Charissa Reveals Bold New Single “Scars and All”

Drawing from her twin passions for Americana and classic soul, Charissa weaves new, original stories that are at times gleefully hopeful, tearfully heartbreaking, and always a perfect blend of modern and timelessness.

Her new single, “Scars and All,” a confessional yet laid back country track, is about wanting someone to accept you for all that you are. 

Instead of trying to change who you are, it’s important to recognize that we are all made up of  the good, the bad, and the in-between. Charissa uses this song to admit that she isn’t perfect – no one is – and owns it anyway.

Crissi Cochrane Reveals Soulful New Single

Singer-songwriter Crissi Cochrane’s sultry, soulful music is an original blend that honours her East Coast folk roots and abiding love of jazz, retro pop, and classic soul. The end result is a musicality that is delicate, profound, and powerful. Since going viral on Spotify with more than 13 million plays of her album Little Sway, recording and performing artist Crissi Cochrane is beloved for her silky vocals, expert songwriting, and fierce musicianship. 

“Why” is a bittersweet ode to missed connections and unrequited love; always crossing paths at the wrong time, and desperately wishing that love will get a chance to bloom and become something special.

Ryan Bourne Comes Alive with “Wasted World”

Calgary indie mainstay Ryan Bourne has a new single to share from Plant City, his upcoming solo album which blends idiosyncratic takes on garage pop, glammed-out rock cruisers, baroque pop, and dark psych-folk.

Wasted World” captures the mess of being lovesick amidst a manic loss of control through distorted, guitar driven new wave. 

The melody for “Wasted World” came from a dream, with lyrics playing on the theme of having hopelessly fallen in love. “I got this sickness” – all the ecstatic, nauseating overwhelm of dopamine rushing and brain chemicals swirling.

Elise Boulanger Comes to Life on “It Started in the Garden”

Chamber-Folk-Pop artist Elise Boulanger is a haunting vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and environmental advocate hailing from Nanaimo (Snuneymuxw), Canada. Influenced by nature, she creates cinematic dreamscapes of ethereal vocals, resonant strings and rhythmic energies.

“It Started in the Garden” is her new single with shimmering, tormented string passages and howling vocals. “It’s more than a dark and moody love story, of when you do something you love with someone you love and then they turn around and do it with someone else.” explains Boulanger. “As a passionate environmentalist, I’ve partnered with environmental organizations to raise awareness for the indelible importance of biodiversity in the face of climate change.”

Nicole Haber Reveals “Took It Too Far”

Nicole Haber, a Toronto electro-pop artist, emerged onto the music scene in 2018 with her debut EP, Vibes, in collaboration with Spaced Out Records. 

Fast forward three years and her music has been heard by over 150,000 listeners worldwide, played in over 50 countries, put on 100+ playlists, showcased on numerous blogs and featured on local stages.

Now Nicole is returning with “Took It Too Far,” a dynamic and melodically rich electro-pop song about the experience of an old friend cutting herself from Nicole’s life completely last year.

Took It Too Far” explores how easy it can be to grow apart from someone, allowing Nicole to speak her peace in an empowering way and share her side of the situation.

Darryl Kissick Comes to Life with “My Sunshine”

Darryl Kissick of the band Foxwarren lives in Regina, Saskatchewan. On October 8, Kissick released a solo full-length album titled My Sunshine. The album was mixed by Jon Anderson (Andy Shauf, Aidan Knight, etc.) and mastered by Philip Shaw Bova (Bahamas, Lido Pimienta, etc.).  Artwork by Darryl’s father, Larry Kissick. The album came from a long, tedious self-produced process, one that really could have had no end, except for when he stopped recording.

“I began recording this album many years ago and struggled to finish it.  The ideas would accumulate in bursts and then sit untouched for months at a time as work and family commitments took precedent.  Finally, after releasing and touring behind the last Foxwarren album, I felt inspired to finish this project.  Beginning in the summer of 2019, I began trudging through old hard drives, compiling tracks, rewriting lyrics, manipulating vocals and instruments, and ultimately trying to make sense of the dozens of songs I had started.”