Interview: Getting Creative with DJ Found Dead


DJ Found Dead has certainly been on our musical radar lately. Recently we reviewed his latest EP, DAN$, which caught our attention immediately. Breaking barriers with his poetic rhymes and unstoppable beats, we were able to catch up with DJ Found Dead, for an insightful interview about his creative endeavors, which you will find below.

Releasing 3 EPs in the span of one year, what was the reason for releasing the songs in installments instead of 1 full album?

I don’t really think that ‘the album’ holds much value in today’s music market. I tend to think for too long then dump 5 – 10 songs from my brain. It makes sense to have them grouped as one decent sized mental shi~ for people to listen to.

With a strong love and appreciation for poetry, which started at an early age, what key elements fascinated you? How do you take the elements you studied in poetry and bring them into your lyrics and rhymes?

I’ve always loved alliteration. There’s something neat about discreet meaning in things that aren’t too preconceived.

What artists and musicians influenced you while growing up? Alternately, were there any specific poets that you looked up to as well, especially when finding the voice of your lyrics?

I was really into rock & metal until my cousin got me ripped on hash oil and played me Snoop Dog, Doggystyle on a stolen car stereo when I was 13 years old. Lyrically, I’ve always taken influences from my friends and the slang that they’ve used.

What is the meaning behind your name, DJ Found Dead? How did you come up with the name?

I wanted to be the embodiment of every DJ in past and future existence…..

Also I worked in a club where a DJ tripped too hard and died hiding in the wall. He wasn’t found for months. When I worked there the bartender would Febreeze the shit out of the corner by the sound booth (where I stood all night) but we just couldn’t shake the smell.

How would you describe the current Canadian hip hop scene?

Fragmented and lacking a strong identity.

With the release of 3 EPs in 2015, what does 2016 hold for DJ Found Dead?

More music, more visuals, more me. My ongoing pursuit of internet money and francais honey’s. If I’m lucky, more douchey answers to interview questions.

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DJ Found Dead Releases “DAN$”


DJ Found Dead is the brainchild of Rock Trembath, a phenomenal DJ and rapper who calls Montreal, Canada home. Garnering a steady presence in the music realm, DJ Found Dead is crossing borders and launching his music into the world.

DJ Found Dead started to hone his skills at an early age, when he was first intrigued by poetry. His love of the art found new appreciation as he broke down the elements of the literature and decided to combine his love of rap music into the mix. This is evident in his new album DAN​$​E​.​ru, which has the ability to break barriers in 2016.

An easily accessible record, which explodes in your ears, DJ Found Dead cultivates a unique style that sets him apart from the rest. Tracks such as “Booze Bea$t” show his brilliant abilities and talent right off the bat. The record is filled with deep and relatable lyricism, strong instrumentation, and DJ Found Dead’s intriguing rhymes and vocals. Influenced by such acts as Dust Brothers, he takes elements of his inspirations and spins them into a unique, updated and reachable sound for the current times.

Heavy-hitters such as “Find Yer Fetish” brings a dance element into the record, which fits like a glove; It’s catchy-as-hell to say the least. “Omsk” which is a personal favorite on the record, combines rap with a dance edge that will appeal to the masses without a doubt.

His unique style is intertwined throughout DAN$, leaving a good impression of what DJ Found Dead is trying to accomplish. Closing out the EP is Ble$$ed, a haunting piece that opens with whispering vocals behind a prominent beat. The lyrics are heavy, and seem a bit more complicated within each listen; giving the track a deeper meaning. Every note, every rhyme and every beat on the record were carefully chosen, and it shows the amount of time and effort that was put into the tracks. In 2015, DJ Found Dead had released 3 EP’s, all of which you can find on Bandcamp, including DAN$ I highly suggest that you do…

Album Review: Thirsty – “Thirsty”


Thirsty is a London-based band that draws elements from the classic and subversive rock music of the 60’s. Headed by musician Guy Bailey (founder of The Quireboys) and Russian Poet, Irina D. the two bring together a blissful sound of rock n’ roll heaven with their latest tracks on their album Thirsty. Working in Guy’s South London recording studio, the band was able to hone their skills, and perfect the sound they were seeking while creating the record.

Brilliant instrumentation brings to life the set of 10-songs the group has to offer. For the new tracks, Thirsty had the honor of working with legendary Rolling Stones producer Chris Kimsey, who helped the band polish their musical skills; creating a batch of songs that are so authentically perfect and irresistible.  Upon listening, your ears will think their songs were actually written and recorded in the 60s (mission accomplished!).

For the songs, the group enlisted a help of a few notable friends, including Simon Hanson (drums for Death in Vegas, Squeeze), Chris Johnstone (bass for The Quireboys) and Lynne Jackson (backing vocals, Saint Jude). The storytelling in each piece will draw you deeper within every listen; this is one of the most important elements of their songwriting. Together Guy and Irina have created a sound that is perfectly crafted from start to finish, right down to every small detail.

Pieces such as “Donnie to Sunny” are haunting with brilliant lyricism, classic rock vocals, and intriguing instrumentation that are familiar, yet unique. Thirsty takes a classic sound, and brings in key essentials to make their sound their own.

A personal favorite “Surgery,” opens with intricate guitar playing that peaked my interest immediately. The notable background vocals work in perfect unison with Guy’s impeccable voice; bringing the true spirit of rock n’ roll to form.

Thirsty immediately became a favorite of mine, and I’m interested in hearing what else the band has in store for us this year, and down the line. Be sure to head over to their website and Soundcloud to take a listen to your new musical obsession.

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Album Review: Rainy Day Crush Bring “Calamity!” to the New Year


Rainy Day Crush has been on my radar for quite some time now. The indie-pop-rock outfit have been a bit M.I.A. for the past 10 (yes 10!) years, but are now back in full form with their new EP, Calamity! Clocking in at 5-tracks, the group offers up an insightful glimpse into their updated sound, which is filled to the brim with a vibrancy that brings to life the stellar musicianship within the band.

Rainy Day Crush have had their share of setbacks the past few years; everything from an unfortunate tour van crash to a band breakup that they almost didn’t get through. Though here we are in 2016, finding Rainy Day Crush reunited, and to be quite frank, better than ever.  The title of Calamity!  sure is fitting as the band has been to the end and back. 

Fronted by the sensational Betsey Ade on lead vocals (her voice is to die for), she is accompanied by Matt Specht (piano / guitar), Derek Schattl (bass) and Mike Wynn Jr. (drums). One thing that I instantly loved about the band was their three part vocal harmonies, and swapping of instruments (which is something they are very known for onstage). This reminds me of Canadian mainstays, and one of my all time favorite bands, Sloan. Their level of musicianship outshines the rest.

The first track off of Calamity! is the title track, which opens the record in full force. Right from the start Ade’s voice brings the album to life as she launches into song. The overall instrumentation of the group creates a unique vibrancy which proves the band means serious business (but has fun doing it!). The outstanding harmonies, are laced with swirling guitars that pull everything together. The next piece from the record, which was an immediate favorite of mine, is “Serpentine,” which brings a driving force into the Rainy Day Crush’s sound. This is one track I immediately had on repeat. It’s ambitious, boisterous and exciting as hell. The vocals are EPIC so be sure to crank up your stereo for this one!

“Have it All” shares a lighter side of the record, which has the song opening with gently strummed acoustic guitars and subtle whistling. Once again the phenomenal harmonies kick in adding a dose of light and a prominent display of the band’s skills. “Sticky” brings in a jazzy element to the record, featuring an intricate piano that will get you up and dancing in no time. I can only imagine what this track sounds like live, especially with the stunning vocal effort and work. Closing out the record is “My Own,” which is a lovely and fitting ending to the record. The group’s stellar instrumentation shines through once again creating an album that is unique, captivating and overall, one of the best I have experienced in months.

I highly suggest you pick up a copy of Rainy Day Crush’s Calamity!, for you will not be disappointed!

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