle. The lyrics talk about empowering oneself and pushing along to achieve goals and desires no matter how difficult it may be. The vocal range of John Mayer resonates strongly with Eliot’s range and the two share a similar layout of instrumentation. Both incorporate a rock influence while keeping the lyrics in the folk genre. Along with Mayor, Eliot also resembles Ed Sheeran’s earlier music, which fuses folk and country with a little pop. “Fighter” is an uplifting song that blends a number of genres together and inspires fans to push through and achieve their goals. 

Eliot’s “Running” EP ties together love and sadness through the storytelling of traditional stories such as heartbreak and pushing through challenges. Eliot has grown to reach his audience through a more personal approach and his lyrics as relatable as they are catchy. He breaks through the folk genre barrier with his instrumentation and musicality variation, giving his fans music that they will want to play over and over again. 

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The Stars of Disaster Unveil “One Woman Man”

The Stars of Disaster started playing together in February 2019, in Pittsburgh, but the songs started coming in 2014. Anthony Schiappa had made a go of it as an airline baggage handler in upstate New York, an academic in NYC, and an exile in Scandinavia. After returning to his Steubenville, OH, basement, trying to stave off the terrors of clock-punching and memory, he rediscovered his childhood love of making loud music.

“One Woman Man” is a story about a couple that isn’t going to make it. A lack of trust leads to isolation and heartbreak, despite caring for each other deeply. They go through scary times together, and while that can bring some people closer together, it isn’t always enough. 

New album, In the Trough of the Wave, will be released on June 11, continuing a theme of loneliness; an urgent need to connect and an inability to do so. 

Further The Lion Unleashes “Never Be The Same”

Further The Lion is a rock n’ roll band from Hamilton, Ontario. Formed during their final year of high school in 2007, Brent Etherden (vocals/bass) and brothers Jordan (guitar) and Greg Kopoian (drums) have played across the country, sharing stages with artists like k-os and Yukon Blonde.

New single, “Never Be The Same,” was written over the course of eight years and takes influence from different parts of Etherden’s life and a variety of songwriting styles. Emotional and expressive, “Never Be The Same” reminds the listener that sometimes something profound can happen to you that changes you to your core… and it’s not always a negative thing.

Daneliya Tuleshova Shares the Debut Single “Like You Used To”

Born and raised in Kazakhstan, Astana, Daneliya Tuleshova is a global phenomenon with a mature voice that’s far beyond her years and stops people in their tracks. She has won multiple vocal competitions and in 2019, she was a Top 6 Finalist on NBC’s hit show America’s Got Talent, raking in millions of YouTube views on YouTube, garnering national press attention, and even performing on stage alongside award-winning pop sensation Ava Max… and Tuleshova was only 13 years old.

Four years in the making, her debut single, “Like You Used To,” is a romantic, energetic and relatable number that came to fruition via Zoom (courtesy of the COVID-19 pandemic).