The Hate Club Deliver Epic Video for “One Mile Away”


Coming from a musical family, The Hate Club’s Alex Poe exhibited innate musical talents at a young age but didn’t start to develop his sound until he found refuge in LA after fleeing from his home in Ukraine. He found through experimenting with a custom-built Ableton Push, he was able to combine his punk rock influences with his love for electronic music to fulfill his vision of reproducing the stage presence of a full-band to the electronic music scene.


“One Mile Away”, a standout track and video off the project, is initially reminiscent of the Arctic Monkeys’ early days but takes a refreshing turn as what sounds like a distorted bass guitar transition reveals itself as a springy, bass synth that cues in a Skrillex-esque breakdown. The fast-pace and heavy overdrive on the entire track showcases THC’s punk sensibilities and conjures strong feelings of angst as Poe expresses his frustrations with having one-night stands to cope with heartbreak.

The Hate Club – One Mile Away from Alex Poe on Vimeo.

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Pale Blue Dote Shares Stunning Record “Anatomy”


Pale Blue Dot is quickly becoming one of our favorite new discoveries. The group who has recently released their new record “Anatomy,” comes alive with a vibrant nature, filled to the brim with grunge hooks and rock and roll goodness. This album will take you to places you didn’t even know you could go. The notes flow perfectly together on the record and really take you away into a whole different world. It’s raw, and honest, just like rock and roll should be.


Taking pages out of the books of artists such as Foo Fighters and Cold Play, the group entices within every listen. Each song on the record is an absolute hit as they stand out on their own. Favorite tracks of mine include pieces such as “Dust and Light,” and “Canyons,” which bring the essence of the band to life. Hailing from Charlottesville, Virginia, the group shows no sign of slowing down..and we like it. Dive into the record via Spotify below.

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Ajay Mathur Sails Away with “Little Boat” Video


Ajay Mathur is back with a glorious new video for “Little Boat.” One of our favorite singles of the summer, it’s nice to see Mathur go further with the piece as he releases a charming little video that is a treat to both the eyes and ears. Following his theme of ‘resilience’ on the record, “Little Boat,” provides the perfect example both in sound and vision.
On the video his essence comes to life with a soulful rock sound that will grab your attention and hold it. The result is an artistic masterpiece that provides a collage of sound and visual; one that will make a lasting impression. We have certainly been impressed by Ajay Mathur and we’re eager to hear more from the Grammy nominated artist! Dive into “Little Boat,” below.

Check out the new music video for Ajay Mathur’s “Little Boat“.

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Henry Chadwick is BACK With Debut LP, “Marlin Fisher”

HC Cover-01.jpg
Henry Chadwick is at it again with his debut LP Marlin Fisher. One of the standout releases of the summer, Chadwick entices once again with his friendly brand of indie pop goodness that is filled to the brim with catchy hooks, witty lyricism, and melodies that you will be humming for days. From start to finish there is a surprise within every piece of the record. In 2016 we saw Henry releasing his debut EP Guest at Home  which garnered him much critical acclaim.
The new album shows no sign of him slowing down, as he builds in intensity from his notable sound into songs that are even more skillfully crafted than the last batch. All summer long he has been breaking through with prominent single such as “Bag of Chips”, “Wrong Way”, and “Changes”, which has grabbed our attention and held it. The new record is nothing short of a masterpiece, and upon one listen you will find out why everyone Is falling head over heels for Henry Chadwick.
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Henry Chadwick on Tour
  • August 31st – The Dip – Redding, CA
  • September 1st – Oberon’s – Ashland, OR
  • September 2nd – Strum – Portland, OR
  • September 4th – Central Saloon, Seattle, WA
  • September 5th – LaurelThirst – Portland, OR
  • September 6th – Axe & Fiddle – Cottage Grove, OR
  • September 7th – Johnny B’s – Medford, OR
  • September 8th – Amnesia – San Francisco, CA

Sarah Sharp Shares Impressive New EP, “Sway,” Out Today


Sarah Sharp’s third EP in her series of four, Sway, revisits her jazz roots with a selection of jazz standards, covers, and originals. These six tracks reaffirm the Austin-native’s reputation in the jazz world as she continues to transition into her career as a solo artist.

Sarah’s first two EP’s served as an introduction to the various sides of her as a solo artist. Her newest release is reminiscent of her cool jazz background, featuring slow, mellow instrumentation and her signature smooth, charming vocals.

“Oh What a Beautiful Morning” and “Every Time We Say Goodbye”, the jazz standards off the EP, give the work a solid foundation while the covers, “Always On My Mind’ and “Little Green Bag”, showcase Sarah’s jazz interpretations of country and rock songs. Her originals, especially “Your Girlfriend Hates Me”, bring Sway to life, adding a glimpse of Sarah’s personality and clever songwriting and rounding out her collection of renditions. We’re looking forward to hearing the fourth and last of Sarah’s EP series!


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Amaris Radiates On New Album

Screenshot 2018-08-15 at 2.11.17 PM.png

Amaris is a stunning artist that needs to be on your radar NOW. The artist who has just released her latest endeavor, “Aquamarine,” brings a sultry and seductive sound to the table.

The water-themed record totes an impressive 12-tracks that bring her gorgeous vocals to life. The entire record, which was inspired by one of my favorite subjects, the sea, brings stories both symbolic and captivating. Hailing from the UK,  she delivers an eclectic mix of Pop, RnB, Urban and a dash of the Blues to boot. The result is an impressive collection of songs that will grab your attention and hold it. Standout tracks for me included “Kiss It or Leave It,” and “Beach Love.” Though each song on the record tells a story of its own, you have to dive in yourself to get the full experience.
Catch Amaris’ “Aquamarine” at the links below! You will find yourself falling in love!
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