Amaris Radiates On New Album

Screenshot 2018-08-15 at 2.11.17 PM.png

Amaris is a stunning artist that needs to be on your radar NOW. The artist who has just released her latest endeavor, “Aquamarine,” brings a sultry and seductive sound to the table.

The water-themed record totes an impressive 12-tracks that bring her gorgeous vocals to life. The entire record, which was inspired by one of my favorite subjects, the sea, brings stories both symbolic and captivating. Hailing from the UK,  she delivers an eclectic mix of Pop, RnB, Urban and a dash of the Blues to boot. The result is an impressive collection of songs that will grab your attention and hold it. Standout tracks for me included “Kiss It or Leave It,” and “Beach Love.” Though each song on the record tells a story of its own, you have to dive in yourself to get the full experience.
Catch Amaris’ “Aquamarine” at the links below! You will find yourself falling in love!
Watch the video for “London Lights” here: 
Stream on Spotify

Connect with Amaris via:

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