Alexander Howard Brings Us to “Mount Rushmore”


Musician Alexander Howard has recently released his new single “Mount Rushmore” earlier this Summer, just in time to celebrate fun and freedom.

Listen to “Mount Rushmore” here”

Alexander Howard says of the track:

“I wrote ‘Mount Rushmore’ because I wanted to write a song about having fun…which is actually easier said than done! Songwriting comes pretty naturally when you’re in an introspective mood or just having one of those days, but when you’re out having a good time with you friends you’re usually much too busy having fun to take a minute and write! That said, ‘Mount Rushmore’ was about as much fun as I’ve had writing and recording a song. The tune loosely follows our escapades on a given night in a certain Nevada gambling town, with the title coming from us all trying to keep a “stone face” for a squad photo right after downing some $3 shots of nameless whiskey. Not my strong suit…pretty sure I winced If this song comes on in a bar and gets people to have a drink/take an embarrassing photo with their friends, then my work here is done…”

The inspiration behind Alexander Howard’s solo debut came out of a songwriting trip to Los Angeles. During a late night Hollywood session, the singer and multi instrumentalist dialed in on writing artful pop, crafting guitars, synth, and soulful hooks.


Returning to his hometown of New York, he immediately set to work honing his voice and sound that would become his first solo efforts with Robopop, the masterminds behind Lana Del Ray’s “Video Games” and Maroon 5’s “Payphone.”

1403 Shows “Control”


Listen to “Control” –

In pop and urban circles, Tom Cameron—the visionary behind 1403— is something of a secret weapon, sweetening tracks and adding artistic dimension with his boundless musicality culled from classical music, hip-hop, soul, jazz, blues, rock, indie, pop, and EDM. In this realm, he’s collaborated and created as a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer. Marquee entrees in his resume include writing and collaborating with artists such as Sasha, Disturbing London’s G-FrSH and Cypress Hill, among others. He has also contributed to various film scores and advertising campaigns across a wide range of genres and styles.

Spurts of crazy good love shine through on the grand piano-driven pop of “Control.” “That song is about when someone enters your world and you know you’ll never be the same again,” confides 1403.


Shawnee Kilgore & Joss Whedon Release “Break the Skin”

Today we share the music video of Joss Whedon & Shawnee Kligore creating their single ” Break The Skin” at Ocean Studios in Burbank, California!

This collaboration began as story like no other. One late night, Joss Whedon, alone in a hotel room on the road was scrolling through Kickstarter and became instantly moved by Shawnee Kilgore’s voice and music. He backed her project selecting the reward of a personalized original song. He took it one step further by asking to write the song with her. Lyrics and melodies were passed between the two, and they enjoyed collaborating so much ”Back to Eden” the EP was born.

Josh Taerk Releases “Learning to Let Go”


Josh Taerk does it again with another new single in tow, “Learning to Let Go.” The brilliant new single is available digitally, everywhere,  which you can find, here:

Josh has an amazing history – he was playing local venues in Toronto when Max Weinberg – drummer for Bruce Springsteen – saw him play. Max was so impressed, he  invited Josh to open for him at his sold out show in New Jersey, as well as play with him onstage to pay tribute to the late Clarence Clemons at Summerfest. He was then selected to play the 7908 John Oates Aspen Songwriters Festival, where he met another great mentor and now friend, John Oates who would later record back up vocals on his album and connect him to his producer Teddy Morgan.

Lindsey Harper Releases a “New Game” Today!


Lindsey Harper releases her highly anticipated EP “New Game,” today to our ears delight. The songstress who has currently been making waves with her single “Electricity,” brings a bold and enchanting sound to the table.

Gaining notary performing with artists such as Selena Gomez, on “All of Me,” Harper comes into her own. Each track on the record flows with a harmonious melody that brings the songs to life. Harper’s voice is bold and prominent throughout the tracks that flow from start to finish.

Kicking off the record is the title track “New Game,” which introduces the release nicely. Leading into the hazy “Love In All the Right Places,” Harper’s voice is angelic and a bit Bluesy as it takes the song home. On the album Harper quickly proves herself as both a songwriter and performer. Standout tracks include the soft-rock piece “We Are All the Same,” and “It Was Worth It,” that quickly became a personal favorite.
Lindsey Harper’s New Game, is out today…let it take you away this weekend.

Listen to New Game, here:


First Blush Unveils New Album “Monologic” Out Today!


First Blush is the brainchild of Charles Sekel, a former Julliard pre-college program kid-turned-indie musician. Sekel’s music is a reflection of his battle to defeat a continuous cycle of self-destructive behavior stemming back nearly a decade. Today we see First Blush releasing his ambitious new record, Monologic, an enticing LP that stands out among the Summer releases. Combining elements of electronic and indie elements, First Blush takes a chance with the experimental sound.

The album releases a number of sonically alluring tracks. From the soothing opener “Before & After,” to the dreamy lead single “Gold,” Sekel showcases his artistry throughout the record. Pieces such as “What Remains,” bring a dash of rock n’ roll flavor to the table, breaking up the tones of the album, yet fitting like a glove. Throughout every listen you can tell that Monologic is a true labor of blood, sweat and tears. From infectious harmonies to melodic vocals, the LP carries itself proudly. We’ll have this one spinning all weekend for sure!


Listen here: