Vanishing Shores Release Brilliant New Single

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Cleveland Ohio based band  Vanishing Shores are an act to watch out for in 2019. Mixing emotional indie rock with more traditional american rock sensibilities, Vanishing Shores are a must hear.

As a lifelong seeker of truth, Kevin Bianchi has spent his entire musical career embracing and wrestling with the mystery of life and love in song. This has been exemplified by his time as the lead singer and songwriter for the indie rock band, the Chestertons. Having achieved regional success with the single ‘Coast Road’ and dynamic performances opening for artists such as James McCartney, he now begins a new journey with the formation of Vanishing Shores.

“The need to reach out and connect with those around us has never been greater,” states Bianchi. It is this realization that inspires and informs each song by Vanishing Shores. From the opening of ‘In Between’ to the closing notes of ‘Blurred’ on their self-titled EP, the listener is invited to become a part of the story, not as a stranger but as a fellow traveler who is loved and accepted. The answers may not be found. Everything known may collapse at any moment, but ‘even still, I won’t let you go.’ This promise, in all of its emotional complexity, is the true vision of Vanishing Shores.

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Go By Ocean Drops New EP, Out Today


Go By Ocean releases the ambitious EP “Faded Photographs,” to the delight of our ears today, December 14.
Recently releasing the new single for “Fading” via No Depression a few weeks ago, we found ourselves head over heels for the charming new artist. The brainchild of singer-songwriter Ryan McCaffrey, the EP is truly a labor of love. From start to finish he entices our ears with every listen as the music takes us away on a whimsical and haunting journey.

Standout tracks include “They Warned You” and “Hard to Reach,” which has our hearts beating a little bit faster. Only the beginning of good things to come from Go By Ocean, he can certainly call us fans.
“Faded Photographs” is out today.


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Horsehead Reveal Stunning Record “Pageant Wave”


Want to be instantly transported to a place of peace and serenity? Americana-infused supergroup HORSEHEAD’s new record “Pageant Wave,” will do just that. Releasing today, the album is available on all of your favorite digital platforms.


With soothing melodies and amazing soundscapes, Horsehead will have you swept off into a world of absolute content. Throughout the record the band works as a cohesive unit to bring the most elegant songs we’ve heard all year.


Debut single ‘The Misprint’ is one of our favorites. It’s filled with dreamy undertones and will have you closing your eyes imagining your happy place in mere seconds. With harmonious vocals this track stands out for 2018.

The elegance that is translated through this record takes our breath away. There is something about the songs that really reaches out to you. It’ll have you imagining you’re laying on a fluffy cloud in the sky without a single worry in your mind.


‘Pageant Wave’ is the perfect Americana Rock album. There are so many different journeys that this album will take you on. Get ready to be amazed!


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The New COOL LIFE Record is HOT!


Cool Life is a band that you need to know NOW! The supergroup who releases their debut, and possibly last record, entice you with an ambitious sound that brings out the best in Alt-Rock.

Made up of Alex Nauth (Foxy Shazam, The Skulx) , Cole Walsh-Davis (Cadaver Dogs), Sam Duff (Loudmouth) Chris Harrison and Kamal Hiresh (Honeyspiders), the group also bring in former Foxy Shazam frontman Eric Nally on their debut single “Waves.”
The record is brilliant from start to finish with infectious hooks, vibrant and exciting instrumentation and vocals that will be ringing in your ears for days. Tracks such as “Repeater,” and “Shapeshifter,” grabs our attention and holds it, as we find ourselves falling head over heels time and time again.
Do yourself a favor this weekend and grab a copy of Cool Life’s self-titled release…you won’t want to miss out on this!
Watch “Waves” here:

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Eli Lev Goes the Distance on “Way Out West”

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Folk artist, Eli Lev, originally from the DC area, is known most for his smooth vocals, catchy melodies, and out of the box ideas. Lev just recently released a crowdsourced, fan involved video for his track, “Chasing Daylight.” With weeks of work behind it, the video features Eli Lev fans from all around the world, singing and smiling to his uplifting track. Now, Eli is ready to give his fans even more songs to sing along to, with the newest release of his full EP, Way Out West.

Unconventional in the most refreshing way possible, Eli Lev is now officially at the halfway point of his four album project, Four Direction EPs. Way Out West, is album release number two out of four, right in front of his previous EP, All Roads East, which features notable tracks like, “Making Space” and “Go Down.”

With five diverse yet cohesive tracks, Way Out West is centered around Eli’s smooth voice and acoustic guitar. In a way, this EP seems to be going in a completely different direction than his previous EP, yet still incorporating important elements that worked from his past tracks.

This EP feels comforting for its listeners, in it’s uplifting lyrics and “looking forward” attitude. With songs like, “Oh My Lord”, “Water” , and his most recent single release, “Treason”. This EP reminds listeners that it’s okay to live in the moment, and it’s okay to look back on your past for lessons to learn from.

With Way Out West, Eli Lev delivers a gift of relatability, honesty, and sincerity through his music, and although we don’t know what direction Eli will be taking us next, we know that we are definitely ready for this music journey with him.

Listen to Way Out West here:

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Tara Lett Brings The Christmas Party! To Your Home



Canadian born and raised, Tara Lett is a songstress with a Christmas wish in her heart. The singer-songwriter who brings elements of Pop infused goodness to the mix is an absolute delight in her video for the track which has us jingling around the room. Bound to be a new Holiday classic, Lett goes above and beyond to bring a song and video to the table that is not only fun, but heartfelt. Take a peak below, and check out more Tara Lett as your special gift this Holiday season.

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