Auvic Ignites with New Single, “Embers Inside,” feat. Caroline Kim


“Embers Inside” (Feat. Caroline Kim), is the first track off Auvic’s unreleased album “Soulfire.”

His sound is best compared to that of Daft Punk and Deadmau5. If those two artists had a love child, it would be Auvic.

Wrapped up in a punchy mix of airy synths, rich bass, and head-banging beats, the song tells the story of an individual who “relinquishes her origin, travels through the enduring blaze of her past, and achieves peace.” As the song progresses through a smooth melodic symphony, you can feel the storyline take a dramatic turn as the intensity of the beat increases. We learn the achievement of peace left her filled with regret, because along the way she surrendered her honor.

Auvic does a great job on this track of storytelling through melody and simple lyrics. Listeners 
are able to feel the shift in emotions and the journey as the song progresses. Check out the rest of Auvics tracks on “Soulfire” to uncover the rest of the story!


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Lucinda Belle Goes BIG On New Album

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Lucinda Belle has just released her charming new album “Think Big: Like Me,” to the delight of our ears. The Alt-Jazz singer-songwriter places herself in a whole new genre, as she blends sonically alluring tones and melodies to create a harmonious record you will not soon forget. No stranger to the world of music, Belle has recorded two major albums, has been nominated for an Oscar (!!!) and performed in nearly every continent around the world. Impressive to say the least!

“Think Big: Like Me,” is filled with musical surprises as Belle brings her heaven-sent sound to the table in full force. With elements of Reggae, Jazz, the Blues, and a bit of Soul coming into the mix, she broadens her horizons and takes her music to a whole new level with the record. Her seductive and enchanting sound will take you on a musical journey throughout the clouds.

Belle shared regarding the record:

“My inspiration for this album was a ‘sound ‘I discovered though ToeRag Studios which came about through recording the whole thing in a 50’s analogue studio. We went old school, we mastered our work in rehearsal and recorded it on old 50’ mics, mixers, desks, amps and springs. The Result of which is a warmth that cannot be recreated digitally. I’m very proud of this… oh and did I forget to mention.. it was a break up album!!! I’ll be Loving you was my first song on the album,… I wrote it still crying from the break up… and I put ‘Don’t Go Chasing Your Heart’ at the end of the album to represent the transition and realisation I’d been through, throughout the process. There’s something here for everyone I hope!

While each track stands prominently on their own, Belle has created a unique album that is also very cohesive. Personal favorite songs on the record include “Do Me Right,” “Time Won’t Wait,” and “I Believe,” but trust me…it’s hard to choose favorites when each piece is enlightening and delightful.

Her grace and glory for telling a story within each song is truly a talent, as everything and anything is fair game.  One of the most authentic artists of the past 20 years, ladies and gentleman do yourself a favor and give a listen to “Think Big: Like Me,” today…you won’t be sorry.


Watch her video for Washed Up On Love, here”:

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Aura Blaze Shines on New Release

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Aura Blaze is at it again with the new album “The Sparkling Black.” Definitely one of the most ambitious releases of the year, each song is filled with fiery passionate lyrics, and intense instrumentation that will leave your ears ringing for days.

Sonically alluring from beginning to end, the 9-song release is a standout for Aura Blaze. Hailing from New Jersey, Rhode Rachel, brainchild of Aura Blaze, brings a dose of psych-rock to the table like your ears have never heard before.

In depth lyricism find it’s home and comfort in swirling instrumentation that breaks into the very core of the album. No holding back, Aura Blaze is in this for the long run. The release finds itself with lush, brilliant vocals, as Aura Blaze also calls in the help of a friend or two. A personal favorite on the record is “Manipulation,” in which singer Björn Strid comes on board for vocals. The frontman of the noteworthy Swedish Metal band, Soilwork, the two are a match made in Rock n’ Roll heaven.

Other standout tracks on the record for us include “Hope It All Works Out,: and “Keep on Believing.” Though one right after another Aura Blaze somehow outdoes himself with the build up of each track. The soundscape that flows throughout the record, which makes “The Sparkling Black” one of the very best, if not THE best album that will enchant your ears this year.

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Listen In! Kevin West Shares Epic EP


Kevin West is far from your average singer-songwriter. The  eclectic artist is currently sharing his new EP titled “Story of My Life,” which was released last month m. On the record we hear an artist that is truly making himself in the Americana scene. His heartfelt lyrics combined with his intricate instrumentation perks our ears up and widens our eyes.

West recently shares of the release:
 “My songs are about my real life experiences and I think that gives it an honest quality people can relate to. The level of musicianship on THIS project is the best I have achieved so far in this long life of music I have been living.”
Throughout the record we hear honest lyricism, which provides the storytelling nature of each track. West shares his journey within 6-epic songs that grace the EP from start to finish. He shares his first person experiences in life while holding nothing back…which we love. Combining an array of elements from Americana to Jazz, each song offers up a bit of surprise. Standout tracks like “One Too Many,” and the title track “Story of My Life” offer up a great look into West’s world. The EP as a whole goes in waves as each song ebbs and flows gracefully…and we are certainly on board.
Kevin West’s impressive new EP “Story of My Life,” is our via all digital outlets now.

RIVITA Unleashes the Song of the Summer


Rivita is quickly becoming a mainstay in the New York scene…and beyond. Currently calling Brooklyn home, Rivita is quickly revealing herself as one of the best kept secrets of 2019. Today she comes to us in the form of her new single “Everyday is Beautiful,” which truly shows the essence and vibrancy of the artist. The track is absolutely addictive from start to finish as her sound is like nothing your ears have heard in the past few years.

Rivita recently shared with the world her view point of the song:

“To me Everyday is Beautiful describes the joy that comes with walking in the direction of your dreams and living your purpose. I think if we wake up everyday with a plan and decide that this day is going to productive and wonderful then we can achieve anything. Music is my life and because of it, Everyday is Beautiful !”

It’s vibrant, it’s fresh, it instantly proves that she has stying power as an artist in the current day scene and beyond. Her vocals hover like a dream over a melodic bed of vocals, that has you wondering where Rivita has been your entire life. Dig into her new single below and keep an ear out….this is only the beginning for the buzzworthy artist…


Give a listen to Rivita’s New Single here:

Back At It Again! Catherine MacLellan


After a long break from focusing on her own music, Catherine MacLellan returns with a record of transition, heartbreak and the joy of life, a much anticipated 6th album of original work. Although this is a return to her own music, Catherine has been busy for the last 4 years creating an album of her father’s music, a stage show and a documentary all in tribute to her late legendary father, Gene MacLellan. Currently sharing her new piece “Out of Time,” give a listen and watch:

“It’s been an important time for me,” says Catherine, “bringing my father’s life and music back into the world. I’ve learned a lot about myself and and who he was. I’m ready, though, to get back to my own path and to bring these songs into the world. They’ve been waiting for me.”

Her last album of original material, THE RAVEN’S SUN, won a JUNO for Roots Recording of the Year in 2015. Since then she’s been building a backlog of songs just waiting to come to light. COYOTE is comprised of 14 songs that take the listener through a journey of loss, change and new love. The songs are a result of big changes in her life and perspective and it was recorded in PEI at her home studio. And while The Raven’s Sun was an intimate look into her musical work with long-time collaborator Chris Gauthier, COYOTE builds on that and adds the sounds of a fuller band as well as some more traditional East Coast instrumentation of accordions, fiddles and bouzouki. Produced by Catherine herself, this album is not a return to the status quo, but is a sonic departure and a continuation on the road deeper into the depths of her songwriting heart.

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