The Foreign Films Reveals “The Fortune Teller (Pretty in the City),”

Bill Majoros is a Canadian singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist who has released four critically acclaimed studio albums and an EP, including The Record Collector elaborate triple vinyl box set, under the name of The Foreign Films. His musical journey continues with the upcoming release of Starlight Serenade, a new LP that blends classic and creative elements to reimagine the sonic future; musical retro-futurism.

New single, “The Fortune Teller (Pretty in the City),” is a song to take the listener on a musical journey and illuminate the heart. Find magic and beauty in a heartbroken world. In these dark times, music keeps our sense of wonder alive – it shines a bright light.

Vaness Alegacy Unveils “You Get Me”

In the same way that a cup of coffee soothes and excites you with its rich familiar flavor, Vaness Alegacy’s music is a pulse-elevating sip of smooth R&B and electrifying classic rock; an intimate and bold blend perfectly showcased in the singer’s exciting new single “You Get Me.”

We all have a side of us that we soften and make more palatable for others. This song is a rebellion against that habit. “You Get Me” is about being loud, larger than life, truthful to oneself, sometimes a little bit of a bitch, and being stupidly loved because of it all, not in spite of it. It’s a song that not only celebrates women being multi-dimensional beings, but is also a tip of the hat to those that celebrate them for that very fact.

Taktus Reveals Vibrant Single + Video for “Black Mirror”

Taktus is a marimba duo known for their groove-based re-envisioning of classical and contemporary music. Their 2020 album Mirrored Glass earned a spot on the CBC’s “Top 20 Classical Albums of 2020” and was nominated for “Instrumental Recording of the Year at the ECMA’s. 

The band just released “Music in Contrary Motion,” an early Philip Glass piece reimagined for the marimbas. The original piece is inherently frantic, but the band tried to capture a sense of peace and flow with the warm characteristic of the marimbas.

The release has been paired with a ‘Black Mirror’ inspired visual that incorporates snapshots from nature.

Shane Ghostkeeper Unveils Bold New Single “One More Name”

Shane Ghostkeeper is a musician from Calgary, recognized for his songwriting, singing and guitar playing. Shane spent his adolescence isolated by Northern Alberta’s geography, listening to country music records and developing an admiration for individuals who had the ability to convey rich stories through song. Later he found another world in the self-aware genres of art rock and experimental folk, with this exploration in tribute to his family.

His latest single, “One More Name,” is a love letter that sets the stage for a proposal. He appeals to his partner, disclosing that “the piece to this inner puzzle, the key to this heart’s muzzle, is and always was your eyes.”

High Wasted Share New Video + Single for “Germ Free High Fives,”

Paul Shepherd and Owen Marchildon have spent the last twenty years in the Toronto music scene, playing in various different projects, sometimes together and sometimes separately. While thinking on a new project, Val Calam was invited to join and collaborate with the pair. Calam was just the lift Shepherd and Marchildon needed. After several dinner parties with endless music listening, they discussed their strengths and aspirations and High Wasted came to fruition.

Together, they blend simple punk tones and exploratory lyrics that push towards a velvet induced frame of mind, approaching the recording process with an energetic, transcending mentality.

High Wasted’s debut single, “Germ Free High Fives,” showcases the band’s sonic capabilities and musical lyricism. It’s energy is peddled by a tattered charm, a feeling of pleasant dizziness, that may leave the listener to encompass decades of past classics. 

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Celebrate Mother’s Day with this 2020 GRAMMY Winner & Cheryl B. Engelhardt

Today, award-winning composer Cheryl B. Engelhardt releases her stunning single ‘Mother Gaia’ as a Mother’s Day offering to the earth. Known for her elaborate piano-based New Age compositcomions and her stellar lyrical work, ‘Mother Gaia’ takes listeners on a soothing meditation meant to heal the planet. With guest vocalists, 2020 GRAMMY winners Joanie Leeds and Chava Mirel, Engelhardt has created an experience of wandering in and out of the powers of Mother Earth, of motherhood.

Listen in here: B. Engelhardt is a prolific songwriter, composer, producer, and singer, consistently gaining respect and delving deeper into powerful themes. In February 2021, Cheryl’s social justice composition “The Listening” received rave reviews from, Harper’s Bazaar, The Hill, and other notable press. A powerful choral rendition, “The Listening” was inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King’s speech, “Beyond Vietnam: A Time To Break Silence” and features Donzaleigh Abernathy (goddaughter of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and daughter of Rev. Ralph Abernathy) and activist Wes Felton. Her 2020 New Age album ‘Luminary’ was awarded “Best New Age Music Album of 2020” by New Age Music Guide and garnered attention from, putting her in the running as a New Age composer to watch.

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