Emmaline Muchmore Shares a “Solid” New Single


Emmaline Muchmore brings her brilliant new single, “Solid,” to the table. An absolute delight for your ears, Muchmore is a rising Electro-Soul singer, that after a small hiatus, is ready to release her new EP in early 2017.

“Solid,” is the first single from the upcoming album, which is filled with noteworthy sounds which range from soulful, sultry, empowering and strong,with a dash of hypnotic beats.

Accompanied by Muchmore’s alluring vocals, she shows off her strong set of skills as a triple threat; a performer, songwriter, and musician. Her strong and independent side shines through, as her performance throughout the track is solid and enticing, as it showcases her epic grace and style. We’re excited to hear more of what Emmaline Muchmore has to offer in the New Year!

Emmaline Muchmore “Solid”

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piKzil Shares Stunning New Record

piKziL press photo 4to3 Ratio.jpg

piKziL springs to life with their album debut, Songs From My 3rd Life, an eclectic and charming record for the masses. Spearheaded by musicians Liza Oxnard and Kip Kuepper, the duo brings a stunning record to the table which is a delight within every listen. Their fresh approach to combining the genres of Jazz, Downtempo and elements of Electro Pop, put the group on the map, proving they are remarkable from the start.

The first single the band has shared from the record is the touching “Brand New Soul,” which touches upon a personal subject for Oxnard. Her knack for writing heartfelt lyrics showcases her talents as a musician and songwriter. With a story that hits close to home for many, she pours out her heart and soul into the piece.

Throughout the record we see piKziL take their ambitions to a whole new level. Whether it is the soft and heavenly, “A Woman Understands,” or the dance-worthy “RangoTango” which captures the spirit of the album, we see a group that is truly coming into their own with their noteworthy, debut release. Oxnard’s voice is prominent within the record, yet each note is also delicately placed.

Everything and anything is fair game as the combination of Oxnard and Kuepper is a musical delight, that will have you coming back for more.

Songs From My 3rd Life is out September 14th via Bonestown Music.

Facebook – Facebook.com/pikzilmusic

Twitter – Twitter.com/pikzilmusic

Instagram – www.instagram.com/piKziL

Are You Ready for SakkieFTW ?


SakkieFTW is a prominent new artist that hails from Vancouver, Canada. Forging ahead in the genre of EDM-infused Dub Step, SakkieFTW shares an impressive EP, Experiment 1.3.2, which will appeal to the ears of many listeners.
You do not have to be a hardcore EDM fan to enjoy the musical stylings of SakkieFTW. His sound throughout the EP is accessible, and will peak the ears of many…trust me on this one.

Similar to artists such as Skrillex and Excision, SakkieFTW puts a unique twist on a genre that never sleeps. Releasing the EP the tail end of last year, things have been on the rise for the much buzzed about artist. Currently sharing two glorious music videos for the tracks, “Spiral (feat. Kaeli McArter),” and the title piece “Experiment 1.3.2″,” we experience a whole new side of the phenomenal act.
SakkieFTW’s sound is enticing, and within every listen of the EP, it will draw you in even more so. The EP gloriously showcases SakkieFTW as an artist, and songwriter, proving he has staying power in the music world

Watch:  “Spiral (feat. Kaeli McArter)” here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mjiLmDE9fWE

Watch: “Experiment 1.3.2” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wCzHdEgasf4

Alexandra Gets”Criminal”

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Alexandra is a buzzworthy musical force that will be your favorite artist by the time 2016 comes to a close. Unleashing the new single and video for “Criminal,” Alexandra shares an infectious blend of Pop Rock, as her sound recalls dashes of modern day Pop stars, Rihanna and Sia.
Hailing from NSW Australia, Alexandra immersed herself with music early in her life, which led her to having an array of influences take over her musical fusion. Up against the odds from the very beginning, Alexandra is proving a slew of people wrong with her glorious, buzzworthy music that has steadily placed her on the map.
“Criminal,” is the first step in an impressive direction. The melodic piece brings elements of Rock n’ Roll and Electro, that is deeply brought to life by Alexandra’s voice.

If this is the first glimpse into her world, I can’t wait to her what else she has coming down the line.

“Criminal”via Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/alexandra-124/criminalofficial-audio

“Criminal” Music Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2N4tl2VZCW0


Sir Cadian Rhythm Shares Enticing New Video


Sir Cadian Rhythm is a noteworthy band that springs to life from Long Island, New York. The Alternative group that shares Rock Fusions sensibilities, bring to the table a phenomenal new single and video for your summer, “Gwen Barkley in the 20th Century.”

Garnering accolades from fans and critics alike, and playing sold out crowds and music festivals, the band is really making a name for themselves in the Alt-Rock scene. Reminiscent of artists that span from Maroon 5 to Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Sir Cadian Rhythm carves out their own notch in music history, one song at a time.

The group brings a varied sound to the table with musical backgrounds ranging from Jazz to Funk to Metal to Classical to Pop. Going above and beyond the call of musical duty, they take center stage with a unique and progressive sound that shows the true musicianship of the band. Their eclectic sound is a driving and prominent force within “Gwen Barkley in the 20th Century,” which sets the tone for the band and what is to come in their future.

Sir Cadian Rhythm is Jack Weppler (Vocals), Alex Laudani (Guitar), Richie Cluxton (Bass), Micah Cowher (Drums), and Matt Carlin (Keyboards, Horn, Vocals). Their newest release, Identity Crisis, is out now.

Watch the video for “Gwen Barkley in the 20th Century” here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-SQhbFWdBi0



Getting Electric with Port of Est.


PORT OF Est. is a group that are creating their own waves in the music world. Releasing their captivating debut, Onyx Moon this Spring via their own label, Delphinium Music, the duo goes above and beyond with their intriguing new video for “Valentine In My Headphones,” the group brings an electro-pop-indie sound that will have you on the dance floor in no time.

PORT OF Est. is the creative forces of producer Todd Kitchens, and vocalist Hannah Tarkinson. Together they create an unstoppable sound that shares influences of IDM, drum and bass, shoegaze, hop hop, electro-pop, indie rock and ambient to name a few. Something to satisfy all musical palettes.

The colorful new video is gorgeous from start to finish as it features animation from animation students at College of the Atlantic, in Bar Harbor, Maine.  The video was spearheaded by artist Nancy Andrews who help direct and bring the video to life.The stunning piece shows the very essence of PORT OF Est. and helps to cultivate the sound and mystery behind the band. Their new album, Onyx Moon furthers the experience as it proves to be an instant delight to your ears. 9-tracks fill the record with indie pop goodness, that shares an electrifying experience throughout.

PORT OF Est. is about to take over the world, one song at a time. Onyx Moon is a must have record for your Summer, and for your life.

Watch PORT OF  Est. “Valentine in My Headphones,” here: