Album Review: Rainy Day Crush Bring “Calamity!” to the New Year


Rainy Day Crush has been on my radar for quite some time now. The indie-pop-rock outfit have been a bit M.I.A. for the past 10 (yes 10!) years, but are now back in full form with their new EP, Calamity! Clocking in at 5-tracks, the group offers up an insightful glimpse into their updated sound, which is filled to the brim with a vibrancy that brings to life the stellar musicianship within the band.

Rainy Day Crush have had their share of setbacks the past few years; everything from an unfortunate tour van crash to a band breakup that they almost didn’t get through. Though here we are in 2016, finding Rainy Day Crush reunited, and to be quite frank, better than ever.  The title of Calamity!  sure is fitting as the band has been to the end and back. 

Fronted by the sensational Betsey Ade on lead vocals (her voice is to die for), she is accompanied by Matt Specht (piano / guitar), Derek Schattl (bass) and Mike Wynn Jr. (drums). One thing that I instantly loved about the band was their three part vocal harmonies, and swapping of instruments (which is something they are very known for onstage). This reminds me of Canadian mainstays, and one of my all time favorite bands, Sloan. Their level of musicianship outshines the rest.

The first track off of Calamity! is the title track, which opens the record in full force. Right from the start Ade’s voice brings the album to life as she launches into song. The overall instrumentation of the group creates a unique vibrancy which proves the band means serious business (but has fun doing it!). The outstanding harmonies, are laced with swirling guitars that pull everything together. The next piece from the record, which was an immediate favorite of mine, is “Serpentine,” which brings a driving force into the Rainy Day Crush’s sound. This is one track I immediately had on repeat. It’s ambitious, boisterous and exciting as hell. The vocals are EPIC so be sure to crank up your stereo for this one!

“Have it All” shares a lighter side of the record, which has the song opening with gently strummed acoustic guitars and subtle whistling. Once again the phenomenal harmonies kick in adding a dose of light and a prominent display of the band’s skills. “Sticky” brings in a jazzy element to the record, featuring an intricate piano that will get you up and dancing in no time. I can only imagine what this track sounds like live, especially with the stunning vocal effort and work. Closing out the record is “My Own,” which is a lovely and fitting ending to the record. The group’s stellar instrumentation shines through once again creating an album that is unique, captivating and overall, one of the best I have experienced in months.

I highly suggest you pick up a copy of Rainy Day Crush’s Calamity!, for you will not be disappointed!

Buy Calamity! via Bandcamp:

Official Site:

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