Sarah Sharp Shares Impressive New EP, “Sway,” Out Today


Sarah Sharp’s third EP in her series of four, Sway, revisits her jazz roots with a selection of jazz standards, covers, and originals. These six tracks reaffirm the Austin-native’s reputation in the jazz world as she continues to transition into her career as a solo artist.

Sarah’s first two EP’s served as an introduction to the various sides of her as a solo artist. Her newest release is reminiscent of her cool jazz background, featuring slow, mellow instrumentation and her signature smooth, charming vocals.

“Oh What a Beautiful Morning” and “Every Time We Say Goodbye”, the jazz standards off the EP, give the work a solid foundation while the covers, “Always On My Mind’ and “Little Green Bag”, showcase Sarah’s jazz interpretations of country and rock songs. Her originals, especially “Your Girlfriend Hates Me”, bring Sway to life, adding a glimpse of Sarah’s personality and clever songwriting and rounding out her collection of renditions. We’re looking forward to hearing the fourth and last of Sarah’s EP series!


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