SHōTA LōDI Entices with Grey Beanie Mix of “Time Was On Our Side”

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SHōTA LōDI stuns with the latest track  “Time Was On Our Side,” mixed by Grey Beanie.  SHōTA LōDI (pronounced “Show-Ta”) hails from Southern California and entices from start to finish with an eclectic and unique sound that will have you craving more of his ambitious sound. A bit of neo-soul, pop and hip hop come into play as he carefully crafts songs that will stand the test of time. “Time Was On Our Side,” was mixed by Grey Beanie this time around to bring an added dose of freshness to the table. SHōTA LōDI’s DIY approach means his approach brings a new perspective to the world.

Garnering critical acclaim, he has collaborated with a number of DJs, and his featured song “Party Girl” with Groovy Workshop landed him at #1 on the iTunes Japan EP Chart. “Time Was On Our Side,” ft. The Golden Pony also came in at #3 on the Spotify Norway  and found itself at 9th Place on the Spotify Taiwan Viral Chart TOP 50. The song was also intriguing to The Chainsmokers, who had shared the track on their official Soundcloud page.

Listen to the Grey Beanie mix of “Time Was On Our Side” ….you won’t be sorry!

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Carolee Rainey is a Delight on New Single

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Carolee Rainey has just unveiled her new track “Empower,” a bold piece for the artist. Her heaven-scent vocals are a breath of fresh air as the stunning track tells a deeper story behind it. For a good amount of time, Carolee did a bit of soul searching into other artistic fields as she stepped away from music. Inspired by a Rickie Lee Jones concert, she rediscovered her passion and love for writing and performing music in a whole new way. The result of her comeback is “Empower,” which proves she is stronger than ever. Penning an impressive 80 songs in the span of 6 months, Carolee is a woman of many ambitions. The result is a captivating single that is the warm-up to 2-mini albums she will release over 2018. We are eager to hear what Carolee Rainey has to offer up next…our ears are delighted!
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Travis Hewett Unveils New Song “Around Me”

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Breaking barriers in 2018, Travis Hewett is a name to watch. A multi-genre artist and producer, he hails from Australia. Now bringing his sound to the states, he comes with an eclectic mix of hip hop and  R&B that will draw you in with every listen. Recently dropping his new track “Around Me” (featuring HEYITSLUKA) his musicianship comes to life. A classical guitarist at heart, he draws inspiration from his surrounding world, the track is fresh and sleek as it shows his musical upbringing. The follow up to his standout debut single “Running,” Hewett shows no sign of slowing down.

We’re excited to hear what he has to bring as we dive deeper into the new year.


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Angela Soffe Delights on Latest Single


Songstress Angela Soffe is back at it again with her newest single in tow “Freedom “. The follow up to her last single “Rocks” she offers up once again a unique sound that is relatable and very much her own. On the track her vocals paint a beautiful portrait of imagery, as it is surrounded by an enticing bed of music. The stunning piece definitely will catch your ears as the story it tells hits home for many. The artist who has been making waves in a major way over the past couple of months, shows no signs of slowing down. What’s next for Angela Soffe? We’ll have to wait and see!

FLOW Enlightens on New Record


FLOW entices with their eclectic record debut which has been garnering quite a bit of attention. The group made up of  Fiona Joy, Lawrence Blatt,Jeff Oster and Will Ackerman  bring a delightful and heavenly sound that grabbed my ears immediately. On the album we hear a combination of musicians who work in perfect harmony together. Truly a labor of love, it is evident the time and effort that FLOW puts into their music. Classic elements of perfectly harmonized instrumentation hovers like a dream overhead. FLOW is bound to be a breakout hit among the New Age circuit. Check them out, below! You will not want to miss out.

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Elena Andujar is On Fire with “Flamenco in Time”

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Elena Andujar stuns with her latest release “Flamenco in Time,” which combines epic elements of Flamenco, Dance and Spanish Urban. The songstress who was raised on a heavy dose of music in her hometown of Sevilla, her skillfully crafted songs are clearly a labor of love.

As she takes us on a journey for the 7-song release, we hear an artist that is steadily breaking the barriers on her own terms. As we discover pieces on the album such as “What It Is (Matt’s Peak Hour Mix) and lead single “El Despertador (Club Mix)” she proves to have a staying power in the music world. Bursts of energy are placed strategically on the record, which brings a beauty like no other in the game right now.

With production help from MyMy Lady G, MadyY “Pepper” Gomez, and Matt Warren she recalls artists such as Sia and Inna who her spirit wraps around. Released at the tail end of last year, “Flamenco in Time” will certainly make your way into your 2018 favorites, as it has already mine.

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