Flying “High” with Laura Rizzotto


Laura Rizzotto unleashes her eclectic new single “High,” from her upcoming EP, “Ruby.” At the age of 22 years old, Rizzotto is already proving hersef as a both a recording and performing artist. She has also written over 100 songs, as she makes her mark as a professional songwriter. Opening for the likes of Demi Lovato in front of 7,000 people in Brazil, she has also attended the acclaimed Berklee College of Music and Columbia University.

Laura was  also hired by Sony Music to work in the studio with Jennifer Lopez, as a Portuguese vocal coach for the ballad “Chegaste”, released by Jennifer in partnership with Brazilian music mogul Roberto Carlos.

Listen to Laura Rizzotto’s “High” here:



TUELO Captivates with “Saint Margaret”

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TUELO is led by South African born Tuelo Minah, who blends soul and punk-rock to make what’s been dubbed “revival music.” She sounds a bit like the rebellious daughter of Nina Simone and David Bowie who grew up listening to the Sex Pistols and Blondie, and took music lessons from Miriam Makeba.

“Saint Margaret” is a homage to Tuelo’s mother, Seabi, whose “English” name is Margaret. After leaving her family farm in South Africa and coming to America, Tuelo found her voice and music as a guide to conquer herself. Her mother has yet to hear her sing or see her perform, yet she remains a favorite topic amongst fans because of how Tuelo weaves her into every conversation and every show. Tuelo credits her love for people, environment, tradition, culture, words and learning, spirituality, and her non-conformist and awkward nature to her mum, and often remarks that if somebody had told her as a child that her mother was God, she would have been a believer a long time ago.


​TUELO’s unreal vocals have filled some incredible venues – Brooklyn Bowl​, Carnegie Hall, Late Night with David Letterman, Central Park SummerStage, and most recently The Apollo for the Africa Now Festival.

Stream “Saint Margaret” here:

Josh Taerk Shares Impressive New Single


Listen to “Rock N’ Roll” via Soundcloud:

Josh Taerk’s new Americana track, “Rock n Roll,” is so incredibly catchy. It has fun lyrics to match the upbeat feel of the melody. It really makes me want to dance, I even found myself bobbing my head along as I was listening.

This song would totally bring a crowd to its feet and get everyone dancing. Taerk’s vocals on this track are great. His Rock/Pop vibe is so much fun to be apart of. He has a Tom Petty sound, which is always kind to the ear. Overall this track is the ultimate road trip song.

Reid Lee Brings “Broken Arrows” Album to Life


Acclaimed musician and songwriter Reid Lee brings his new album Broken Arrows to the table today. Already charting on the iTunes Pop Album Charts, his makes an impression on all those who listen. His latest single “Save the Best,” has been putting the artist in the spotlight more so than ever.

Reid’s sublime musicality is inextricably linked to his life journey. His birthplace of Corpus Christi, Texas, his foundational training in opera at UCLA, and his adopted and spiritual home of Los Angeles have all imbued his work with a kaleidoscopic artistic and personal perspective. Reid takes inspiration from country, jazz, classical, opera, soul, and the warm intimacy of the Laurel Canyon 1970s singer-songwriter tradition.

Broken Arrows is a 10-song collection (plus a slow and stately acoustic version of an album track) of separate stories that frame the tapestry of Reid’s life in a manner that’s broadly relatable.

Standouts on Broken Arrows include the sweetly soulful opener “Arrowheads,” the urgently anthemic “To The Limit” replete with heavenly vocal harmonies, and the majestic classically tinged “Lady Macbeth.” On “Arrowheads” Reid sings some of his grandfather’s story and recalls the minor miracle of being a young boy discovering arrowheads while on an outdoor trip with his grandfather.

Buy Reid Lee’s new record here:

Out Today: Christopher Hawley’s “Stories”


Acclaimed musician Christopher Hawley releases his new album Stories, today; the much awaited record. Available now on digital outlets , he brings a thought provoking album to the table.

After studying classical guitar as a child and playing in the jazz band in high school, Hawley co-founded Mucis, a Colorado jam band whose members signed to a label and toured nationally in a retrofitted school bus. He could never get enough of being on the road performing original music, so when the band broke up, Hawley became a solo roots rock singer-songwriter and forged on in Los Angeles.

A few years back, Hawley’s friend, Randy Wooten, offered to produce a few tracks in exchange for surf lessons for his girlfriend’s son. Hawley and Wooten began writing together on a regular basis. Their prolific partnership produced a long list of songs. One song, “Sidewalks and Bars,” was conceptualized during one of those surf lessons.

What began as a casual collaboration between two friends in Venice soon became a full-length album now known as Stories.



This week we are introduced to a brilliant new duo of Anya Mezentzeva and Gervais Maillard. Freshly releasing their new track “A Day Before Snowfall,” the group impresses with  an airy feel of Jazz and Soul that will pull at your heartstrings. On the track we hear a different side of Maillard especially, as he also plays in Indie Pop band, People the Kangaroo (a favorite of ours!). Mezentzeva’s voice is heavenly as it floats above the song; making the piece one of the standout singles of 2017.

Listen to “A Day Before Snowfall” on Soundcloud: