Getting Familiar with Well-Known Strangers


Well-Known Strangers are a notable new band that has been buzzing on the horizon lately. The group recently released their stunning and ear-catching EP, Found, which brings a bit of rock n’ roll and indie nostalgia to the table.

Well-Known Strangers is Joe Adamek (guitar/songwriting), Betsy Ade (vocals/songwriting), Roger Gower (drums), Sacia Jerome (cello), Jon Wolf (guitars), and John Kulas (bass guitar, guitars). Joe is the band’s creative spark, introducing songs and guiding band’s overall artistic direction, though Betsy is an essential creative foil. Her songwriting and rich lyric gifts are essential in the band’s overall sound and direction, and her vocal delivery is unmatched. Members of the alt-pop collaboration have collectively played well over 250 shows around the Midwest, including Chicago-Metro, Milwaukee, Madison, Rockford, and Minneapolis. The group mines a sophisticated but accessible sound that recalls Goo Goo Dolls, Mumford & Sons, 10,000 Maniacs, Brandi Carlile, Annie Lennox, Rusted Root, and Matchbox 20.  Distinguishing Well-Known Strangers from those bands are the one-two punch of Betsy’s vocal power, sass, and swagger, and Sacia’s classically trained cello playing. Together the band creates a powerful sound that will keep drawing you back in….they have definitely won me over!

Well-Known Strangers “Another Son” Video:



Nashaat Salman Releases “Universal Melodies”


Absolutely a must listen for this perfect day, I’m enjoying the blissful sounds of Meilen-Zurich based composer, the eclectic and exotic sounds of Nashaat Salman. His stunningly heartfelt music combines a mixture of World, New Age and Electronica, to create a sound that s very much his own. His latest release Universal Melodies is like no other. Every song carries you on a musical journey that is somehow more enticing and stunning than the next. Though the EP only comes in with 4 songs, the tracks have an impact that make it feel like so much more.

Lead single “Summer Night Joy” draws your ears in with classically strummed guitars, bright trumpets, and steady handclaps. Slight strings intertwine throughout, which brings a whole new level of life to the open up the record. The theme of musical genius carries throughout the record from the stunning “Dancing Star,” to the quirky and ecstatic sounds of “Chasing.”

Salman, a film and multimedia music composer, as well as instrumentalist and orchestrator, brings musical perfection to the table with Universal Melodies. His incredible and noteworthy two-decade career has found him pennin songs for radio, television and various multimedia endeavors.  The album is out now via Bandcamp, and be sure to check out the video for “Summer Night Joy,” below!

Buy Universal Melodies via Bandcamp:

Watch the music video for “Summer Night Joy”:

Sneaky Bones Releases “Dream of the End”


Sneaky Bones has just released his latest album, Dream of the End, the highly anticipated follow-up to 2014’s 7″ Eternity/Have You. On Dream of the End, Bean takes center stage on an array of instruments from vocals, guitars, pedal steel, bass, piano, arranging and production; showcasing his talent as a multi-instrumentalist. He has worked with notable artists such as The Lonesome Billies, Tumbleweed Company, and The Dwells, traveling across the U.S. and Europe. For 2015 Sneaky Bones has built upon past albums, drawn from momentous events, and created lyrical prose and instrumental energy to tell his story. Building upon his notable sound of dream folk, the next chapter in the Sneaky Bones book will surely win your ears, and your heart.  

Sneaky Bones “Dreams” (Single)

Gideon King & City Blog Shares “City Blog”


Gideon King & City Blog share an exciting new record with City Blog, due out this September. The group blends a stunning mixture of updated jazz, with a bit of older elements into it, wish a dash of rock influence on the site. Calling upon Steely Dan, John Coltrane, Neil Young, Earth, Wind & Fire, Wayne Shorter, John Scofield, Seal, and Pat Metheny as influences, what King and company record is honest and noteworthy music. King has produced and collaborated with many world class performers such as John Scofield, Chris Potter, Marc Broussard, James Genus, Grace Weber, and others.

The lead track from the record, “City Blog,” will immediately entice you with a vibrant sound, laced with pianos and vocal perfection. Their chilled out style is not over the top, and fits the vibe of the record like a glove. The lyrics are sharp, and the vocals throughout the album are on point.

“Glide,” a personal favorite on the record, features a lovely female vocalist who brings a sultry and seductive sound to the group. To be honest, one would never think they are listening to a jazz rock record; this album is so much more than this, and cannot really be pigenheld to one specific genre. It transcends them all. The music is so accessible and captivating, that genres don’t even seem to exist anymore. THAT is the making of a phenomenal record. If you pick up only one record this year, make sure it’s Gideon King & City Blog’s City Blog.

Stream  “City Blog”:

Street Date: September 2015
1. City Blog
2. See In Double
3. Down
4. Friendship Cliché
5. What Say You
6. Glide
7. Dirty Bastard
8. Just Play
9. Broken Noise

Space Apaches Release “Smokin’ Voyages”


Space Apaches is definitely a band that is kicking off our weekend today. Described as a ‘psychedelic Eagles with a sense of humor,’ if that doesn’t draw you in, I don’t know what will. Hailing from Asheville, North Carolina, the group has just released their new

Record titled Smokin’ Voyages. The record consists of 14 space-rock tracks that will appeal to rock music listeners across the board.

Space Apaches a retro tinge to their infectious brand of rock n’roll, which is notable throughout the tracks on the record. One of the lead tracks “Voyages,” calls with a bit of 80s flair, and 90s guitar solos. Mixed in with an impeccable organ in the background, the track won me over from the very beginning.

“Empty,” which is another standout track on the record, brings a softer side of the band out. One that is filled with swirling guitar solos, and a bit of alt-country twang. Singer Alex Reed’s vocals really shine through in this track with a growl like Eddie Vedder.

“Smile,” another immediate track that caught my attention (see the video below!), harkens true-to-form rock n’ roll; channeling the 70s a bit. The instrumentation blended with the vocals are truly memorable, and will definitely entice your ears.

I highly recommend grabbing a copy of Space Apaches’ Smokin’ Voyages. It will not disappoint!

Watch “Smile”:

Ajay Mathur Brings 9 to 3 to Life

amSwiss musician Ajay Mathur brings a dose of insightful light with his latest album release, 9 to 3. The 15-track album is an impressive collection of songs that have been garner recognition from fans and critics alike. Doused with a heavy dose of Americana, this one is right up our alley. Mathur draws inspirations form the likes of American classics, Don Henley and Tom Petty, whose influences are notable on the record. Laced with a variety of instruments from guitars and sitars, it provides a perfect first glimpse into the musician.

Mathur’s tracks have been gaining a lot of attention from the radio charts, both in the United States and internationally. Standout tracks include the indie-pop-Americana infused “Sitting By Your Cradle,” which draws you immediately into the album. From there the record only grows with more momentum. “My World (SOS to the Universe),” one of the most notable tracks on the record, has a dark, almost Tom Waits feel to it, which is inviting and familiar. The whisper of voices in the background add to Mathur’s unique vocal styling, which is smooth from beginning to end.

Another standout track for me is “Oh Angel,” which is gentle and sweet; a rock ballad if you will. His knack for songwriting is truly a gift and natural talent, and he has definitely trained his voice to fit the tone and sound of the music and lyrics; musical perfection if you will. Laced with harps and sitar, if this track doesn’t win you over, I don’t know what will.

Listen: Ajay Mathur “My World (SOS to the Universe)”