Carolee Rainey is a Delight on New Single

Screenshot 2018-03-23 at 3.43.46 PM.png
Carolee Rainey has just unveiled her new track “Empower,” a bold piece for the artist. Her heaven-scent vocals are a breath of fresh air as the stunning track tells a deeper story behind it. For a good amount of time, Carolee did a bit of soul searching into other artistic fields as she stepped away from music. Inspired by a Rickie Lee Jones concert, she rediscovered her passion and love for writing and performing music in a whole new way. The result of her comeback is “Empower,” which proves she is stronger than ever. Penning an impressive 80 songs in the span of 6 months, Carolee is a woman of many ambitions. The result is a captivating single that is the warm-up to 2-mini albums she will release over 2018. We are eager to hear what Carolee Rainey has to offer up next…our ears are delighted!
Listen to “Empower” here:
Connect with Carolee Rainey here:

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