Interview: Gabbing with the Black Lips

At first glance, Black Lips may come off as revolutionary pioneers who play only to shock and paralyze. The Georgia-based quartet who classify themselves as “flower-punk” gained immense global attention and criticism for their ludicrous,off-base shows that cross the avant garde line.With an unconventionally intricate garage sounds and iron-handed attitude, Black Lips are anything but orthodox. We talked to the guitarist Cole Alexander about the band’s current tour and an upcoming record.

GSL: Is there a style under which you would classify your music?

Cole Alexander: I would definitely classify it as rock and roll. I guess more specifically you can call a garage-punk music.

MM: : How do you feel when you hear your favorite bands music in a commercial or a movie that you hated?

The thing with movies is you can’t tell the outcome until it’s released. Judging from experience, someone will come along and say “Hey’ we’ve got this great movie”, and we say “Okay, cool”, but it sucks when it ends up being lame. It’s just hard to tell.

MM:  It has been heard that you’re currently recording your sixth studio record, how is it progressing?

Yeah, we’re working on it. It’s kind of in the beginning stages still.
We don’t really have a deadline, we’re planning to take our time and chill. We’re pretty wrapped up this year, so the album should come out in 2011.

MM:  When do you mostly write your material?

To be honest, whenever. Usually when I hear a good song, I’ll get an idea and I’ll record it on my phone, so I can go back and expand on it later.

MM: You and the Bradford Cox of Deerhunter have a project called Ghetto Cross. How would you say this project differs from the Black Lips?

It’s kind of a combination. A little more punk but with a taste of Deerhunter’s indie sounds. I would say it’s definitely more experimental. It’s a laboratory creation, we don’t want to put out anything until we’re satisfied, but we do have one song!

MM:  What are your favorite tunes to listen to while you tour?

Lately it’s been this guy Reverend Jackson from the 70’s, the guitars on the record are amazing.

MM: You are known to play at a lot of places where most bands usually wouldn’t, why is that?

We’re kind of punk-rock explorers, we like to explore land through the ways of art. We’re trying to mobilize punk music around the world. We were actually talking about Palestine and playing there. Before it was an idea and now we’re actually trying to gain a connection.

MM: It’s been heard that you’re interest in touring third world countries South America, India, what are your goals for this type of tour and how does it differ from the western tour?

I’m not a 100 percent sure, it’s almost like an image. (in my head) To take other cultures and to bring them to a place that’s common with music. I don’t want us to be another typical mainstream rock band.

MM: Do you think that people misconstrue the whole image of your band, after seeing all of the bizarre acts?

People probably think that we come off as bratty, just trying to shock the audience. If you listen to our music, it will give you a better understanding of our personalities.

I hope that they would expect a return of many forms. High-fi and low-fi, definitely meshing up the sounds to please both audiences. Just to have such a variety of people enjoy it, for me it’s just fun to bring.

By Viktorsha Uliyanova

Black Lips – “Drugs” by modernmysteryblog


MGMT Release Video for “Flash Delirium” (and Some MGMT vs LCD Soundsystem – “All My Children” (Immuzikation Remix) For You Too!)

MGMT. You’ve won. After personally being a bit skeptical about the upcoming record Congratulations (Columbia), I think this morning was the deciding factor. The glam clad boys have released the first video from the record for “Flash Delirium.” It’s not overly flashly for once. It’s artsy, and really brings the song to a new level. Ben Goldwasser finally comes into his own as an actor (haha) as Andrew VanWyngarden plays the sidekick to his creepy “Welcome Home,” party. It’s just not right to reveal everything in the video, because then it would ruin everything, right?

Take a peak HERE AND WATCH!
Congratulations is due out April 13th.

Also check out one of our favorite MGMT remix/mashups ever of MGMT vs LCD Soundsystem – “All My Children” (Immuzikation Remix) Make it an MGMT day. Your coworkers and roomates will love you for it. Maybe.

MGMT vs LCD Soundsystem – All My Children (Immuzikation Remix) by modernmysteryblog

Secondhand Sunday: The Morning Benders “Waiting For a War”

What better way to start Spring off then with some old school Morning Benders. There’s nothing we can really say about this song from the poppy (former) Californians, but it’s ohhhhh so good. This week’s edition of Secondhand Sunday is their track for “Waiting For a War.” Get ready to start dancing around your apartement. Yea, the Morning Benders just make you want to do that, don’t they?

SURFER BLOOD + Interview + Remix = Freakin’ Awesome

Surfer Blood. Ah. We can’t seem to get enough of them here at Modern Mystery, but really, who can? The band just finished up a ton of successful shows at SXSW and are still on their forever extensive tour that tickets are becoming harder and harder to get (Oh I’m having Vampire Weekend flashbacks all over again!).

We first met Surfer Blood at CMJ 2009. They were a little late for our interview, and quite frankily we weren’t even 100% sure what these boys looked like. From the back of a van we conducted their first interview EVER. Five bright eyed guys who said they were worried about getting one CMJ show and somehow ended up with nine. From the first moment we saw them live with a handful of people at Santo’s Party House, every CMJ show seemed to get bigger and bigger. It was only the beginning and we knew they were going to be huge.

Today in our system we came across the Surfer Blood Remix of “Swim,” (Alpaca Remix by Allen Blickle of Baroness) and remembered how rad it is. For your listening pleasure it’s down below.

Also, here is the previously mentioned INTERVIEW with Surfer Blood.

Surfer Blood – Swim (Alpaca Remix by Allen Blickle of Baroness)  by  modernmysteryblog

New Blitzen Trapper Song, “Heaven and Earth”

Blitzen Trapper is slowy heading back into action as Sub Pop and the band just leaked their newest track from the upcoming Destroyer of Void due out in June. The song titled “Heaven and Earth,” is nonetheless beautiful and haunting at the same time. What really stands out is the piano and singer Eric Earley’s voice. I’m not sure if there is much more I can say about this song, you just have to listen for yourself….and I suggest that you do.

Blitzen Trapper- Heaven and Earth by modernmysteryblog

Download the song HERE

New RYAN ADAMS Song. He’s Says He’s Going ‘Metal.’ What Am I Suppose To Do With This Information?

This week Ryan Adams’ announced the return of his metal planned act known as “Werewolph.” I’m not sure if this is leading him out of his retirement, but I hope so. I love Ryan’s work, I really do, but besides the little bit of growl in his voice that doesn’t even last more than a few seconds overall, it could nicely fit on Rock N Roll. That’s not a bad thing by any means, but hell I was expecting like freaking Slayer to come out here. The record will be pressed this week on his label Pax-Am and will be titled Orion. Your guess is as good as mine as to what the rest of this vinyl only album release is going to sound like overall. We’re off to a good start though. Can we hope he’ll be back on the road again? We’ll have to wait and see.

Listen and Download Ryan’s first metal inspired song “Electrosnake”
Ryan Adams – Electrosnake by modernmysteryblog