The Krickets Fly Free with “Redbird,” Out Today

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The Krickets are back and better than ever. Produced by Sam Ashworth, The Krickets’ full length, sophomore album Redbird dropped October 26th. We simply cannot get enough of this album! Every track is filled with sweet sounds and chilling harmonies.


The female Americana group from the gulf coast delivers nothing but warm folk and country sounds. Comprised of Katrina Kolb (bass), Melissa Bowman Weigle (banjo), Emily Stuckey Sellers (guitar, mandolin, percussion), and Lauren Spring (guitar, banjo, mandolin, fiddle), The Krickets are a sisterhood of singer-songwriters. This “swamp-folk” album reveals stories of love, hope and struggle told with an unapologetic feminine strength.


“Lay Them Down” is a track that we absolutely love. The song expresses the hardships that come with life and how overwhelming it can be to deal with it all. Everyone’s daily struggles ultimately connect us as no one is truly alone in their journey of life. Overall, the song’s theme is about hope, encouragement, and the strength to go on. This song is special in ways beyond the meaning – it was co-written by all four members of the group. Through the lyrics, the listener is able to gain the perspectives of the members.

Another track we love is “May We Find.” On the surface, the song is an absolute masterpiece. It is beautiful throughout, and the harmonies absolutely grab the attention of the listener. The track is all about the importance of finding your way home, whether that be a place or a person. Through the ups and downs of life, home keeps you grounded. Home, to the Krickets, seems to mean truth, peace, and most importantly, love. Lauren explains, “The song begins and ends in a three part harmony a capella that meant to still the listener. It’s a message of hope and love and closes the album with our wish/blessing to the listener.” This track is the perfect ending track on the album.

From start to finish, Redbird is absolutely stunning. We simply cannot get enough of The Krickets and we are so excited to see what’s to come from them!

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Stunning Acoustic Pop/Rock From Marvin Dee Band’s New Single ‘ Bolt Everything Down’

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The gorgeous new single ‘Bolt Everything Down’ is the perfect radio friendly track. For fans of Dave Matthews Band, The Common Linnets and Frank Turner. Marvin Dee Band is an acoustic pop-rock band from Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The band combines frontman Marvin’s background in musical theatre with a rocky edge, finding a middle ground somewhere between Freddy Mercury’s dramatic vocals, Dave Matthews Band’s complex Americana jams, JJ Grey’s Southern gospel soul, and The Linnets’ five-part country vocal harmonies.

Their music therefore does not lend itself well to be labelled, and continues to surprise audiences across the Netherlands. In an industry currently dominated by synthesizers, auto-tune and computerized pop-sounds, Marvin Dee Band wants to return to the basics. Honest, real music, where what you see is what you get, and everything you hear is performed live.

Last year the band released their first album recorded live in one of the country’s most prominent small venues, Paradiso, Amsterdam. Marvin’s incredible vocal range and ability have earned him quite a reputation in the Netherlands, and the bands impeccable live vocal harmonies have made them one of the fastest rising stars in the country! Now they are returning with their debut studio album and ready to take to world by storm.

The new single ‘Bolt Everything Down’ is released on October 26th.



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Matt Oestreicher Shares Dreamy New Single


Matt Oestreicher is back at it again with his charming new single “Dream the World New,” to the delight of our ears.

The critically acclaimed artist takes center stage to craft a unique track that is filled with catchy hooks and bold lyricism that create a little bit of heaven.

On the song Oestreicher’s vocals are in full form as they drive the message of the piece home. The instrumentation creates stunning and free-flowing movements as Oestreicher’s voice glides across.

Known for playing with the stars, Matt Oestreicher proves he is one in his own right and shows no sign of slowing down. We’re on the edge of our seats waiting for more! “Dream the World New” is out today.


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Video Voyeur: 3Qs with Carli Naff


Carli Naff is a songstress that we’ve had our eye on since the Summertime. Her infectious and glorious track comes to us in the form of “Clean,” which has had fans and critics alike very intrigued. Her voice comes direct from the heavens, as it hovers above the musical background; something that the video helps bring to life. Carli Naff stopped by Modern Mystery to talk about her new video for “Clean,” and the process behind it all. Take a read, below.


Tell us the story of this song, why did you choose to visualize this song specifically?


I wrote this song after an emotional breakup that was very stretched out; a hard-to-rip-the-bandaid-off kind of thing. It was when I was feeling frustrated that I couldn’t get out of the same cycle of delving back into what had gone wrong and looking for more and more closure. I chose to visualize it because this is the first single I’ve ever released and wanted new fans to be able to know me a little bit better as a singer, songwriter and performer! Also because the dark and brooding nature of the song lent itself to some cool, suspenseful visuals.


What was the inspiration behind this video (visuals, storyline, etc.)?


The visuals and the abstract narrative in this song are inspired by an introspective journey.  I realized in the process of making this video, that as much as I am singing this song to an ex-love, I am also singing it to myself and to the part of my brain that feeds on my own toxic cycles. It was me who kept going back to “the same spot, over and over again.” And to confront another person in a relationship is the same as finally confronting yourself, maybe a part of yourself that you don’t like, and making the choice to grow larger than the smallness of that particular voice in your head.

As far as the inspiration behind creating the video, it was pure circumstance and spontaneity! I had already spent a significant amount of effort and time filming a completely different music video for this song with a cast, crew, budget etc. After several months of working on it, I realized it wasn’t going to be the right fit for the song (huge learning lesson for me). And on that very same day of epiphany, I happened to be in Chicago visiting a few good friends, one of whom is the producer on the record who arranged the song, David Hagen. I was at his and his wife’s apartment when my flight home got cancelled due to bad weather in New York, and a cool, red sunset inspired us to get up on the roof and film something! We had no plan or idea, and we followed our whims as we went. The muses were definitely with us that day, and if my flight hadn’t been cancelled, it would have never been made!


What was the process of making this video?


So, David lives in an apartment building where he also has a studio/luthurie. He designs and builds guitars (check them out here, they’re beautiful!, but he found out that the key to his studio also unlocked a lot of restricted areas in his apartment building! So we were able to access a freight elevator, the roof, some sort of electrical room, and a most-certainly-restricted staircase up to a big boiler/smoke stack type of structure on top of the building. We explored the area and just filmed what came to us in the moment without really knowing how it would come together! I wore the clothes I was wearing when we had the idea, we did one or two takes of each shot, and that was it. We did the whole thing in maybe an hour and a half, then went back to his and his wife’s apartment and all cooked tofu tacos and made sangria.  It was too easy and such a great, spontaneous memory.

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The Krickets Are Ones to Watch with “May We Find”

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Long-time Modern Mystery favorites The Krickets have launched back into action with their second single from their upcoming release, “May We Find.”

Their new record titled “Red Bird,” out October 26, has us head over heels once again for the quartet, who are an unstoppable musical force. The follow up to the acclaimed “Spanish Moss Sirens,”  the all-female Americana group shows no signs of slowing down.

Their vibrant vocals and intricate melodies are laced with stunning instrumentation that will have you in awe. Taking the Swamp-Folk genres to new levels, The Krickets go above and beyond with their impressive new track. We’re eager to hear more of the upcoming release!

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Niki Kennedy Entices with the “Cheque, Please”

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New Zealand native Niki Kennedy drops her new single today titled “Cheque, Please.” At 16, pop songstress Niki Kennedy jumped from New Zealand to Toronto, Canada to attend the Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts. She is no stranger to spotlight. Niki has dropped a new single this week titled “Cheque, Please.”

The song is a pop ballad, with a jazzy undertone and has you swaying in your seat the moment it starts. It’s filled with bluesy notes and an uptempo beat. It’s a modern take on the old-fashioned love song; a ballad you can dance to, if you will.

Niki has definitely impressed us with this single, and we can’t wait to see what’s next for her!

Listen to Cheque, Please here:

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