The “One Man Punk Band” Gunnar Gill Shares His Cathartic Punk Rock Song “Who’s the Real Coward”

“I always had anger issues growing up, and I never found a healthy way to let things out until I discovered the drums and writing my own music,” says punk rock artist Gunnar Gill, also known as the “One Man Punk Band.” “I like aggressiveness; I like things hardcore; and I like making high-energy music that makes people want to jump around.”

Gunnar Gill cuts a striking image, flaunting a high-rise mohawk, and clad in a tank top and well-worn jeans. The 19 year old West Palm Beach, Florida-based singer, songwriter, drummer, and multi-instrumentalist is punk’s newest raging rebel rocker. Gunnar is a singular talent who combines 21st-century attitude with a throwback lo-fi classic punk sound.

His newest punk rock single, “Who’s the Real Coward,” is a cathartic release of anger through the aggressive sound of punk rock. The song was inspired by an old ex-bandmate of Gunnar who talked about Gunnar behind his back. Essentially, he was using Gunnar for his musical abilities. The betrayal permeates the music with the barked vocals and a dizzying display of blast-beat drumming

Gunnar’s music melds the anthemic pop-punk of artists such as Blink 182 and Green Day with the stoned poetics and, sometimes, vulgarities of rapper Mac Miller. “I like to sneak in lyrics that make people turn their heads, and go ‘what did he just say?!’,” Gunnar says laughing. He travels the state of Florida performing as a “one man punk band,” dazzling audiences with his showmanship as he jumps from guitar to drums. Gunnar has also enlisted a motley assortment of his musical partners in crime for the Gunnar Gill Band. Gunnar fans are highly-engaged online, and many of his videos have reached 10,000 views and beyond. 

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The Progressive Rock Fusion Band Siren Share Their New Album ‘Beyond the Rainbow’

American band Siren has released their brand new album Beyond the Rainbow.

This is an album that you can truly become immersed in; raw, authentic, contemporary metal rock. The opening track “Lawless Life” starts with a progressive metal guitar riff. The lyrical “High Wire” and “Sympathetic Response” are more laid-back rock songs, written by Mike and Rob Phillips.

Many songs on this album are unexpected, in the sense that musically it is extremely tight and well written, as well as experimenting with different musical concepts. Siren have really gone the extra mile with this new release. 

¨When we began writing Beyond the Rainbow, we would write as a group with the exception of ‘High Wire.’ ‘Empty Ocean,’ and ‘Sympathetic Response,’ which Mike and I wrote. Normally Mike and I will bring the songs to the band, and let them work out their parts. A process we have gone back to for our upcoming material, as it seems to work much better for the writing process.”  – Rob Phillips

When Phillips had sought to reunite the band back in 2005 with drummer/engineer Mike Cupino, and a new musical direction, the band did release their first Siren album called “Don´t Mind”. It wasn´t until much later, as three new band members joined the group, that the musical sound developed even more. 

Today, Siren exists with the same lineup as previous releases, except for the lead guitarist. Todd Grubbs replaces Leo Boland as the lead guitar, and brings a guitar virtuoso which really makes the band stand out with a progressive, fusion style. 

The first track on the album, “Lawless Life” was released earlier this year as a single to much critical acclaim, together with a music video produced by Nathan Mowery. With influences such as The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and Foo Fighters, it is hard not to enjoy this eclectic blend of progressive rock. 

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Video Voyager: Siren’s “High Wire”

Siren is the progressive fusion band of rock, metal, blues, and jazz, who are making strides with their latest release, the classic rock “High Wire.” The music video already has over 150K views on YouTube. The song is a metaphor for the music industry and the music labels that run it. Visually, the video depicts a clown (the musician) trying to catch the attention of the high wire girl (labels) by any means necessary. He does everything he can think of, like riding a unicycle and playing with fire. It isn’t until he leaves the confines of the circus tent (music industry at large) that he is finally able to get the girl.

We spoke with Siren about their video, so let’s see what they had to share:

Tell us the story of “High Wire”, and why did you choose to visualize this song specifically in this way?   

“High Wire” is a metaphor for the music industry. The music industry is like a circus. The clown is the artist and the High Wire girl is the music industry. I think all Clowns would prefer to be the main attraction like a circus performer instead of a side show act. There is  a pecking order even in the circus world just like the music industry. Even Clowns can dream of greatness and sometimes as in this song come out on top.

What was the inspiration behind the video?

We envisioned taking the viewer into another world that exists within the circus tent. The relentless struggle and uphill battle the clown faces everyday to achieve his most fond desire of the High Wire girls love regardless of the cost. Our clown character was broken and burned but he never lost sight of his desires. He eventually triumphs in the end winning the heart/love of the High Wire girl. Rarely does the clown get the girl and in our story he does.

What was the process of making this video?

The video storyboard took a couple months to be completed. Mike and I had discussed a Black and White concept with only red standing out. The script for the story was basically the lyrics for the song. I had the idea for the old silent film intro at the beginning which worked out very well. Nathan, our video producer found the intro sound track that fit perfectly. This was the second time we had worked with Nathan’s company Kind Punk. He not only directed this video but was the main character the Clown. The High Wire artist was a joy to work with and she is not only beautiful but, She is also a very good actress. The video filming was somewhat difficult as the temperatures that day were in the 90’s and we were not getting a lot of air inside the circus tent. In the end it was worth it all. The video is like a mini movie that ties in with the song and lyrics. A great job by everyone involved!

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Video Voyager: Jeff Hilliard’s “Abandon”

Jeff Hilliard is an award winning video producer and director who’s newest work, “Abandon,” is a visual and musical marvel. His vision for the song couldn’t have been done without a video. This metal ballad and heavy rock song is catchy and easily gets stuck in your head. The video is one that you watch many times to not just listen to the song, but try and find new things with each viewing.

We got a chance to speak with Jeff about his video. Let’s dive in:

Tell us the story of this song, why did you choose to visualize this song specifically in this way?

Well I wanted to do an 80’s metal ballad, I thought it would be funny to tell the story of Dwight a 49 year old Uber driver that still holding onto his 80’s metal fantasy while living at home with his mother. He has a one stand with a married lady and he can’t let it go. While writing the song I knew I had to make a music videos for it, it’s just too good.  The only way I good see the video was to make it verbatim to the song.

What was the inspiration behind this video?

I wanted to stick with the classic 80’s metal music video except my hero was not the cool guy.

What was the process of making this video?

They are all pretty much the same… I tell my team it’s time to do another and we set out and make it happen.  I work with a brilliant cinematographer John Orphan and editor Bobby Hewitt. We work very well together and have a lot of fun making them.

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Comedian Jeff Hilliard Releases His New Satirical Single and Video

If you haven’t heard of Jeff Hilliard, you may be missing out on a unique talent. This professional comedian, who trained under the folks at Second City in Chicago, has always been interested in being an entertainer and knew from an early age that this was his calling. He’s been in a few indie films, including Paul Schrader’s Dog Eat Dog film starring Nicolas Cage and Willem Defoe, Officer Banks, in Bernard Rose’s award winning film Frankenstein starring Danny Huston, Carrie-Anne Moss, Xavier Samuel, and Tony Todd, and recently starred in Traveling Light along with Stephen Dorff, Tony Todd, and Danny Huston.

His provocative point of view on the dark, twisted reality of modern-day society proves his creativity knows no bounds. His controversial music videos have garnered millions of views and have won numerous awards at many film festivals. His new video and single, “Abandon,” showcases his multi-genre musical ability and genius songwriting.

“Abandon” takes gender norms and flips it on its head. The video depicts a sad and lonely guy stuck in the past, still living with his mom, who’s obsessively calling a woman he hooked up with, Vivian. It immediately points out what society deems as normal, typically a man initiates a one night hook up and he’s generally married while the woman is calling him. He’s also making fun of the toxic masculinity often seen in the 80’s metal culture. He’s looking for love and actually singing about his vulnerability rather than trying to be a “man” like the metal ballads of that time.

Lyrically speaking, the lyrics are funny and made for a visual medium. They easily get stuck in your head as you find yourself singing the chorus doing mundane things. He sings “I ain’t no pump and dump/ I believe in the power of love/ one night is not enough/ how could you abandon our love,” as he’s dressed in outlandish outfits reminiscent of what metal bands would wear. This sad character really thought that he found love. While he’s creepy and not someone you want to hang out with, you do feel a little sorry for him too.

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Weezer Declares Death To False Metal

Weezer looks to keep this year’s lovefest to fans going this November. The band has already put out a brand new album (Hurley) and announced a deluxe version of another one of their greats (Pinkerton).

Now the band has announced that come Nov 2nd (1st in the UK), Death To False Metal will hit stores with the best rarity album name of all time.

NME quoted frontman Rivers Cuomo as saying that the album features “great songs, great recordings, but for some reason they didn’t make the final cut for a record.” The tracks span the entire duration of the band; you can imagine the wide variety of styles on display.

The album cover is worth buying the CD alone, not including the ten brand new (to us) Weezer tracks. The entire set for what might be the coolest rarity album ever looks like this…

01 Turning Up the Radio
02 I Don’t Want Your Loving
03 Blowin’ My Stack
04 Losing My Mind
05 Everyone
06 I’m a Robot
07 Trampoline
08 Odd Couple
09 Autopilot
10 Un-Break My Heart