Album Review: Thirsty – “Thirsty”


Thirsty is a London-based band that draws elements from the classic and subversive rock music of the 60’s. Headed by musician Guy Bailey (founder of The Quireboys) and Russian Poet, Irina D. the two bring together a blissful sound of rock n’ roll heaven with their latest tracks on their album Thirsty. Working in Guy’s South London recording studio, the band was able to hone their skills, and perfect the sound they were seeking while creating the record.

Brilliant instrumentation brings to life the set of 10-songs the group has to offer. For the new tracks, Thirsty had the honor of working with legendary Rolling Stones producer Chris Kimsey, who helped the band polish their musical skills; creating a batch of songs that are so authentically perfect and irresistible.  Upon listening, your ears will think their songs were actually written and recorded in the 60s (mission accomplished!).

For the songs, the group enlisted a help of a few notable friends, including Simon Hanson (drums for Death in Vegas, Squeeze), Chris Johnstone (bass for The Quireboys) and Lynne Jackson (backing vocals, Saint Jude). The storytelling in each piece will draw you deeper within every listen; this is one of the most important elements of their songwriting. Together Guy and Irina have created a sound that is perfectly crafted from start to finish, right down to every small detail.

Pieces such as “Donnie to Sunny” are haunting with brilliant lyricism, classic rock vocals, and intriguing instrumentation that are familiar, yet unique. Thirsty takes a classic sound, and brings in key essentials to make their sound their own.

A personal favorite “Surgery,” opens with intricate guitar playing that peaked my interest immediately. The notable background vocals work in perfect unison with Guy’s impeccable voice; bringing the true spirit of rock n’ roll to form.

Thirsty immediately became a favorite of mine, and I’m interested in hearing what else the band has in store for us this year, and down the line. Be sure to head over to their website and Soundcloud to take a listen to your new musical obsession.

Be sure to check out the group via Soundcloud:

Thirsty Website:
Thirsty on Youtube:


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