Ajay Mathur Brings 9 to 3 to Life

amSwiss musician Ajay Mathur brings a dose of insightful light with his latest album release, 9 to 3. The 15-track album is an impressive collection of songs that have been garner recognition from fans and critics alike. Doused with a heavy dose of Americana, this one is right up our alley. Mathur draws inspirations form the likes of American classics, Don Henley and Tom Petty, whose influences are notable on the record. Laced with a variety of instruments from guitars and sitars, it provides a perfect first glimpse into the musician.

Mathur’s tracks have been gaining a lot of attention from the radio charts, both in the United States and internationally. Standout tracks include the indie-pop-Americana infused “Sitting By Your Cradle,” which draws you immediately into the album. From there the record only grows with more momentum. “My World (SOS to the Universe),” one of the most notable tracks on the record, has a dark, almost Tom Waits feel to it, which is inviting and familiar. The whisper of voices in the background add to Mathur’s unique vocal styling, which is smooth from beginning to end.

Another standout track for me is “Oh Angel,” which is gentle and sweet; a rock ballad if you will. His knack for songwriting is truly a gift and natural talent, and he has definitely trained his voice to fit the tone and sound of the music and lyrics; musical perfection if you will. Laced with harps and sitar, if this track doesn’t win you over, I don’t know what will.

Listen: Ajay Mathur “My World (SOS to the Universe)”

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