Southern Michigan’s FLOWERS ON THE GRAVE release their intricate new single and video for “Icarian,” today via all digital outlets.

Bursting to the seams with Modern Rock edge, the group has been plotting world domination since 2020. With overdriven rhythms, haunting melodies and alluring riffs, FLOWERS ON THE GRAVE will not disappoint. The accompanying video captures the essence of the band as performers, while intertwining hypnotic imagery throughout that further brings their sound to life.

FLOWERS ON THE GRAVE is about remembrance and reflecting on the things we’ve laid to rest or outgrown. It’s also a nod to the cycle of existence: life inevitably moves toward death, and death makes way for new life.

“The song “Icarian” is about tearing down the barriers we all have in our minds that keep us from reaching our true potential – this is a song about breaking out and reaching high, portrayed through the lens of the myth of Icarus. The video expands on this theme, with the Icarus character played by a woman on the edge of an ocean. She begins her journey in darkness, gradually building confidence in claiming her sovereignty, until she spreads her wings and begins her flight.” – FLOWERS ON THE GRAVE

For fans of Shinedown, Tool, Halestorm, Daughtry, and Alter Bridge, FLOWERS ON THE GRAVE bring to life a bold and striking sound that will shake your very core.

FLOWERS ON THE GRAVE are Nathaniel Abernathy (lead guitar and supporting vocals), Manuel Tello (bass and supporting vocals), Kenny Flowers (lead vocal and rhythm guitar), and Dan Kesterke (drums/percussion). The song and video were produced by Ryan Hudson of 1887 Media.

Listen to “Icarian” here:

Upcoming Tour Dates

Oct 23, 2021 – Jackson, MI – The Music Box (Song release celebration) 

Nov 19, 2021 – Toledo, OH – The Polish Ostrich

Nov 20, 2021 – Coldwater, MI – Chicago Street Pub (Opening for Sponge)


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Henry Chadwick Reveals Indie-Pop Single “Mind’s Eye”; Shares Album + Tour News

Henry Chadwick has just launched his new single “Mind’s Eye,” which is out now via all digital outlets.  “Mind’s Eye” is taken from Chadwick’s upcoming album, We All Start Again, due out on October 29 via Swoon City Music. Listen in here:

From charting on the Hype Machine and Indie Shuffle charts, to Guest at Home being deemed a must-have record for your Summer via Rolling Stone Magazine and Time Magazine, he has also been garnering love from the likes of Paste, Grimy Goods, Huffington Post, Impose, Fader, Sofar Sounds, and countless others that have fallen in love with his dreamy music.Henry draws influences as much from music of the past (The Beatles, The Kinks, T-Rex, Nirvana, David Bowie etc.,) and  from current artists who keep pushing forward stylistically and sonically. Henry makes catchy, thoughtful and usually energetic music with a unique perspective, edge and charm, and is often compared to Ben Kweller, The Strokes and Mac DeMarco.Henry was raised in a studio environment, his father being an engineer who worked out of Cherokee studios in Hollywood through the 1980’s and continued to record in his home studio in the Santa Cruz Mountains moving in 1989 to raise a family. Henry has been playing in bands and learning how to record music since he was a youngster. He also spends time playing drums in the touring roots-rock band, The Coffis Brothers and fronted the band My Stupid Brother.


October 22, 2021 – Trailblazing rapper, singer, songwriter, instrumentalist and producer Felly, popularly known for singles like the soulful “Heartstrings” with Carlos Santana and swagger-filled “Cheap Cheap” featuring Jack Harlow, has officially announced his signing with 300 Entertainment, home to Megan Thee Stallion, Young Thug, Gunna and many more. With this news comes the release of his highly-anticipated new album, Young Fel 2, available now on all DSPs and streaming services HERE. The genre-blending fourteen track sequel to his debut project is highlighted by standout single “Fresh Water” out today.

Following the release of the album’s irresistibly energetic, guitar-infused hip-hop lead singles, “Still Young” and “Pot Of Gold,” and indie-leaning third single “Bones,” Felly has once again produced a hit with Young Fel 2, the sequel to his 2016 debut EP Young Fel. The new album features his experimental blend of traditional rap, indie rock, and soul; revisiting his rap roots with the original EP’s childlike and playful nature, but with a new-age mindset paired with darker tones that align with the album’s release date during Felly’s favorite month of the year – October. Describing the project, Felly says “it’s a nighttime album, one you listen to driving at night in the car.”

Young Fel 2 consists of fourteen masterfully-crafted songs that showcase a culmination of Felly’s signature creative rap flow, supreme lyricism, diverse and unforgettable production, and beaming energy, while also clearly displaying evolved songwriting and growth as an artist. The project and its production have influences from a variety of genres and evoke a spectrum of feelings, beginning with the laidback and vibey focus track, “Fresh Water.” Other standout songs of the project include the upbeat and infectious hip-hop track “Fire Out Back,” the slower-paced and folk-influenced “Open Door,” and the deeply personal final song “Black Van.”

Felly is welcoming fans to the next chapter with his third album, Young Fel 2. The album is a full-circle moment that celebrates how far Felly’s career has come and how much he’s evolved as an artist since recording Young Fel with his college friends. His previous album Mariposa saw Felly unabashedly uncovering layers of himself. Now, Felly is taking a clear look at what he’s learned, how he’s evolved, and where he wants to go – Young Fel 2 is a journey through music. The album presents Felly’s distinct sound with a twist. It is partly inspired by a growing curiosity about spirituality through hobbies like meditation and collecting religious art. Experimenting with folk-inspired tunes and an evolving alternative sound, Young Fel 2 is a blend of classic hip-hop/indie hybrid tracks with a new-to-Felly future sound.

Speaking of the album, Felly stated, “If you look at the album art there’s a picture of me when I was three. I’m tapping back into that, it really was like a journey to discover what the word “Young” really means and what innocence and purity really means. I was investigating why I’m this way now and what that comes from which includes the 3 year-old me, the 19 year-old me that made ‘Young Fel’ and the me now…Young Fel 2 is a culmination of my hip hop roots with new sounds and abilities I’ve picked up along the way working with legends like Santana and having a band…the next evolution of Felly.”

The project features an all-star cast of collaborators including A-list co-writer Jesse St. John, who wrote the Billboard number-one single, “Truth Hurts,” by Lizzo, “Something’s Gotta Give” for Camila Cabello, and songs for Britney Spears, Charli XCX, Lauv and many others. “Bones” was co-produced by Midi Jones, who co-produced 2021’s “Dancing With The Devil” for Demi Lovato and has worked with Alessia Cara, Galantis and many others. “Bones” was also co-produced by Todd Pritchard, who has production credits on songs by Tory Lanez, NBA Youngboy, Trippie Redd, Tinashe and G-Eazy.

Young Fel 2 Tracklist

  1. Fresh Water 
  2. Come On
  3. Pot of Gold
  4. Midnight
  5. Fire Out Back
  6. Easy
  7. Still Young
  8. Open Door
  9. Nightride 
  10. Bones
  11. La La 
  12. Love Me Anyways
  13. Empty / Fool
  14. Black Van

The Haze & Dacey Collective Entice the Soul with “Jezebel’s”

Kirsten Hazler and John Dacey have been the duo known as Haze and Dacey since 2012. As of 2019, John has been adding baselines and vocal harmonies to Kirsten’s songs. “Sometimes a snippet of melody or a wisp of a lyric lingers in my head for months or years before it is ready to become a full song,” says Kirsten about her songwriting process. “Sometimes it all comes pouring out of nowhere, and is finished within a half hour.” They started performing many of the songs at their live shows, and began hatching plans to start recording in 2020. And then the pandemic hit, and everything, including recording, was put on hold. Through the pandemic, she saw that there were earie similarities between our reality and that of Margret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale, which Kirsten had been binging since being in quarantine. The collection of songs, inspired by the book and TV series, seemed more relevant than ever, and Kirsten was tired of waiting for the right conditions to record, so she recruited a band, which would later come to be known as The Haze & Dacey Collective. The band members practiced individually to the scratch tracks Haze recorded in her living room. 

Their most recent song, “Jezebel’s,” from their upcoming album, Letters from Gilead, is an upbeat song, reminiscent of 1920’s style swing and jazz one would hear in a speakeasy meshed with some soft rock we get from Dacey’s electric guitar solos between verse and chorus. The song is guided by Kirsten’s Joan Baez-esque voice and powerful lyrics. While the song makes you dance a little, the meaning behind it is much darker. Inspired by Jezebel’s, a speakeasy in both the book and TV series of The Handmaid’s Tale, it’s about the women who work there and the rich and powerful men that take solace there. 

Sung from the women’s point of view, she sings “Sometimes when the guy’s not so hard on the eyes, you can pretend that you had a choice” and “So pop all the pills and drink all you can take, ’cause it’s the only escape.” She sings about how they were given the ‘choice’ to work there, but there really isn’t a choice at all as they still get all the inappropriate behaviors of men. “‘Jezebel’s’ is notable for being the first song I ever composed on piano,” says Kirsten. “In the past I’ve always composed on guitar, and I started on guitar with this one but quickly realized it required piano to get the sultry speakeasy feel I was going for. And since writing this one, I’ve composed several more on piano … It really opened up a new door for me.”

While “Jezebel’s” sounds like a song you can move to, the lyrics tell another story, that of pain and emptiness. The music reflects the experience of the women Kirsten embodies, on the outside everything is fine and good, but on the inside, she wants to die. This is absolutely a song for the century as it speaks to the issues that we see today and gives a sense of empowerment. “Jezebel’s” is out now wherever you get music. Keep an eye out for their album, Letters from Gilead, also inspired by The Handmaid’s Tale, out November 12, 2021.

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Red Flower Lake Releases Daring New Single, “Flying Dream”

The musical duo that is Red Flower Lake, Abel and Rahimah, have known each other since their elementary school days. Once they hit high school, Rahimah realized that Abel was meant to be in her life forever, and the rest is history. They bonded through their aesthetic and shared love for music, which became their life. They each found their way as multi-instrumentalists and had an ever growing collection of instruments and production equipment. 

Red Flower Lake is not afraid to experiment, and their new song, “Flying Dream” is no exception. With a Lana Del Rey vibe to it, the track is about finding the truth of who you are and who you want to be. They question what it really feels like to feel good in both our physical bodies and our mental bodies. 

“Sometimes we play music just to see what comes out,” says Rahimah. “This song was born from one of those sessions. Sculpted over a year in more than a dozen sessions, this song is not a conventionally structured song… it crosses the lines of conventional songwriting and hopefully sparks curiosity about what it feels like for you to feel good – leaving convention, tradition, and expectation behind and embracing the reality of your powerful and magical truth.” 

“Flying Dream” transcends simplicity while also employing it. Red Flower Lake, or RFL for short, creates a space where it’s okay to question what we’ve never questioned before. Take a listen and hear for yourself.
“Flying Dream” is out now wherever you stream music.

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Jeremy Dion is a performing songwriter, published author, a devoted father, and a professional counselor. Drop by unannounced to his home near Boulder and you’re as likely to catch him writing songs in his studio or crafting birdhouses or cribbage boards in his wood shop.

According to his mother, Jeremy came into the world singing. He started with the piano at age seven, and began writing songs when he first picked up a guitar at the age of 18. In his new album, Sharpe and Dion, you can hear the subtle hints of influences like Paul Simon and Jerry Garcia, John Denver and David Gray. It is saturated with bluegrass, folk, and rock n’roll. Dion has a unique “Mile High Americana” style with the sound of hope and heartbreak, a loving distillation of the experiences we’ve all known at one time or another.

With three albums, this fourth album has proven himself a true artist. His latest recording, Sharpe & Dion captures the sound of a dynamic duo born of a 20-year musical friendship featuring Peter Sharpe (The Railsplitters) on mandolin and tenor guitar. The first single, “Blowin’ Smoke” is out now and really captures the blue grass feel that is smothered all over the album. 

A fan once stated that ,“when you listen to Bob Dylan, you learn about others. When you listen to Jeremy, you learn about yourself.”

“Music is a chance to tell stories of pain and beauty,” says singer-songwriter Jeremy Dion. “I want my songs to make people feel something unexpected.” Jeremy doesn’t just take us into his life with his songs; he shows us our own and this new album does just that especially with the song “Mend the Miles” which is a beautiful song that we can all relate to in these current times. Wrapping up the album is the gorgeous melodic song “Golden Some Day” which is all acoustic and will melt your heart. This song has hints of Jason Mraz and the golden flow of the song matches the golden title of the song. It will leave you entranced and want to listen to the album all over again.