John Orpheus Unveils the Bold Single “Electric”

For the past year and a half, multicultural musical artist John Orpheus has been writing his memoir called SAGA BOY which will be published by Penguin Random House Canada in January 2021. To coincide with the book’s release next year, John decided to return to music and release a companion album also entitled SAGA BOY. Both the book and the album are built on the same themes: searching for home, for family, for love, and a fly coat to wear when you get there.

The new single, “Electric,” bridges the gap between John’s previous album, WEY YA CALL DAT TING, and the new full-length SAGA BOY. It’s a song about chemistry – the magic that catches our eye and gets us all in our feels. That spark. With a schoolyard chant disguised as a pop chorus filled with optimism and adoration, a Trini chant to blaze up and raise up and a whimsical rap verse by Michigan rapper/composer Jordan Hamilton, the song crackles with fun.

Netflix’s Rhythm+Flow Breakout Star and Rapper Flawless Real Talk to perform virtual concert TONIGHT on LIVIT

Flawless Real Talk, break away star and first runner up in Netflix’s hit rap reality TV show Hustle + Flow, is bringing Asia’s most popular live-streaming app called LIVIT with over 45 million global users to hip-hop fans with his free live stream concert this TONIGHT!  

“It’s been dope to continue connecting to my fans on a platform that really allows me to grow authentic, real relationships with the community,” says Flawless. “I’m excited to bring live entertainment to a really innovative social media platform. Live streaming is the next big craze to hit America.”

When asked about the new partnership, Flawless said, “Finding a platform that could help me connect with fans around the world while monetizing and giving back to those in need, was the deciding factor for me, and LIVIT was the perfect match. Live streaming is the next big craze to hit America. People want a real connection on social media and users on LIVIT will immediately experience how powerful that connection can be.”

As the largest live streaming platform in Asia, LIVIT is expanding to multiple international markets. LIVIT plans for its North American operation to be a curated space where artists can collaborate, interact directly with fans and grow their careers. No matter who you are, or which corner of the world you reside in, you can connect with anyone through LIVIT’s media platform to showcase your talents and passions and realize your dreams.

Rapper Flawless Real Talk will Perform LIVE on LIVIT Friday, November 13 at 7 PM PST / 10 PM EST 

Will Power Brings Flawless Track “Woven and Shattered”

Will Powers’ new single, “Woven and Shattered,” is carried by a polyrhythmic riff, with lyrics that reflect the sense of seamlessness/continuity between our inner and outer worlds.

Will Powers is the brainchild of songwriter/multi-instrumentalist/producer Oli Palkovits. Following his 2017 self-release, Flowers of Atacama, Powers moved to Montreal, where much of the material that would become the Will Powers’ debut EPs was written. Having since moved back to Sudbury, ON, he is currently working on several albums with members of Murder Murder and Tommy and the Commies.

The Besnard Lakes Share Psychedelic Track “Raindrops”

The new single, “Raindrops,” from Besnard Lakes is a psychedelic flight through the mind while deep in an altered state. Opening lyric, “on the other side of the world,” is used for the first of two songs. In this case, it details the idea of evolution determining the story of the Garden of Eden. Listen for a reference to the death of Talk Talk’s Mark Hollis, as well.

The Besnard Lakes have passed through death and they’re here to tell the tale. Nearly five years after their last lightning-tinted volley, the magisterial Montreal psych-rock band have sworn off compromise, split with their long-standing label, and completed a searing, 72-minute suite about the darkness of dying and the light on the other side – The Besnard Lakes Are The Last of the Great Thunderstorm Warnings, the group’s forthcoming sixth album.

Keith Mosfet Reveals Ambitious New Single “Lakeshore Bus”

On his new single, “Lakeshore Bus,” Keith Mosfet continues to showcase his songwriting, creative and engineering skills, and shares his softer side. The single eludes to the small moments people may have while riding on public transport. The human side to a chaotic world.

Canadian/Irish Keith Mosfet is the definition of an “artist.” Using inspiration from impressionist oil paintings and combining his background in electronic engineering, Keith took on the challenge of writing, recording and mixing the whole of his 2019 album Superficial Hypocrite, his 2020 EP Breathe and now, his latest, EP3.

Video Voyageur: 3Qs with Eric Scott

Washington DC based singer/songwriter and bassist Eric Scott is back with his 5th solo studio production. His new record, Peace Bomb,  drops later this year and his first single, the album’s namesake “Peace Bomb,” is out now. As an artist and sideman, Eric has shared the stage with the likes of BB King, REO Speedwagon, Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters, and many more, all while recording and releasing his own projects. “Peace Bomb” is the perfect representation of his well curated version of socially conscious modern soul. 

The track opens with Eric’s smooth vocals, gentle synths, and slight reverb on the acoustic and bass guitars. As the track builds, groovy drums carry the harmonies on its back, building a soundscape reminiscent of 1970’s soft rock. The gentle sway of the melody and funky backtracking feels luscious. The smooth sound allows the listener to softly settle into the track’s metaphor, that is, spreading light and love amidst the chaos and unrest of modern day, all through dropping a “Peace Bomb.” This is a track we need for today’s turbulent times.

We sat down with Eric for a very special Video Voyageur which you can dive into below.

Tell us the story of this song, why did you choose to visualize this song specifically in this way? 

The concept for this song was inspired by the anger and division that has engulfed our country. I wanted to spread ‘Peace’ in a unique way.As a songwriter, I wanted to convey the message in a way I’d never heard before. Using a bomb as a metaphor, I envisioned dropping a bomb on the world, and instead of spreading destruction, it spread peace and love and unity. 

What was the inspiration behind this video (visuals, storyline, etc.)? 

The video concept came about by deciding to interpret the song through the lens and imagination of a child.  With all of the fear, anger, and division in the world today, children manage to avoid most all of it by simply being who they are and remaining a kid. Untainted and joyful. Kids love unconditionally and don’t care if you swing left or right. The kid in this video represents the childlike optimism and absence of cynicism that many of us have lost touch with today. Also, with the state of the world being as it is, and with no change clearly in sight, it is the children who will have to navigate this ‘new normal.’

What was the process of making this video? 

We wanted to convey a child losing himself in the music and rocking out and letting his imagination guide him. Kids like to draw, imitate being a cool singer, and pretend.We wanted to show that, and also how a kid might interpret living in a world of peace