Kamilah Heats Things Up with New Single

On My Mind_SingleArtFinal.jpgBorn and raised in Nassau, Bahamas, Kamilah is just getting started as she releases only her second single ever, “ On My Mind.” While this is only her 2nd release Kamilah is holding nothing back! Growing up in the Bahamas, Kamilah constantly listened to some of the greatest artist of our time with her parents. She explains that music has always been a constant in her life as it has kept her grounded and has simply always been there as tool to help her navigate the world.

Kamilah’s first release was a gorgeous and powerful ballad called “So Long” that features luscious and haunting harmonies coupled her outstanding vocal and songwriting ability, comparable to RnB and neo-soul greats such as India Arie, or Laurynn Hill.  Now, with the infectious groove of “On My Mind” Kamilah is all but bursting out on to the scene with this soulful summer track. “On My Mind” creates a such a smooth world of sound with a general vibe that you can’t help but smile move to. Kamilah demonstrates such spectacular control and over her voice delivering a sweet and present sound that is simply entrancing.

Currently living in New York, Kamilah has worked tirelessly to manage the many hats that she must wear to handle her full time job at a graphic design firm as well as manage her budding career in music. She is set to release an album later in July and with such consistently strong releases in all aspects from her vocal and songwriting ability, production, and even cover art, Kamilah will soon take the word by storm.

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Carolee Rainey Unveils “Mystic Rose”


Screenshot 2018-04-13 at 1.03.59 PMModern Mystery favorite Carolee Rose is back with “Mystic Rose .”After a friend took her to a Rickie Lee Jones concert, Rainey found herself transformed by the performance, and immediately began writing her own songs. “It was the next stop on the train for me” she says. Tight backing musicians create magnetic listenable support to Rainey, including Doug Yowell, Richard Hammond, Thad DeBrock, Everett Bradley and Clifford Carter on acoustic piano and keys.  The EP was produced by Grammy and Emmy award winning producer Robert L. Smith at Defy Recordings and  Avatar Studios.  She asks that listeners tune in to her songs because “they’ve got life, wisdom and lightness even if they can get lonely and dark.”

Find the video here:

Rebel ACA & French Monkey Wrench Unveil “Sunday’s Cool”


Rebel ACA & French Monkey Wrench are ready to roll on their full-length debut, “Sunday’s Cool.” The group who have been drawing the attention of fans and critics alike, come alive with a sound that is fresh, seductive, sleek and to be honest, hot. Originally form London, Rebeel ACA & French Monkey Wrench have taken center stage with their hypnotizing brand of hip hop meets brit pop nature. “Sunday’s Cool,”  shows the depth of the group, as their personalities shine through within every listen. The result is an ambitious record that will not only stand the test of time, but bring a new set of rules to the game of music.  With Rebel ACA taking over on vocals, keys, and a bit of beats, French Monkey Wrench brings to the table guitar, keys, beats, bass and a bit of vocal work as well.

Released this April via Buttercuts Records Limited, there is no telling what the group has up their sleeve next. Pieces such as “Marble” will perk up your ears to listen as “12 Steps,” bring their music to a whole new level. Consider us in love!
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Eric Frisch Intrigues with New EP

eric-frischMusician Eric Frisch has quickly proven that he is an artist to watch in 2018. The bold musician dives head first into Summer with an EP that is beautifully crafted with dreamy melodies and harmonious tones, titled “Water Into Gold.”

Drawing my attention instantly, the budding musician brings a unique yet familiar sound to the table which has music listeners falling head over heels for the artist. On the release it is evident that he puts his heart and soul into the music. Insightful lyricism lies on a bed of sultry instrumentation that will have your heart beating faster within every listen. I found myself instantly in love with tracks such as lead-hit “Water Into Gold,” and “I Can’t Sing with a Broken Heart,” which drives the release home. It’s safe to say that Eric Frisch has staying power, and we are eager to hear what he comes up with next!

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Healing Spells Get Spiritual on “Sanctuary”


One of my favorite artists to emerge this year is Tokyo-based Healing Spells. The brainchild of Past Lives, he comes to life with a 4-song EP that is filled to the brim with musical goodness. Taking a page out of the books from artists such as Four Tet and Gold Panda, the unique sound knows no limits when it comes to breaking the musical barrier. With original tones that flow throughout the EP had me pressing ‘replay’ before it was even over.
The artist states about the release:
I never learnt or made music the traditional way. I learnt guitar very late, when I was in my late teens to set – up my first band with a friend at the Uni. We were a duo and made garage – folk rock tunes.”
His talent is undeniable as it overflows on each track. Songs such as “Infinity Pond,” and “Sanctuary,” drive the release home, to bring a special listening experience to your ears. Give a listen to “Sanctuary,” below and quickly find out why everyone will be talking about Healing Spells.
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ALYA Shares Animalistic New Video


Alya is quickly proving she is an artist on the rise. With brilliant hooks and catchy melodies, she entices once again with her new track, “Animals.” On the piece we hear Alya making music on her own terms. Blending a stunning combination of Jazz, Pop, Trance and Rock, she takes the world by storm. Her creative energy knows no barriers as her unique sound is skillfully crafted throughout. Alongside the track stands a prominent video which brings the song to a whole new level. Alya’s vibrant musical passion sets the stage for what is to come for the buzzworthy new artist. We are on the edge of our seats, waiting for more. Let’s listen in, shall we?

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