The Krickets Fly Free with “Redbird,” Out Today

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The Krickets are back and better than ever. Produced by Sam Ashworth, The Krickets’ full length, sophomore album Redbird dropped October 26th. We simply cannot get enough of this album! Every track is filled with sweet sounds and chilling harmonies.


The female Americana group from the gulf coast delivers nothing but warm folk and country sounds. Comprised of Katrina Kolb (bass), Melissa Bowman Weigle (banjo), Emily Stuckey Sellers (guitar, mandolin, percussion), and Lauren Spring (guitar, banjo, mandolin, fiddle), The Krickets are a sisterhood of singer-songwriters. This “swamp-folk” album reveals stories of love, hope and struggle told with an unapologetic feminine strength.


“Lay Them Down” is a track that we absolutely love. The song expresses the hardships that come with life and how overwhelming it can be to deal with it all. Everyone’s daily struggles ultimately connect us as no one is truly alone in their journey of life. Overall, the song’s theme is about hope, encouragement, and the strength to go on. This song is special in ways beyond the meaning – it was co-written by all four members of the group. Through the lyrics, the listener is able to gain the perspectives of the members.

Another track we love is “May We Find.” On the surface, the song is an absolute masterpiece. It is beautiful throughout, and the harmonies absolutely grab the attention of the listener. The track is all about the importance of finding your way home, whether that be a place or a person. Through the ups and downs of life, home keeps you grounded. Home, to the Krickets, seems to mean truth, peace, and most importantly, love. Lauren explains, “The song begins and ends in a three part harmony a capella that meant to still the listener. It’s a message of hope and love and closes the album with our wish/blessing to the listener.” This track is the perfect ending track on the album.

From start to finish, Redbird is absolutely stunning. We simply cannot get enough of The Krickets and we are so excited to see what’s to come from them!

Listen to Redbird here:

Take a peek at their site:


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