Marie-Clo Shares Impactful New Single

A true creative chameleon and seasoned traveler, Marie-Clo’s eclectic indie pop tackles current themes & conscious lyrics, but also conjures a colourful and enchanted world.

The singer-songwriter and dancer’s latest release, Shell(e) Pt II, encapsulates slightly different emotions than its predecessor, Pt I. The first EP is about darkness, call-out culture, and pain, while Pt. II is more about the beginning of a healing journey. 

Each song tells its own story. New single, “The noise,” speaks of the proverbial ‘noise’ marginalized groups have to deal with on a daily basis. Penned in 2017, in reference to never ending sexist micro/macro aggressions, “The noise” can mean so much more than just a woman’s felt experience. 

Video Voyager: 3Q’s with Shelby Merchant

17 year old Shelby Merchant has just released her debut album Way Past Seventeen and we’re floored by the amount of talent that can be packed in one project by someone so young. We’re confident she’ll be following in the footsteps of other young greats such as Taylor Swift and Billie Eilish. Her first single off this album was for her track “Flammable” which was fully created during the COVID pandemic. Talent and resilience? We’re here for it. Read on to find out more about Shelby’s extraordinary, debut music video.

Tell us the story of this song, why did you choose to visualize this song specifically in this way? 

The song is about the battle between your head and your heart when you find yourself falling for someone who you probably shouldn’t. I wanted the video to follow that story, depicting the before, during, and after of an explosive relationship. Because the major lyrical motif is fire, I included a lot of that in the video. Since this was the first single, I also added a couple of easter eggs for other songs on the album!

What was the inspiration behind this video (visuals, storyline, etc.)? 

The storyline follows that of the song, where two people who aren’t necessarily good for each other defy all logic and run headfirst into a love affair. I wanted to explore the idea that the person in the song would get “burned” whether they entered the relationship or not. That’s what the fire represents in the video, why I’m “on fire” both by myself and otherwise. The visuals follow the three stages that I described earlier. There are images of good times, bad times, and the loneliness that follows. I got a lot of inspiration from the dozens of videos I watched leading up to filming, specifically Taylor Swift’s “I Knew You Were Trouble.” video and The 1975’s “Robbers” video. I wanted that sense of chaos in my video that they had in theirs.

What was the process of making this video? 

This being my first video I didn’t have a whole lot of equipment/ knowledge on how all this is done! But I had this concept in my head, so I figured there was no better day to start than that day! I recruited a couple of my friends and went headfirst into it. The filming took about 5 days, and the editing took a week. I think because none of us really knew what we were doing, there’s an element of youth in the video. It was so much fun to just goof off with my buddies and create something we all could be really proud of.

Check out Shelby Merchant’s video for “Flammable” below:

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Ricksha Radio Reveals “Hideaway”

With an extremely pop-electronica-type intro, Bob Dimick of Ricksha Radio bursts onto the scene with what may arguably be one of our most exciting debut tracks from an artist that we have seen in a long time.

“Hideaway” is Ricksha Radio’s newest release, following his 2011 project, “Welcome to My World.” And with almost a decade since the last time he released music, this feels almost like a rebrand, a new beginning, a debut release for us- and we are LOVING it.

With Bob’s smooth transitions, sultry vocals, and classic instrumentals, it is clear he has been doing this “music thing” for quite some time. But unlike many artists, he is able to put a modern swing on some classic sounds, and that’s what makes him so interesting.

We are so looking forward to hearing more from this artist, and can’t wait to see what else he has in store for us.

Listen To “Hideaway” below:

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James Alphonse Reveals “What Are We Doing Here”

In his final year of high school in Hamilton, Ontario, James Alphonse received a diagnosis for a chronic illness that he thought would end his ability to perform. He disengaged from a lot of the activities that gave him pleasure until the community from his university and music scene encouraged him to return. Their kind efforts to help him return have inspired him to make and perform music to foster those same community values that brought him back to songwriting.

Departing from previous rock, folk, and jazz projects, James immersed himself in sounds more reminiscent of Pop/R&B, although soul and rock remain inspirations. 

After a 3-year writing hiatus, James has released his new song, “What Are We Doing Here”, with 80s video game synths, punchy chord progressions, and catchy guitar riffs.

Singer-Songwriter Max Parker Unveils Dreamy New Single

Right Back Where We Started,” the first single Max is sharing from the forthcoming EP, is upbeat yet sentimental, and imbued with a feeling of nostalgia as if you’re going back in time to a happier place.

Listen in here:

18-year-old Max Parker, a Canadian singer-songwriter and pop artist from Toronto, ON, burst onto the music scene with versatility and hooks galore back in 2018. Now, with award winning producers and songwriters, including John Nathaniel (One Republic, Switchfoot, Marie Mai), Derek Hoffman (Ralph, Caveboy), Connor Seidel (Charlotte Cardin, Ralph), Joel Stouffer (Ria Mae, bülow, Dragonette) and more slated to work on his forthcoming project, Max is looking forward to releasing his debut EP later this year. 

Speaker Face Reveals Vibrant New Single “Work Friends”

Speaker Face is an award-winning earthy electronic band that melds the sounds of nature and machines. Combining acoustic instruments, voice and wilderness sounds with computers and synths, Speaker Face creates beats and sonic landscapes that immerse the listener in melody, groove and mood.

Listen in here!

The band recently released a rhythmic new single, “Work Friends,” that is warm yet melancholic about the way we live our lives today. This is a song for the people who work jobs they don’t like with people they have to pretend to like – letting that person know that their real friends love them.