Ámaris Wen Reveals “Endless Possibilities”

Actor, recording artist, music producer and songwriter, Ámaris Wen, is a rare commodity. From receiving formal training in drama school, to releasing her first album in 2014 (Geiko-Female Electronic Dance Music), and working for major record labels as a playlist manager, Ámaris is a jack-of-all-trades. A London-based artist with a genre focus in R&B, Electronic and Neo Soul, Ámaris has created a genre-defying sound that is welcomed by many. Past successes of Ámaris also include her two albums: Neon Colours (2017) and Dream World (2020), along with her music video, No Signal (2021), and appearance in the short film, Supernova.

The single, Endless Possibilities, focuses on the numerous opportunities to protect our environment and planet. Singing, “Endless possibilities polluting the earth before you speak”, Ámaris is reminding her listeners that many factors are negatively impacting our planet, and it is up to us to take action by contributing to our environment while opportunities are still present. Drawing influence from chillwave, synth pop and the 90s/2000s, Ámaris intertwines beats and sounds into Endless Possibilities that deliver a vibe similar to the sounds of Zapp and Alexander O’Neal.

Ámaris contends, “Endless Possibilities is about chances, about opportunities that we should take to look after the environment, and our planet, while we still have these opportunities.” She also expresses her desire to deliver an important message, while creating “a song that brings you feel-good vibes, and the warm, nostalgic feeling of the music I listened to as a kid.”

Extremely vocal on the protection of oceans, along with being an ambassador for Big Blue Ocean Clean-up (a non-profit organization), Ámaris’ passion for conservation of the planet is undeniable in her music. Her new track, Endless Possibilities, is available to stream on SoundCloud, Spotify and Apple Music.

Pinoy-Pop Sensation SB19 Releases Debut EP “Pagsibol”

International superstars, SB19, reveal their first extended play, Pagsibol, now available on all digital music services via Sony Music Philippines. Consistently trending across all social media platforms, fans have patiently waited for the five-member group to drop more music. With popular already released singles such as “What?” and “MAPA” that received over 20 million streams collectively, SB19 has solidified a positive worldwide reception with their discography.  

 features six tracks including three that have never been released before. SB19 released the megahit “What?” earlier this year and most recently collaborated with Filipino folk pop band Ben&Ben to release an official band version uploaded onto their YouTube channel for “MAPA”. Other tracks include “Mana” that is short for “Manananggal” which is a Filipino mythical creature that can half its body into two – the idea behind this concept for the track is that even if you are soaring high with achievements, you still keep your feet on the ground. “Bazinga,” a powerful hip-hop track that demonstrates the group’s diversity by blending multiple sounds from strong rap verses to an electronic drop to the boys singing along with a guitar. For “Ikako,” the beautiful ballad shows off SB19’s charming vocals and rap skills. As the final track, “SLMT” is a high-energy, atmospheric vibe perfect for the summertime with the boys vocalizing to a relaxing tropical beat that is a solid ending of the extended play showcasing the multiple talents of this pristine group.

Earlier this year, SB19 made headlines once again with the release of their already released single “What?”. The blockbuster pop anthem dominated Twitter and YouTube trending list in the Philippines for several days, with #SB19WHATMVOutNow taking the top spot on the former’s worldwide trends for hours. To date, the music video of “What?” has reached more than 11 million views on YouTube in less than 3 months, becoming one of the most viewed MVs in the Philippines in 2021 thus far.

SB19 made history as the first Filipino act to be nominated at the prestigious 2021 Billboard Music Awards (BBMA)—the show aired live from the Microsoft Theater on May 23 on NBC. The multi-awarded boyband went up against Ariana Grande, BTS, BLACKPINK, and SEVENTEEN for Top Social Artist, a fan-voted category whose winner is determined based on streaming and social engagement, as well as global fan voting.

“We are honored to release our first extended play,” says the group SB19. “We really appreciate our fans from all around the world and are continuously working hard to make new music for them. We have achieved so much because of them, especially this last year and are super thankful to be where we’re at.”

The acclaimed pop group is no stranger to earning recognition overseas. The quintet, which is composed of Pablo, Josh, Stell, Ken, and Justin, has consistently paved the way for Pinoy-Pop (P-Pop). Thanks to their tightly choreographed sets, captivating stage presence, and top-notch vocals, the award-winning group’s performances online and offline have gone viral and gained traction on various social media sites.

With the release of their 9-track album, Get In The Zone on July 31, 2020 via Sony Music Philippines, SB19 quickly rose to prominence with its eloquent showcase of dance-pop, R&B, hip-hop, and ballad. The songs in the debut record have amassed more than 50 million streams on Spotify and YouTube combined, making SB19 one of the most commercially successful groups of the last two years.

SB19 peaked at No. 2 in Billboard Social 50 chart, just behind BTS and above global superstars BLACKPINK, EXO, and Billie Eilish, and reached the top 5 of the Billboard Emerging Artists chart a week later. Two months after the record’s release, SB19 hit a No. 2 peak in Billboard LyricFind Global due to the renewed attention that their previous single “Go Up” has been getting more than a year after it was released. On the Billboard Year-End Charts Social 50 Artists, SB19 extended their record as the only Southeast Asian act to reach the top 10, ranking 6th overall.

Kevan Kenney of MTV US revealed that SB19 is the Most Requested Artist of the Year for 2020 on MTV Friday Livestream, topping the charts for 24 weeks straight. The Filipino group was also MTV Asia’s Asia Spotlight Artist of the Month for August 2020, and the majority of its music videos reached No. 1 on several music channels, including Pinoy MYX Top 10 and MYX Daily Top 10. ShowBreak, their mini-variety series, which run for 4 seasons, have racked up more than 13 million views so far.

The globally recognized group also achieved a record for the most awarded act in the Philippines for 2020, reaping accolades from various award-giving bodies in music and entertainment. 

In terms of reach, SB19 has brought pride to the Philippines with their growing global audience from UAE, South Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, China, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, and Hong Kong. Fan-initiated billboards across Asia, from South Korea to Japan, the Philippines to Hong Kong were set up in various strategic locations to coincide with the boyband’s promo campaigns. In China alone, SB19 caught the attention of music fans when a random person uploaded a version of “What?” on the social media site, Weibo with Chinese subtitles. The music video ended up as one of the most searched tags on the platform, and managed to rack up millions of views on a daily basis.

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Multi-platinum Pop trio Cheat Codes, popularly known for their smash single “No Promises” (feat. Demi Lovato), follow their highly-anticipated debut album Hellraisers, Pt. 1 and lead single “Lean On Me” featuring Tinashe, with the release of “Never Love You Again.” The genre-blending single is a collaboration with Grammy award-winning Country group Little Big Town, who recently performed their hit “Wine, Beer, Whiskey” live at the 56th Academy of Country Music Awards. The catchy Summer anthem also features British singer-songwriter and certified hit-maker Bryn Christopher, who’s single with Sigala, “Sweet Lovin’,” reached number 3 on the UK singles chart and has over 500 million streams across platforms.

“ Never Love You Again” is available now on all digital streaming services, found HERE

British Soul and R&B vocalist Bryn Christopher is known for his impactful voice and songwriting. He has written songs for musicians such as Louis Tomlinson and The Vamps. His debut single, “The Quest,” was featured on the popular medical drama Grey’s Anatomy and his collaboration with British DJ Sigala, “Sweet Lovin’,” reached number 3 on the UK singles chart and has over 500 million streams across platforms. Last year, he released the smash collaboration “No Therapy” with Felix Jaehn, and most recently teamed up with Dillon Francis on “Unconditional.”

“Super excited to collaborate with Cheat Codes and Little Big Town on this song!! It had started out as a pop/dance record so to hear Little Big Town jump on it and turn it into what you hear now, was a dream,” said Bryn Christopher. “I really can’t wait to get to sing it live all together – that will be such a special moment!”

Cheat Codes have always been known to cross into every corner of the genre spectrum with past collaborations showcasing their musical range by working with everyone from Trippie Red and blackbear to Demi Lovato and Sofia Reyes. One genre they’ve never crossed into but always dreamed of is Country and as huge fans of the genre, Little Big Town is one of their favorite acts. “Never Love You Again” marks a new step for Cheat Codes as they enter the Country space and continue to expand their musical diversity with a powerful song that blends each artists’ distinct strengths to perfection – Cheat Codes’ dance pop production, Little Big Town’s intricate vocal harmonies, and Bryn  Christopher’s soulful style.

“We love to cross genres with our music and Never Love You Again gave us a natural opportunity to make it happen,” said Cheat Codes. “We hope this song finds everyone enjoying their summer with friends and family!  We can’t wait to see you all on the road.”

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Megan Barbera Unleashes Vibrant New Single

A therapist and advocate for mental health, Hudson Valley based singer/songwriter and story-teller, Megan Barbera, knows how to bring people together. Drawing in her audience with her detail-oriented lyrics, Megan takes her listeners on a vivid journey with each song she produces. Megan’s past accomplishments include the production of three albums: Zig Zag to the Sea (2010), Bluebird Sky (2017) and All We Cannot See (2021). She has also produced two singles, one released in May of this year (Be Careful with Your Words), and the other, her most recent single, No Ordinary Thing. Megan’s musical talents have also garnered the attention of Examiner.com, Indie-Music News’ Top 25 songs for 2011, and the following brands: Mela Purdie (an Australian clothing line), Naturalizer Shoes and San Miguel Beverage Co.

No Ordinary Thing focuses on the magical art of connection, with Megan reflecting on the time you come across someone (or something) who will accept you as you are. She sings, “You hung out for a while and shared a secret smile; And when you two touched hands you said, must’ve been made for me.” She then goes on to reference the excitement and spur of the moment adventures that you want to go on with the person (or animal, in this case) who accepts you wholeheartedly.

Megan showcases an array of influence the Hudson Valley has on her music: guitar, harmonica, drums, sirens, roosters, birds chirping, muffled conversation in the background, a clap of thunder and the chime from a bicycle bell. The culmination of these sounds also brings out Megan’s influence of folk and roots music, along with her inspiration for local culture, human-animal bonds, personal growth and family life (similar to artists like Tom Petty, Lucinda Williams and Natalie Merchant).

Megan contends, the “song basically wrote itself”, and expresses, “This song was inspired by the bond we share with animals and the lessons they teach us. Each comes into our life offering a new lesson for us to learn about ourselves.” Throughout the song, she gives the listener a sense of excitement about going on an adventure with their furry companion, hoping their fun times will never come to an end.        

We love that Megan Barbera is able to connect with her audience through relatable lyrics and catchy melodies. “Every once in a blue moon, something or someone exceptional comes along and loves us wholly and completely just as we are. A little bit of magic that finds us when we least expect it. Serendipity has a knack for finding us. And helping us begin anew. This is No Ordinary Thing.” Megan’s light and playful song, No Ordinary Thing, is available on SoundCloud and will be available soon for pre-order. Be on the lookout for the accompanying music video as well!

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Shaun Johnson + The Big Band Experience Unleashes “This Old Man”

Shaun Johnson + The Big Band Experience has done it again with their single “This Old Man”. A beautiful storytelling, “This Old Man” follows the tale of Johnson and his daughters. Sweet and personable, the lyrics reflect the lighthearted and warm tone the song casts. Its upbeat nature and electronic tones are a nice and refreshing change from the traditional big band sound Shaun Johnson usually goes for, and turns into a gentle lullaby. Not only does his latest release have a youthful sound, but soulful lyrics to note. Sung elegantly, words such as “I’ll never grow up” find their way along the song’s trail. Made to match the “This Old Man” lullaby, the melody and rhythm of Johnson’s release stay in perfect step with its familial theme. 

As the story of “This Old Man” progresses, the audience learns how Johnson tells his children he’s “got one more lullaby” to sing to them, and how “this old man’s not letting go”. Sentimental and serene, these lyrics put a gentle reality into the story that makes it that much more authentic.

With a masterful voice and exquisite instrumentalization, Shaun Johnson proves that an artist can excel in multiple genres in the music industry. Still Big Band but now also Singer-Songwriter, a delightful mix of genre-bending songs await Johnson’s fans and new audiences alike. Despite the lack of traditional big band sounds, “This Old Man” does have classic roots like the big band era song “What’ll I Do”. A tune equally sentimental, Johnson considers it a meaningful influence and emotional tour de force. Desiring a similar effect, Johnson wrote “This Old Man” to match that spirit, “a song with a universal message that is hopeful but bittersweet, a relatable lyric that touches on melancholy and memory”. 

Jon Steele Reveals “Mig the Pig”

Jon Steele is not the kind of musician you’ll hear on the radio. He’s a unique artist that uses his life experiences as inspiration in his songs. Sometimes, he takes inspiration in the strangest of places. For example, his song “Mig the Pig” was actually inspired by a movie. “I wrote this song based on a Stephen Spielberg film called the Duel. Where a crazed man chases a car driver around In a Diesel semi-truck all story long. I got the idea for putting the sound of a semi-truck starting its engine at the beginning and ending of the song.” 

“Mig the Pig” is very much on the Avant Garde side of rock music, with the sound of pigs and a truck woven in and melodically atonal. There isn’t much the listener can grasp onto and say “Hey that’s a groovy beat.” But that’s the point. It’s not meant to be a song that has you tapping your foot. It’s meant to be a narrative, one of disconnect. He says that “Mig the pig is also a character I made up as someone who is demanding and relentless in his life’s perfection.” The way he uses the pig noises in the song symbolizes that disconnect further, between man and nature and man and self.

The lyrics are sung in a more spoken word form than harmonic singing. He says “I perform the vocals, write the lyrics and play the drums on this track. I had some help putting the pig noises in the song. My vocals are just me talking mainly.”

Jon Steele’s unique style of storytelling is one that should be listened to more often. He really makes you think about the meaning behind his words and his intentions behind his songwriting. You won’t listen to anything else like Jon. He has this ability to grab your attention and run with that for as long as he can. He’ll make you realize that anything and everything is music. Not every musician can do it and Jon does it well.