Moses Mikheyev Reveals the Cinematic Ballad “Fernanda, It’s All Right”

Moses Mikheyev

Singer/songwriter, author, and poet Moses Mikheyev, released his new alternative folk pop ballad “Fernanda, It’s All Right.”

Moses wrote the song after a particularly tough breakup, using writing songs, poems, and a novel titled “This Time Next Summer,” to help him get through it.

“I process emotional trauma by writing about it,” he reveals. “I tend to turn everything into a poem, a novel, or a song. Music is therapy. It saved my life, and I hope it can save yours, too.”

The song itself is similar to Lighthouse, Coldplay, or The Fray in its cinematic essence and poetic lyricism. The song is sung from the male character’s perspective, longing for the Fernanda. He imagines that a breakup never happened. In his mind, they are still happy.

The opening refrain goes “In her room she’s busy putting on her dress/ But in my mind she’s naked and she’s on my bed/ Somewhere in Seattle she is getting loved/ But in my mind I still think it’s the both of us.”

“Soren Kierkegaard once said, ‘What is a poet? An unhappy man who hides deep anguish in his heart, but whose lips are so formed that when the sigh and cry pass through them, it sounds like lovely music…’ I think that’s very true in the case of ‘Fernanda, It’s All Right,'” explains Moses. “The music was made possible through pain.”

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Video Voyager: Low Tide Levee’s Video for “Dang Diggy”

Low Tide Levee

Low Tide Levee is the newly emerging band of seasoned musicians featuring singer/songwriter, composer, drummer, pianist, and former marine biologist Amy Brookes as the primary creative force. She writes the songs, sings lead vocals and harmonies, and plays drums, percussion, and keyboard. Her husband, Sasha Ames, is the band’s bassist and, sometimes, studio guitarist, and the trio is rounded out by a guitarist.

The band just released their new single “Dang Diggy” and it’s accompanying video. The 60’s pop and progressive rock song was written during one of Amy’s jaunts to a local tea shop she used to frequent to get the creative juices flowing. She came up with this tune, not really expecting much from it, but it ended up being a band favorite.

The fun Claymation video depicts the character of Dang Diggy as an almost divine entity, throwing pies down onto the man below. This man is in a boat with nowhere to run from the pies, his only options are to jump out and swim or sit and take it. It’s a clear depiction of life through whatever it has down on you, good and bad.

We spoke to Amy about the video and what her ideas were:

Tell us the story of this song. Why did you choose to visualize this song specifically in this way?

Dang Diggy came to me during one of my jaunts to my local tea shop that I used to frequent, a unique kind of place to gather and chat with random strangers, while enjoying the subtleties and meditation of gongfu tea ceremony. I often used my walks there and my time sipping tea to invite in the creative process, and many a gem came and was captured with my voice memo or note app on my phone.

The words just came into my head, and I thought it was a fun, silly, trippy song that could be a camp song. Little did I know that my band would love it and we would turn it into a rock anthem. Each pie is a ridiculous stoner dream of an over- the-top kind of dessert that exceeds all reason and just sounds like heaven, even if it would in reality be too much. Eventually, I realized that this incredible mask we found for our music studio (aka the “Funk Palace”) *was* Dang Diggy, and that Dang Diggy was absolutely this non-gendered deity that hung about in the sky throwing down pies to whomever might be fortunate enough to receive them.

What was the inspiration behind this video (visuals, storyline, etc.)?

It was my dream to have a Claymation video showing the story of this character Dang Diggy, a deity-like being who hangs about in the sky throwing down all the different pies. I found someone on Fiverr (Aleksej Pezzi) who did really cool Claymation music videos, and we worked together on filling out the rest of the story and visuals. He proposed a number of different characters for the little creature receiving the pies, and I fell in love with one of them that was sort of Gumby-like with this big heart on its chest.  I liked the idea of the creature being in a boat since our band is very inspired by the ocean.  

What was the process of making this video? 

I wrote to Aleksej about the Dang Diggy mask (and sent photos) and the idea of a Claymation version of it throwing down pies, and we went through a process of sketches and proposals for each character’s look – starting with a sketch and progressing to a clay version.  He sent me a mock-up for each scene and we ironed out the details.  I wasn’t exactly keen on having Dang Diggy’s pie come out of its nose bathed in snot in one verse, but he kept it in and I just went with it (lol!!).  In the end, I wound up loving the whole little movie, it was beyond the sum of its parts and I was so delighted with the expression Aleksej created in each character as the story progresses.  No matter how many times I’ve viewed it now, it still cracks me up!  

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Premiere: emily + shawn Return with Their New Folk Single “you and i”

For Brooklyn-based modern folk duo emily + shawn, the stuff in life that makes a difference requires heavy lifting, and careful attention to detail. Their music is an authentic reflection of their lives. emily + shawn’s songs are informed by their ethics, their myriad of experiences and interests, and their day to day interactions, which they characterize sweetly as “healthy clashes.”

They just released their new acoustic folk ballad about finding love and connection in the smaller moments that usually get forgotten. It’s a tonal departure from their previous singles, but just as beautiful. It has a strong Mumford and Sons meets The Lumineers with an Ingrid Michaelson undertone.

“’you and i’ is a song we wrote about our life as both a music duo and as a couple,” shares the duo. “Memories of living in New York City are present throughout, and the pensive chord progression gives the listener an element of nostalgia we tried to create lyrically. We produced this with David Baron of The Lumineers and wanted to emulate their raw, stripped-down feeling within the folk-rock genre.”

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Low Tide Levee’s “Nautilus” is Hypnotic Psychedelic Rock at its Finest

The image of the sea at its lowest level—low tide—and the shore littered with an array of curiosities, presents a powerful metaphor for self-reflection. The idea of a “mental low tide” can be applied to those revelatory but fleeting moments after a hit of pot or a micro dose, or upon waking up from a vivid dream. They can even occur in a random jolt of inspiration where a buried desire comes into consciousness. 

“The name Low Tide Levee speaks to me on a lot of levels: I do love marine biology, I am a diver, and I am passionate about ocean conservation,” shares singer/songwriter, composer, and former Marine Biologist Amy Brookes. “The analogy of low tide symbolizing revealing things in our unconscious and subconscious is powerful for me. I am always drawn to looking at the strange and gross things after a low tide. Exploring those things metaphorically in our minds can be healing and powerful.” 

Low Tide Levee’s new psychedelic and classic rock single “Nautilus” symbolizes this idea of ocean tides meeting one’s mental tide. Inspired by a tiny Nautilus carving, a beautiful netsuke that Amy happened upon by luck while in a little shop one day. Originally a “riff song,” there are 3 distinct melodies in the song that all came together into song. Eventually, it came to Amy that she could feature the Nautilus character.

“Nautilus” flows a lot like the tide. The classic guitar riffs with the hypnotic beat and an island pop vocal style in Amy’s voice create an ebb and flow in the music. The energy is reminiscent of Pink Floyd meets Fleetwood Mac. It gives off a feels of sitting in the ocean and letting the tide take you away, drifting and floating with the water and current. Lyrically speaking, the listener is invited to journey down into the ocean, sinking beneath the waves with the surface sounds further and further away, and life slowing down.

“As the development of this song unfolded with lyrics emerging from my subconscious, it became about the wisdom of life, far beyond our human thinking ways, and the depth that exists if only we take the time to listen,” says Amy.

Listen here:

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Merlot Embargo Shares Their New Indie Pop Single “Not Gonna”

Merlot Embargo is the self-produced and independent indie pop duo recording music out of our home studio in LA, where they’re also raising their daughter Joanna. Their music is diverse but rooted in the classics. While they strive to make each song something unique and fresh, Scarlet’s sultry voice and Geoff’s groovy guitar-ing make it all feel like Merlot Embargo.

Some might even consider Scarlet and Geoff an unlikely duo: a seat-of-the-pants, army brat singer-songwriter, paired with a native Californian music school nerd and engineer by day. But the blending of their different approaches to music (and life) has helped them create music that’s provocative, but also real and approachable. They temper each other’s worst tendencies, and in their good moments, bring out the best qualities in each other.  Throw in their band, and it’s a collab made in heaven.

Merlot Embargo just released their new upbeat and catchy pop rock single, “Not Gonna,” a song that takes down their own inner demons about ageism in the music industry. The music tells a story of fun and excitement while the lyrics tell a story of resistance and obstacles. Together, it reflects the message of being outwardly fine, but battling setbacks in pursuit of a goal on the inside.

Scarlet’s voice is familiar, almost like a Brandi Carlile meets Ingrid Michaelson. The music and beat is instantly recognizable as uniquely Merlot Embargo with it’s clear influence of Coldplay and The Beatles.

“Hopefully, this song inspires people to keep persevering and following their dreams,” share the duo. “They may be closer than they realize.”

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Gracie Jet Debuts Emotionally Powerful New Single “Sister”

English born, but raised in Ontario, Canada, Gracie Jet has emerged on the alternative pop scene with great gusto. 

Her debut single “Sister” is an emotional and raw ballad that explores the relationship with her sister who has struggled with mental health since she was a child. The song is delicate and also carries strength with the rich vocals from Gracie. It is a song about struggle, perseverance, family and love.

“My sister has struggled with mental health for years. As her sister, I have watched her through it all. I’ve watched as my best friend/sister retreated to her bedroom and became a stranger. I’ve walked with her through it all. I’ve taken  her to the hospital, watched her fall apart. I’ve watched her struggle through all the ups and downs and been so scared that you would lose her in the end.” 

While this song explores a serious and challenging theme, Gracie´s upbeat energy and character shines through. Her voice alone commands all of the attention here, with a rich range similar to that of pop star Adele and Lana Del Ray. 

“I wrote this song for her to remind her she is not alone and that she is loved and she would miss that her life is valuable. This is a love song also for all the  family members watching their loved ones struggle and an anthem for people struggling that you are not alone.”

Listen to “Sister” today to hear what all the fuss is about over this brilliant young Canadian artist. 

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