Mooji’s “Double Agent” Release, Shines


Mooji brings in a breath of fresh air with his new record “Double Agent,” which was released today. Mooji has been on our radar for the past few months, recently releasing his Double Agent EP, to critical acclaim. Now he has taken flight on his full-length debut, also under the Double Agent name, showcasing the very heart and soul of his music. The album takes a musical journey within each track, bringing to life the very essence of the record; and Mooji himself.

Starting off the record is the brilliant track “Boson Booze”-which is laced with stunning instrumentation right from the very start. The impressive sounds carry throughout the record, having you on the edge of your seat in anticipation. As all the tracks were able to carry themselves, there were definitely a few immediate favorites of mine. The first being the track “How Long” (Leadbelly Remix), which is brilliant and utter perfection. The way he was able to incorporate Leadbelly into the song is magnificent, and shows that he cannot be pigeon-hold to any one genre.

Pieces like “Foggy Waters” and “Romantic Kazoo” help to captivate listeners and bring the record to life, with standout key elements such as Mooji’s hypnotic and smooth vocals.

Within the 8-tracks on the record, Mooji is able to create a sound that is both unique and accessible, bringing together listeners from across the board. Mooji creates captivating music that will move you both spiritually and physically. His desire to explore different musical styles and genres, are like no other. His budding metamorphosis and reinvention as an artist, showcases his musical maturity and desire to create; not only for his audience, but for himself.

Watch it here: Mooji “Don’t”:


Froomador Brings In “Solar Energy”


Froomador kicks off the weekend with his skillfully crafted video for “Solar Energy,” which has just premiered this week. Combining an acoustic, electrical pulse, Froomador brings a unique approach to songwriting, which gives listeners room to build their own interpretation. His new album, Can’t This Wait follows in the same vein of “Solar Energy,” which will easily captivate you. Filmed in the Arizona desert, Froomador shows the world what he has to offer with the video. His tones echo influences of indie rock, surf rock and alternative, to create an accessible sound, that will have you seeking more.

Watch the video for “Solar Energy,” here: