Rén with the Mane Heats Up With “Fool For You”

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Rén with the Mane is back and we’re loving it! Dropping her hot new single today “Fool For You,” the sultry artist brings in the Spring with a heavy dose of pop-tastic love. Quickly becoming a favorite of fans and critics alike, Rén with the Mane has been tearing up the music scene for the past couple of years…and we are loving it. “Fool For You,” is a bold direction for the artist who has made her mark in the world of Indie Electro- Pop, as her track takes a new direction; more of a Folk nature. Her strong vocals conveys her message as it surrounds itself by stunning instrumentation.

Rén says “Everything in today’s society is rushed. Beautiful photos are glanced at and then immediately swiped to see what next. Songs should be enjoyed from beginning to end. Our parents listened to albums from beginning to end. You need to create a relationship in order to fall in love. And the same goes for music.” Take a deep breath, close your eyes, listen, envision, interpret Fool For You.


Listen to “Fool For You” here: https://soundcloud.com/renwiththemane/fool-for-you/s-EW4Qg

or on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/7jn3UOba3V3AtkQMENnDPB




Video Voyeur: 3Qs with Clara Casey

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Clara Casey’s video for her single “Physical” is our latest obsession. The electro-pop artist complements her vintage, 80s-esque sound and sensual lyrical content with scenes from her hometown, New York City. The video’s color palette is entrancing and truly captures the dynamics of a longing for more from a passionate physical connection. We had the chance to catch up with Clara to talk about the making of the video.

Tell us the story of this song, why did you choose to visualize this song specifically?

I wrote ‘Physical’ after realizing a relationship I was in would never move beyond just sex. The song is a reflection on our first date, how the night wound up, my hopes for what could have been, and the realization that those hopes would never become a reality. I wanted him to see the things about me that make me who I am, but, to put in bluntly, he only wanted to see me naked.

I’m the type of person who needs to fully process everything about a relationship before I can move past it, and writing ‘Physical’ helped me do that. There are so many feelings that get mixed up in relationships: joy, pain, sadness, regret, rejection, relief…the list goes on. I had to feel all of those feelings again to write this song, and ultimately that left me with a feeling of independence. And that’s the feeling that I really wanted to highlight in the music video.

My hopes for ‘Physical’ is that it inspires young women to be strong, independent, unashamed of their sexuality, and unafraid to walk away from someone who doesn’t give them what they want and deserve.

What was the inspiration behind this video (visuals, storyline, etc.)?

The song itself has obvious sexual undertones and I wanted to touch on them without being too overt. I also wanted to use New York as a backdrop. I grew up in the Bronx and identify so strongly with the city that it felt natural for my first video. In hindsight I should have plotted out more of a storyline, but I’m really happy with the final product. It was a bit of a happy accident, but I love the feeling of independence that runs through the video. I’m singing about a sexual relationship, but there’s really nothing sexual about the visuals. It’s just me being a strong, independent woman moving on from a failed relationship.

I think we ended up capturing the process of moving on in that I’m just walking around the city processing my emotions. It’s a reflection of life. When you’re going through a breakup, or the end of any relationship, life doesn’t stop. You have to keep moving through it while moving through your emotions.

In terms of the visuals I knew I wanted something moody. I also wanted the images to be sort of choppy to compliment the rhythm of the song, and I think my director, Solo Koo, really achieved that. Because there was no official “storyline” the locations were very important. I did some research and scouted out the most beautiful and interesting spots in New York and Brooklyn, and off we went.

What was the process of making this video?

It was really DIY. I drove us around and my best friend worked as our production assistant. Without him we really wouldn’t have been able to shoot. Parking in New York is insane so it was a lot of him waiting in the car, Solo and I jumping out to shoot, jumping back in, shooting while I drove to the next location, and repeating the process for three days. It was such hard work, but I loved every minute of it.

The last scene we shot was the one in Times Square and it ended up being the one that sticks out most in my memory. I was singing along to the music coming from a Bluetooth speaker in my pocket. I had to block everything out, which included another music video being shot 20 feet away from me, people stopping to stare and sometimes comment, and everything else that goes on in Times Square. (It was also like 30 degrees and windy.) It all felt so real. I was actually living out my dreams and making a music video for a song I had created completely on my own. And there was something about being in Times Square that magnified the feeling of accomplishment.

One aspect that made the process particularly hard was that we started shooting five days after my nephew was born. He was so sick that on the first day of shooting I wasn’t sure if he was going to survive. I’ll never forget the feeling after reading a text from my mom telling me that he made it through surgery. We had just wrapped up the first day of shooting, so it was a combination of intense relief and overwhelming joy. (He’s doing great now, by the way.)

There are definitely things that I would do differently knowing what I know now, but the only way to learn is to do. And I certainly learned a lot from making this video.


I walk by, you don’t notice, then I’m gone
I breathe in deeply as I let go of what I want
I used to hope that we could be something deeper
Than the night we met when we were
Caught up in the physical, conversation deep until it stopped
With a look you gave to me you pulled my heartstrings
And then you made me want to do things
Anything you wanted to
I was game and so were you
So I didn’t think it through
I just, I just
Got caught up in the physical, caught up in the physical
Caught up in the physical, caught up for a bit, but now I’m gone
There’s some things I don’t show you because I know
You don’t see past the skin on me, but I won’t
Let it rip me up no more, was torn to pieces
That you chose to only see things
That you really wanted to, first I know you saw, but then you stopped
Made yourself believe that I was just another
Typa girl who you shouldn’t bother
Looking deeper to my soul


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MGSP Roll Into the Weekend with the Ambitious “Signs”

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NJ electronic-rock duo, MGSP, aspire to be a powerful force in the evolution of music for future generations. Their latest single, “Signs”, proves Gregg Sgar and Matt Pelosi are bound to be trailblazers.

“Signs” showcases the duo’s clever ability to blend the sounds of rock, pop, EDM, industrial, and hip-hop into a unique, pop-centric package. The track begins with soft vocals and light ambient synths that highlight the raw emotion in the lyrics.

The build in the second half of the song is the highlight of the entire track, as the powerful, rock-inspired drums surface. The energy of the entire arrangement intensifies with the addition of more synth layers and vigorous vocals, emphasizing the vulnerability in expressing their sorrow.

MGSP absolutely killed it with “Signs” and we’re looking forward to their next release!

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Keith Cooper Unleashes His “Rabid Underdogs”

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Keith Cooper is on fire with his new record “Rabid Underdogs,” which has been inching its way into the New Year. It has been a stream of steady singles that Cooper has been unveiling the past few months, that have intrigued us immediately.

His charismatic nature and bold musicianship, clearly makes him stand out above the rest. Vivid imagery fills the album as he brings a bold and storytelling aspect into the album. From standout tracks such as “American French Revolution” and “Joint Rule,” the well rounded release is epic from beginning to end.
His vocal work is strong and brings out the true inner essence of his music, making each song a labor of love. With the instrumentation that surrounds each story, a journey is told within each song. This album has been a long time coming for Cooper as has steadily built up a following, not only in his hometown of Massachusetts, but now also across the world. “Rabid Underdogs,” is one of the best kept secrets this year, and it’s about to be unleashed. Stay tuned for the release this coming Friday, March 22. Our ears are waiting!
Connect with Keith via: https://www.facebook.com/officialkeithcoopermusic/



‘MINX’ Spits Fire On Her New Single ” Love You,I”

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MINX is female MC from the UK who’s been working back and forth between her native London and NYC, real name Madeline Dunbar, she’s an extremely talented rapper, singer and song writer.

Having performed all around the world alongside some great artists including Billy Slaughter and the Stonelove Sound System (Ochio Rios, Jamaica) Ninja Man and Turbulance (St Mary’s, Jamaica), Aceyalone and MC Supernatural (Las Vegas) and performing on the CUNY university float for NYC pride.

She released her first project ‘Bars and B.L.T’s’ in 2016. This Mixtape was written and recorded in Yonkers, NYC. The title aptly chosen with regards to the amount of big sandwiches she was eating whilst writing lyrics in old 50’s Diners, it comprised of classic 80’s and 90’s instrumentals that she made her own.

Since then she has been releasing singles with features from Mr MFN and Genovese and has been working hard on lots of new material. Some of work that includes features from incredible talent like Innocent?, Oowop the Don, Shabaam Shadiq, Nutso, MC White Owl and Tragedy Khadafi.

As a live performer she is execptional. She will seduce you with sulty hooks then attack with big bars, all the while with her tongue firmly in cheek, taking you on a journey through Hip-Hop, humour and heart.

This is MINX’s latest release ‘Love You,I’ and it’s her take on the ups and downsof a modern relationship, think Lily Allen and Monie Love having a party with Lauren Hill and you’re halfway there. This is the sound of a young women with a lot to say and it’s her time to say it.

“Things That Make You Go Aargh” Superb Debut Single From Acid Jazz Funkateers ‘Le Fleur’

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Le Fleur are here to make you go Aaargh.

Friday November 9th will see the group launch their debut 7″ vinyl single ” Things That Make You Go Aaargh”.
They have been patiently waiting to unveil this slice of funky acid jazz to an unwitting world in dire need of a good boogie.
After Le Fleur’s launch last year, the group have gone from strength to strength, and this is the next chapter of their journey to the beyond.

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, the group were formed by Leilani La Fleur and Bud Wilkins with the intent of bringing a particular up-tempo flavour to the world. Joined by groove masters Blake Savannah (Bass), Fergus Kuhar (Drums), Jess Maher (Sax), Gus Cox (Trumpet) and Mia Sifonios (Backing Vocals) hooks and Funk are abound, and the group deliver a strong shot of song writing to go down in addition to following in the footsteps of Funk/Pop legends such as Jamiroquai, Michael Jackson and Chic.

Backed by the outer space odyssey that is B-Side ‘Cosmic Relations’, Le Fleur’s brand new single ‘Things That Make You Go Aargh’ is a must listen if you have a habit of getting down. If you don’t, Le Fleur will help you soon develop one.