Major Love Event Releases Self-Titled Debut


Hailing from Portland, Major Love Event share their vibrant and energetic new record, Major Love Event. Throughout the album we hear a duo that is surely charming their way into our hearts.  Made up of longtime friends Rebecca Van Damm and C.k. Koch, they bring an insightful and heartfelt sound to the table that speaks volumes. Standout tracks such as the first single “Sandy Sound,” show the heart and soul of the band, as Van Damm’s vocal work is heaven. The instrumentation on the album flows throughout as they bring a unique sound like no other to the table.  8-tracks strong, it speaks volumes for the group who will surely have a long career ahead of them.

Major Love Event’s self-titled debut is out today.

A is for Atom is Back with “No Signal”


“No Signal” is the newest creation of the composer under the alias A is for Atom. Filled with ambient synths and a driving beat, this song is meant for those late night drives home. The female harmony by Clara Lofaro adds a mystic feel to the track so that if fills an entire room with its hypnotic vibe A is for Atom has composed. Graduated from both NYU and Julliard for sound engineering, A is for Atom is no newcomer to the music scene. However, this single shows that he is ready to explore avenues he had strayed from before. We’re excite to hear what A is for Atom has up his sleeve for us!

Listen to: A is for Atom “No Signal”, here:

Planets Bring on “Reflections”

Planets is the brainchild of musician Matthew Morgan, who has just revealed his first single, “Reflections.” With the help an enchanting female vocalist, the song comes to life with indie-pop tendencies. Bringing together the majestic, the energetic and the raw, the nostalgic sounds Matthew creates are a journey of well-crafted stories told through his music. An accomplished pianist, composer, songwriter & sound designer, Morgan has scored multiple films, including the award-winning short Volition and the award-winning feature, A Band of Rogues.
Take a listen to Planet‘s “Reflections” here:


the lunas

Vancouver’s indie rock quartet, The Lunas, released their new EP A Curious Life on June 9th and it’s gooood….
Frontman James Priestner, a former teenage hockey star en route to the NHL faced a personal and professional dilemma at a young age after discovering a passion for the arts while backpacking through Europe, Thailand, Southeast Asia and Japan. He explains, “Getting out into the world, meeting people, and seeing things firsthand made me realize there was a lot more out there than the rink and stopping hockey pucks.“ 50 countries later this Vancouver-based foursome delivered an EP that will delight you if you like Cage The Elephant and Modest Mouse. Aside from Priestner, Ian Cardona is on drums and vocals; Lubo Ivan on guitar; and Chad Watson on bass and vocals. The result is cathartic alt-rock with ominous textured verses that yield to choruses that soar with arena-ready melodicism.
The A Curious Life EP processes deeply personal struggles and life experiences with elegantly emotive lyrics and song structures that pair moody verses with uplifting hook-laden choruses. “I like to observe, put myself in other people’s shoes, and imagine their raw internal dialogue as they work through experiences and emotions,” Priestner says.
The EP’s leadoff single, “Until I’m Dead,” boasts jagged alt-rock hooks and an arty swagger. The track’s pent-up emotionality points to an internal struggle interpreted by its accompanying video which wrestles over complex life and career choices. Do you take the safe route with a conventional career path, or do you forge a creative path and head out for the unknown? It’s an intriguing message given Priestner’s own life path. Other highlights include the steamy, blues-tinged “Wicked Ways” and the jangly indie-pop of the instantly memorable title track.
Listen via Bandcamp:


ANASIA Brings the Eclectic “ANASIA5MICE”


ANASIA is the solo project from composer and conductor Leanna Primiani. Sharing hew debut EP under the moniker today, Anasia5Mice, she brings to the table and eclectic and noteworthy sound that has us on the edge of our seats. The first single and track to peak our interest is “5Song,” which showcases her abilities as both a songwriter and performer.
Throughout the record we hear soncially induced tones as she allures and captivates with every listen. It’s bold, it’s vibrant, it’s noteworthy…it’s magical. What ANASIA accomplishes on the EP is what most artists strive to accomplish throughout their entire career…and that’s saying something. It is safe to say that ANASIA has a long and steady musical journey ahead of her and we can’t wait what she has hiding up her sleeve next.

ANASIA’s  Anasia5Mice is out today via iTunes, here:

23rd Hour Share “Same Things”

23rd hour cover

Singer-songwriters and multi instrumentalists Sherry-Lynn Lee and George Paolini, had a chance meeting at an open mic that transformed unlikely bedfellows into sympathetic artistic souls.  The duo, who perform as 23rd Hour, debuted Perfect Strangers a body of work that melds eclectic and urbane musicality with pop accessibility and poetic sentiments.

Singer Sherry-Lynn Lee says of their most recent standout track:

“I was inspired to write this song about a friend of mine who was in an inter-racial relationship and her family strongly disapproved. It was a difficult time for her. It was hard for her to know that her relationship was causing her family anxiety, but at the same time, she was very upset by the fact that her family, the people she grew up with and loved, could make such racist comments. The other issue was, how does she talk about that to her love without making him feel bad? Without giving him reasons to hate her family? Should she worry about hurting her family when they were clearly in the wrong? That’s what the verses are about. The pre-chorus goes “maybe it’s right to think we deserve better”, meaning we deserve the right to be in love with whoever we choose. The chorus emphasizes that we can be very compatible despite apparent differences.”

23rd Hour was created after a chance meeting at a coffee house transformed unlikely bedfellows Sherry-Lynn Lee and George Paolini into sympathetic artistic souls. They come from different backgrounds, genres and eras, but when their individual aesthetics intertwine, they hit that sweet spot of subtle adventurousness epitomized by artists such as James Taylor, Joni Mitchell, Norah Jones, and The Civil Wars. Their debut album Perfect Strangers wraps visceral stories with clever wordplay and elements of jazz, classical, rock, folk and pop. Their sound is notably organic, employing acoustic instruments and, when electric, a very clean, unprocessed tone.

Listen to “Same Things” here: