The Future is Certainly Calling for Todd Omohundro

Singer-Songwriter Todd Omohundro recently released his Original Jazz Rock album, The Future is Calling. His unique melodies and poetic, yet poignant lyrics are what make the album whole.

Todd Omohundro has sung with Pink, Chicago, Broadway Stars, The Philadelphia Orchestra, The Philly Pops, taught music to thousands of kids as a Pennsylvania Public School Music Teacher (directed 8 Broadway Jr. school musicals) and the musical journey continues! Todd was born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and grew up in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. As a little boy he was ALWAYS enraptured with music… 

In 1977, Todd O saw Chicago perform in Hershey Pennsylvania and stood right in front of Terry Kath and basically had a mystical experience. He knew right then he wanted to be a musician who fused together jazz, rock, pop, classical and world music styles that gave people a joy in their souls that is magical! Other major influences were seeing Billy Joel and Sting at the Spectrum in Philadelphia, seeing River Dance in London with Michael Flatley before it hit big and performing at A Dueling Piano bar at 8th & Market Streets in Philadelphia for 5 years. Todd O has performed over 6000 times the last 25 years while being a public school music teacher including singing with the legendary jazz-rock group Chicago, Pink, The Philly Pops Festival Chorus and The Philadelphia Orchestra. Todd currently teaches in the Wissahickon School District, doing music theater, a drum line, chorus, strings and a school rock band. Todd has experienced a very rich musical life. Todd is a member of the Broadway Dreams Music Theater Community and even played a “detective” extra in the movie Law Abiding Citizen starring Gerard Butler and Jamie Foxx.

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Talia Keys Is on a Roll with “Born in the Light”

Talia Keys is a foot-stomping, jaw-dropping soul-funk-rock n’ roll heavy hitting artist. Advocating for human rights Talia uses her music to convey a message of growth, awareness, and love. Promoting compassion and respect for our Earth and one another. “Music is very healing. If I can inspire just one person a show, I feel I am doing something right!” The latest single “Born In The Light,” is vibrant rock piece that is laced with a dash of soul. With bold and bright horns that surround Talia’s voice, the song comes together like a musical explosion that will have you craving more.

Talia shares of the single:
My song “Born In The Light” is about the struggle you feel being different. Music is my therapy and so is nature. I wrote this song down in the deserts of Moab Utah. Inspired by the beauty, silence and stars. I am a loud, outspoken queer woman, I’ve lost countless “jobs” and fans who wanted me to stay silent and practically go back in the closet. This song is my answer to them. “You Can’t Change Who I am, Cause I was Born In The Light!” 

Recorded with my band The Love with special guests Omega Horns, we are so excited to share this song with you! 

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Stardust Crush’s Video for their Latest Single is Thick with Symbolism

Seattle based music project, Stardust Crush, lead by Chris Hill, just released their music video for their groovy song “The Gravity of the Goddess (No One Else Can Dance Like You).” The psychedelic rock and chill-pop song sounds like that of The Grateful Dead meets Pink Floyd. Inspired by a friend of his who was going through a hard and dark time, Chris initially wrote this song for him. He hoped that this song would help his friend out of the dark, and eventually “The Gravity of the Goddess” was born.

“The piano part made me think about a specific friend going through a hard time and I realized the song was writing itself to be encouraging to them…I was just along for the ride,” shares Chris. “I want people to know that they have more strength inside themselves than they realize.”

Watch here:

“‘The Gravity of the Goddess’ video reveals how things seemingly juxtaposed are actually connected at a deeper level,” shares Chris. “Such as walking through the woods day and night or a film of boxing juxtaposed against lyrics about dancing. A small spinning Earth travels through an evergreen forest located upon its own spherical body… It is still at home even as it travels and so are you. You will encounter obstacles along your own yellow brick road through space but you can overcome them by knowing your self-worth…This knowledge is the key to the Emerald City.”

Chris Hill tells us to embrace the dark, because there is always light at the end. He hopes to bring out the inner strength within us all. The vigor of the music, the build up of sounds in the chorus, is the symbol of your inner warrior, who is fighting the battle of self-acceptance and self-love within ourselves. The joy and fearlessness in the music is a sign that that inner warrior is winning

You can find Chris Hill via:

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Following his signing with 300 Entertainment and the release of his highly-anticipated album Young Fel 2 in October, trailblazing rapper, singer, songwriter, instrumentalist and producer Felly, popularly known for the soulful “Heartstrings” with Carlos Santana and swagger-filled “Cheap Cheap” with Jack Harlow, has released his inspiring and philosophical new documentary “WAVES,” available today on YouTube HERE



The documentary gives fans a never-before-seen behind-the-scenes look at Felly’s incredible, multi-dimensional story as well as the making of his newest album, Young Fel 2. The eleven and a half minute video tells the story of Felly with video footage throughout his musical career. Sharing details of Felly as a person, the video highlights sources of inspiration, including his many introspective and often philosophical thoughts, and gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the making of his indie/hip hop/alt pop Young Fel 2 album. You can spot exciting scenes with UFC Superstar Jorge Masvidal and surging musicians like Dominic Fike (“3 Nights” – 650M), Landon Cube (“Red Roses” w/ Lil Skies – 600M), and more.

Speaking of the documentary, Felly stated, “WAVES is the quickest way to get to know me as a person and artist. It captures where my head has been the past 5-6 years, up until dropping my most recent album Young Fel 2. It goes in depth on the process of finding my sound, getting closer to myself and to my fans along the way. I feel like this doc is as important as the album – in terms of where I’ve been and where I’m heading…I’m a work in progress and always will be. There’s no destination here and that’s a good thing.”

“WAVES” comes one month after the video for his album track “Bones,” the album release and the significant announcement of his signing with 300 Entertainment, one of the largest independent record labels in the world and home to Megan Thee Stallion, Young Thug, Gunna and many more. Young Fel 2 consists of fourteen masterfully-crafted songs that showcase a culmination of Felly’s signature creative rap flow, supreme lyricism, diverse and unforgettable production, and beaming energy, while also clearly displaying evolved songwriting and growth as an artist. The project and its production have influences from a variety of genres and evoke a spectrum of feelings, beginning with the laidback and vibey focus track, “Fresh Water.” Other standout songs of the project include the upbeat and infectious hip-hop track “Fire Out Back,” the slower-paced and folk-influenced “Open Door,” and the deeply personal final song “Black Van.”

Parks N’ Rec Comes Alive with New Release

Parks N’ Rec is the new project from Canadian singer Marco DiFelice (Supergarage), songwriter, music supervisor (Orphan Black, Lost Girl). In collaboration with several producers at Self Titled Studios, Parks N’ Rec deals with lost love, polarizing societies, and self-renewal. 

In May 2021, Marco unveiled an album, Wish I Was Here, recorded in Central and South America. This process of releasing music while abroad is once again at the core of his forthcoming songs.

This fall, DiFelice conceived “the year that everything changed” in New York City, with a nostalgic and epic feel. While a deeply personal song, it taps into the mood and vibration of a whole world, experiencing a shared challenge. The last lyric, ”a blessing and a curse” sums it all up. 

Parks N’ Rec shares:

I am telling the story of reflection and acceptance; adaption and redefinition. 

After spending nine months in remote parts of Central and South America, I landed in New York City this fall. The shock of that transition combined with witnessing a metropolis hoping for a revival was interesting. I wanted to capture that recalibration of human behaviour, and the beauty of that challenge. You’ll hear a melancholic mood that comes from a place of strength.   

The single artwork is taken from the Hubble Space Telescope of stars populating globular clusters. The video was produced with edits of that celestial footage. The video hopes to encourage the journey and offer new perspective.  

Nue Delivers the Goods on Epic New Single

Toronto rapper and singer Nue is a true creative – pushing boundaries, fitting square pegs in round holes. His music is vibey, edgy, with pop, electro and rock elements, and big on melody. You could say he has an underground sensibility with global accessibility. He’s smashing up parameters, but writing some of the catchiest songs you will hear this year.

Dreamy new track, “Thousand Times,” is about Nue’s lifestyle where the party never ends. With a spaced out, grunge feel, “Thousand Times” also features string melodies that evoke classical vibes.