Rebel ACA & French Monkey Wrench Unveil “Sunday’s Cool”


Rebel ACA & French Monkey Wrench are ready to roll on their full-length debut, “Sunday’s Cool.” The group who have been drawing the attention of fans and critics alike, come alive with a sound that is fresh, seductive, sleek and to be honest, hot. Originally form London, Rebeel ACA & French Monkey Wrench have taken center stage with their hypnotizing brand of hip hop meets brit pop nature. “Sunday’s Cool,”  shows the depth of the group, as their personalities shine through within every listen. The result is an ambitious record that will not only stand the test of time, but bring a new set of rules to the game of music.  With Rebel ACA taking over on vocals, keys, and a bit of beats, French Monkey Wrench brings to the table guitar, keys, beats, bass and a bit of vocal work as well.

Released this April via Buttercuts Records Limited, there is no telling what the group has up their sleeve next. Pieces such as “Marble” will perk up your ears to listen as “12 Steps,” bring their music to a whole new level. Consider us in love!
Watch & Listen to Rebel ACA & French Monkey Wrench latest videos below:
Find Rebel ACA & French Monkey Wrench Online:

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